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I have dealt with many people wanting to move to the UK, be it foreign nationals or British nationals looking to return to their home country after many years of living abroad. The amount of money you will need will depend on what type of property you are looking for, what area of the UK you want to live in, and whether you have work in the UK or have funds available to support yourself while living here. If you want to move to the UK and are unsure how much it would cost you to rent a property, do not hesitate to get in touch with us through contacts on the right side and we will be happy to offer free initial consultation. The best way to begin working out costs of the move is to first answer some simple questions. The answers to these questions will form the beginning of your financial plan to move to London. It goes without saying that moving as a couple or unit will warrant a higher cost, as you need to account for the cost of living for each person.
For example, buying or renting a one-bedroom place will cost less than if you need a four-bedroom house. If you’re happy to purchase or rent privately, rather than through an agent, then a website such as Gum Tree has many listings direct from owners. On average, property prices are lower in the suburbs of London, rather than living in the centre.
Be aware that when renting you’ll need to put down a deposit equal to around 1 ? to 2 times the monthly rent. You then need to budget for all your utilities (gas, electricity, water, telephone, Internet, TV licence, TV subscription, council tax).
Depending on whether this is a permanent or temporary move will have a bearing on your living arrangements. For example, if you’re coming to London for a short amount of time then you may choose to live in shared accommodation. In many cases, those moving to London for work will be entitled to relocation costs, subsidised living or even have accommodation provided. If you’re coming to London to study, are you expected to find your own accommodation, or can you get subsidised accommodation in your facilities halls or residence? Bringing your personal effects from another country – even one that’s close by in Europe – can cost a fair amount of money.
The cost of shipping furniture can be high, and you need to surmise whether or not it’s worth the cost of bringing items such as washing machines, dishwashers, fridges etc, or would it simply be cheaper to buy new ones in the UK. Shipping a car can be expensive, especially if you’re coming from a country such as Australia, Canada or the USA, simply because of the great distances involved.
When it comes to shipping the family pet (or pets), you’ll want to be super sure that your furry friends are well looked after during the move. The quickest and easiest way to ship a dog or cat from the further away overseas destinations (Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa, India etc.) is by air. As you can see from the above, answering the question of how much money do you need to move to London is not a simple one.
For a single person moving to the UK to work, and living in a flat share scenario, with no furniture or goods to import, then it would be fair to budget on the cost of the actual move costing only a few thousand pounds. Food Home Style Money Family Health more Computers & electronics Hobbies Lifestyle Science & education The eHow UK blog Hobbies eHow UK» Hobbies» How much money do I need to move to Canada? Filter: All types Articles Slideshows Videos Sort: Most relevant Most popular Most recent No articles available No slideshows available No videos available How much money does one need to move to Brazil? The most frequently asked question that this blog’s contact form gets isn’t “Are you really sure Neo isn’t single?”.
Thinking of India as a quiet place to retire after working abroad is as silly (and obsolete) as the 100-pound TV in Neo’s parents’ house (you know, the kind that sucks so much power, the lights dim momentarily when you turn it on).
Your plan will give you comfort when you read it in candle-light at 3am when there is no power, and (like the Pakistani government) you’ve conceded large ‘swat’hes of your body to the invading mosquitoes. The fact that the Reserve Bank of India keeps the rupee artificially low (to promote exports) is probably the worst kept secret in India.
If the rupee appreciates, the money you have earned in India (see point 1) will be worth much more in absolute terms, and in terms of purchasing power. For Neo, moving to India was like cleaning his keyboard for the first time: he was amazed at the sheer volume of gunk that was cleaned out from his life. This time is worthless if all you’ll do with it is argue even more with your spouse or watch the Big Bang Theory (highly recommended btw). Neo is all for keeping his kids on their toes by exposing them to new environments – but moving them to India just when they’ve finally figured out how to answer “do you speak Indian at home?”, or “do you speak Hindu?” seems a tad unfair. So do consider the fact that by the time your slow-train to “enough money” gets to its destination, your kids might have as difficult a time adjusting to India as you would have in adjusting to rural Ethiopia. If you are still reading, perhaps you don’t have enough to live the life of a sheikh in India (of course, even sheikhs are suffering and need to be bailed out with your tax dollars). Stop sweating the details and look at the big picture while planning your return to India Image via Wikipedia Mrs.
Well we can’t have a post (no matter what it talks about ) that does not include a line or 2 about women and Mr. The point is – things that might not seem so likely intuitively are actually very likely on deeper analysis. You are absolutely right in saying that what matters most is figuring out how to make money in India and not rest on your dollaurels.
It could be touching to see how many are so keen on the price tag of everything but know the value of sweet FA that life has to offer. Finally, the money we earn (esp through our own entrepreneurial pursuits) is really more than just money, right ?

Your point about longer working hours is right – but we work longer hours in India not out of necessity, but out of a genuine love for what we do (I know, it sounds corny but its really true!).
I totally agree with you about the Indian IT services companies overworking their employees. When I lived in India, I never employed a servant although I grew up in a household with several. In addition, having talked to my friends and relative in India, I was the object of envy that I could take off on days when my child was sick or I just decided that I wanted to work from home. Many of them found it difficult to rent a property as it is not as straightforward to rent in the UK when coming from abroad. Many landlords and letting agents will for example require six months’ rent paid upfront as it is not possible to carry out a credit check on you if you haven’t lived in the UK for at least six months. And whilst there is no one answer that will suit all eventualities, it is possible to come up with a ball park figure that will be applicable to your circumstances. Property prices, both rental and purchasing, can be discovered on such websites as Zoopla, Prime Location and Right Move. In such cases you might find a bargain, as you can deal direct and remove the need to pay agency fees.
London Property Watch provides real time rental and asking prices for prices in all areas of London.
Once again, this will have a big impact on the amount of money you need upfront to make the big move. Air Pets is one of the leading pet relocation companies, and they will provide you with all the necessary details you need to know before making the big move. It may be necessary for your pet may need to stay in quarantine for some months after arrival, depending on where you’re coming from. For a family moving permanently to the UK, and bringing their possessions, then this figure could run into tens of thousands of pounds. No – that distinction goes to “How much money should I save up before returning to India” ? But in the long run, 1) we are all dead and 2) more importantly a stronger rupee is as inevitable (though not as imminent) as Deepak Chopra’s next meaningless Twit.
Neo’s household saves 40 hours a week due to all the cooking, cleaning and driving that’s now been outsourced. But if you can use it to start a part-time business, teach your kids, or even just to exercise regularly, this time is worth real money. By then, your net worth in Indian Rupees is as meaningless as that in Ethiopian Birrs, since you’re not going to move to either of those places! That according to the Birthday Paradox, in any randomly chosen group of 23 people, there is more than a 50% probability that 2 people share the same birthday. After over 13 years in the US, refusing to grow up, racking up useless graduate degrees and pointless post-doctoral pursuits, I moved back to India last year with effectively zero net personal net worth.
Actually, who are we kidding – we overpay them hugely, our maids love us, and our neighbors hate us for inflating everyone elses expectations. We see our ability to work longer hours as an added (and even competitive) advantage – we can work a little longer, hit the gym and then come home knowing that a freshly cleaned house and a home-cooked meal awaits us. A lot of people all over the world are passionate about work, that doesnt mean some HAVE TO(which is what happpens sometimes in IT India in delivery specially) work 10-12 hrs every day for a week, you can be passionate and deliver hi-quality projects and campaigns working 8 hrs or less too.
If so, I’m sure that with a pragmatic outlook like yours, things will be better for you.
I spend no more than 1-hour doing housework every day and my housekeeper does 3-4 hours a week (I rarely eat out, I entertain regularly and my house is spotless). Having lived in both India and the US, I think there are a lot more things to do in India, which you don’t have to worry about in the US.
I was the only parent who was pushing the swing for my kids..the rest stayed away from the playground as if it would reduce their social standing to do so! Maybe it’s the recession, but there seem to be quite a lot of maids looking for work these days. But there’s no way we could even make 3 meals for our child in just 1 hour a day, leave aside all the other stuff. Today he was busy training the maid to make sure she kept his books in the bookshelf sorted in ascending order by size – I wonder where he gets his obsessive compulsive disorder from. Given the time of your response, it seems like you “work” by day and blog by night!
So whether you are a foreign national who would like to live in the UK or you are returning to the UK after having lived abroad, you may want to consider all the costs related to renting in the UK (eg. You also have to have a proof of income (from a job, your own business, or sufficient cash reserves). It can be as little as ?120 in Home Counties or across the other UK counties or as high as ?600 or one week’s rent and more (agents dealing with luxurious, upmarket properties in London). Cheaper areas of London include Lewisham, Peckham, Beckenham and Wimbledon where the average rental price of a one bedroom flat per week is around ?275-?300 per week.
So to rent a one bedroom property in one of the less expensive areas of London it will be necessary to put down a deposit of no less than ?1800 (approximately), plus one month’s rent. And for those lucky enough to be offered these perks, there’s often some ‘wiggle room’ for you to get an even better deal when negotiating your contract. However, one rule that is worth knowing is that in an ideal world you should hold back three months salary in savings to cover any unexpected and additional expenses. So if your “move to India” plan does not have a jargon-free section titled “My personal plan to grow intellectually, professionally and financially by taking advantage of India’s growth” in at least Helvetica (and not Arial) 14 font size, you don’t have a plan!

Surely that deserves to be a column in your Excel spreadsheet (but seriously, you should support open source and move to OpenOffice). Had barely enough money to buy a one way ticket back home and ship some of the useless junk back home. I actually know people who use maids even longer than we do, especially when caring for older people is involved. Neo runs at the Sunfeast Bangalore 10K, and Daddy is busy writing a reply to some of his favorite people in the world – his readers! Since both of us are in management, we tend to actually make it our responsibility to ensure that our employees are working at a sustainable place, even if sometimes we are at odds with the upper management.
Both our maids have histories of working at one place for more than 5-6 years, and give 1 months notice before leaving. He is the chairman and president of The Trump Organization and the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts.
Even if you can prove that you have this, you may still be required to pay the first six months of rent upfront (providing you deal with a professional letting agency or landlord).  One exception is for professionals coming to work to the UK such as doctors, engineers, etc, who have their work contract in place (the list of professions is very strict and limited and it is important to enquire if your profession meets the criteria for your application to be accepted without paying six months rent upfront). Alternatively you might want to live in this fashion whilst you search for the right place to rent or buy. If your pet does need to be kept in quarantine, the costs of this will be down to you, and will need to be budgeted for.
Neo once decided to oven-heat a pizza in the original cardboard box (in her defense, she was on the phone with Sneha). My point was that my personal experience living and working both in the US and India didnt bear out the time-saved-in-India thing,usually most things took me longer, in fact they still do when i visit india every year. Despite paying above what others were paying, I always had issues like maids not showing up, or being extremely inefficient, or just leaving.
Trump's extravagant lifestyle, outspoken manner and role on the NBC reality show The Apprentice have made him a well-known celebrity who was No.
There may be further charges for referencing and inventories, and these usually start from ?35.
You can check out the various different deals at USwitch, a website that will tell you the cheapest current deals for your usage. However as you say your personal experience is different from mine and I hope when I move back to India I too have the same lucky experience as you! Also Indian servants do not understand boundaries and as Annie points out, their way of working isn’t the most efficient or reliable. It takes a lot of effort to manage the help in India, which takes away from some of the usefulness of having them around in the first place.
I’d rather have someone take on all my other chores here in the US while I spend more time with my kids.
In such circumstances many private landlords and letting agents will require one month’s rent before the tenancy commences and four to six weeks’ deposit. If you use a relocation company to search for you suitable property you need to consider their charges too. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow.
However I have had housekeepers in the UK for the last several years and I manage them more as employees, so their presence and their deliverables are clearly defined and limited. The norm in the industry is one month’ rent for the full search with accompanied viewings (we also offer a desktop search which costs less). In addition to the move itself, you must also consider expenses such as finding a place to live and applying for temporary residency -- without it you cannot work in Canada.
If done properly, you can prevent the intense stress an international move often brings and make your experience a pleasant one. Depending on how far away you currently live from your destination, you could pay several thousand pounds to have professional movers pack your belongings and move them to Canada. Shipping items to Canada is likely to be even more expensive, since you may be required to pay an import duty on packages entering the country. Similar to the UK, the closer you are to a big city, the more expensive rental property becomes. Unless you plan on paying cash for a home, however, buying property will not be an option until you have been in the country long enough to establish a Canadian credit profile and obtain permanent residency. Canada requires all individuals planning to live and work within its borders to have temporary or permanent residency. If you do not have a family member living in Canada able to sponsor you, you can apply for residency as a skilled worker. Acquiring permanent residency will, however, save you money in the long run, since permanent residents have access to Canada's free national health care system.
When making purchases, you will be subject to a provincial sales tax and a goods and services tax (GST). For example, if you make a purchase in Ontario, you will pay a 13 per cent total tax on your purchase -- 8 per cent sales tax and 5 per cent GST. Because of the added sales tax on purchases, your everyday cost of living once you arrive in Canada will probably be less than you are accustomed to. Apply for temporary residency before leaving; this will provide you with a work permit when you arrive.

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