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This page has helped thousands of well-meaning folks who are constantly taken advantage of by dishonest breeders or just plain weren’t sure what their English Bulldog should look like, act like, or cost, etc.
The American Kennel Club (AKC) is a recorded archive of purebred dog pedigrees in the United States.
Many families begin the process of purchasing the “Bulldog of their dreams” only to end up with a less than quality Bulldog in spite of the large sum of money they may have spent to acquire him.
This is a common occurrence- A person looking to buy an English Bulldog searches on websites and in newspapers for their beautiful English Bulldog Puppy. When the buyer visits these puppies he’s forgotten or never even knew what exactly it was he was supposed to be looking for in a purebred English Bulldog. Dishonest Breeder will not give up the $2,000 he could get for “AKC registered English Bulldog puppies” so when the litter is born, he simply fills out the litter registration paperwork – claiming that his English Bulldog was indeed the father. The AKC then mails him an envelope full of English Bulldog registration papers for each puppy, which he then happily passes along to the buyer of each puppy….collecting his $2,000 as he does so. The reason I tell you to study these depictions of the AKC Standard for Bulldogs is so you’ll know how to spot a fake when looking for your perfect Bulldog pup.
If you’re breeder says his puppies are AKC, but he has no registration papers you should take your business elsewhere. Possibly more common is an Honest breeder who isn’t very serious about producing quality English Bulldogs, or is simply ignorant to how this is done correctly. A coupon making your first visit to your puppy’s veterinarian FREE with a participating Vet! Become eligible to participate in new and exciting AKC programs, including agility, obedience, tracking, field  trials, dog shows, junior showmanship, and much more! There’s a whole slew of other benefits to registering your purebred dog listed on their site. I hope after reading this article you understand the AKC Standard for Bulldogs more clearly. I think the only reason it would really matter is if it bothers you and the puppy was falsely advertised by the breeder.
I thought I had bought my first akc old English bulldog around the holidays from I bought a good Christian family, we never got our papers so I contacted akc to get them. Hi, this was helpful but i had a question in rearguard to the types of registration there may be. This price increase is not mandatory, but based purely on the breeder’s own discretion. Could you please explain the difference between English Bulldog, American Bulldog and Olde English Bulldog. I am looking at buying a beautiful english bulldog puppy who will be Canadian Kennel Club registered as are her parents. I would like to take a look Dustin but I’m on the road traveling so I might not see it very quickly.

Too many folks don’t have the slightest understanding of what the AKC Standard for Bulldogs is, nor do they care. The proper setting of the Bulldog ears as determined by the AKC are shown top right in the picture. The search is then narrowed down to a few breeders or pet stores that caught their eye with fancy advertising or a lower than usual price. You could say the buyer’s knowledge on the Bulldog breed and the AKC Standard is somewhat lacking. And no one will be the wiser until the puppies grow up and begin to look nothing like a real Bulldog. There is absolutely no reason the breeder can’t get registration papers for legitimate AKC puppies. It’s possible for a breeder to start out with any quality of English Bulldog(Excellent-Poor) and over time with each litter, degenerate characteristics that are key in the Bulldog breed. Reportedly, over the last seven years, AKC has allocated nearly $30 million in funding to invaluable programs like Public Education, Kennel Inspections and Canine Search-and-Rescue. They even give you a frameable AKC Registration Certificate and record your dog’s name in the AKC Registry. Hopefully someone reading this will see how important it is to examine the AKC papers before handing over their cash.
I picked out a puppy a few weeks ago and the price was set my boyfriend and i then had asked about breeding and the price no has gone up 1k because supposedly the registration for breeding is different than a house hold pet registration.  Is this correct? In my opinion there is nothing wrong with charging a higher price for a breeding dog than one that is strictly a house pet although it would have been nice if you were told sooner. Is there a list or away you can please send me sites that we can look and maybe can actually visit and purchase at an honest breeder. I have reaserched all the breeders in Alberya and traveled may hours so we could go to the breeders home and be able to see where they are raised and made sure it was not a puppy mill.
I have researching for months regarding information on what to look for in a pup when purchasing but continue to find breed standards that are directed at the adult bulldog. I want to buy this puppy, i need to let the breeder know by tomorrow as he has another person interested in her.
The depiction represents just one of many important physical traits in which a Bulldog of a lesser quality may not posses. No, better yet, I want you to study and meditate on this picture especially if you’re currently in the market for a new Bulldog puppy. If you worked for the FBI with the purpose of detecting counterfeit money, you’d spend hours examining and memorizing nothing but all the fine details on a hundred dollar bill. For instance, one of his puppies may be born with longer legs or smaller paws than are appropriate features in an English Bulldog.
So I called the so called breeder back and she addmitted to it, and said all sales are final. I see too often bulldogs that have slender heads and look like boxers rather than bulldogs.
Just wondering people seem to sure be inflating the price of these dogs, The standard calls for dark eyes. Without the guide of the AKC, there would be no clear understanding for what a purebred dog actually is.
The Bulldog’s head arguably holds his most distinguishing of all physical properties.

The poor soul still falls in love because after all, puppies so easily melt the heart of someone seeking their “best friend”. The breeder may choose to breed this puppy, therefore using a Bulldog with less than perfect genes. Of course we love our Bulldogs, but the question of why should I register wasn’t exactly answered by that simple sentence, so we looked through the site in search of a list mentioning the pros of registering. I thank you very much for your time and all the information you provided, it is clear you are an amazing breeder who has their dogs best interest at heart and clearly want to help buyers find the best puppy possible.
I want to know if there is a way to tell from a pup if their heads will be round and body stocky rather than tall and slender. I sent pics to our local vet and asked them if the would mind telling me if they had any concerns about it. Every time these Bulldogs with undesirable physical character traits are bred they will pass these imperfections along to the next generation and they’ll begin to look less and less the way an English Bulldog should. You deserve recognition that you are a wonderful breeder who any buyer would be lucky to work with! Please message me with the pictures on our Facebook Page and I’ll let you know my thoughts.
I mean I could enter a bulldog that looks horrible if I wanted to as long as I have registration papers. Then compare that couples previous puppies after they’ve become fully grown if possible. Of course it’s much easier just believing the breeder’s sales pitch, but you want to know for yourself right? There is no acceptable reason for this. The akc registration papers should be included with the puppy just as you should expect a spare tire and jack to come with a brand new car.
Remember, even a car comes with registration tags, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a piece of junk. I myself would steer clear from bulldogs with blue eyes-tells me something in the blood line might be a bit off.
And even with word of mouth from people who we ran into owners of English Bulldogs, your kinda on the safe weary mode of things.
To make sure you receive a high quality English Bulldog Puppy whose anatomy mirrors the AKC Standard is entirely your responsibility. If I had a litter of puppies that were from unregistered Bulldogs, I would sell them for 1,000 or less. If they looked beautiful and possessed most of the characteristics a Bulldog does, I would say 1,000 might be fair. On the other hand, the dog you got is worth less than 1,000 because the breeder lied to you. If you’re not already too attached to this puppy, I would advise you to give it back and start again.

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