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If you're looking for an admin's "trade assistance", stop and follow these 3 steps immediately or you will lose your items!!! Finally after around 8 min paypal transactions are fast my account is also verified so it should take at least 2 min for the payment to go through but nothing. Hopefully you guys can accept this, if there is any reversions or additional evidence I will be able to provide it. Note: I don't accept adds on my Steam profile regarding Steamrep, please send me a tweet instead! It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. There are no such things as illegal, fake, or glitched items, it's a ruse to get your stuff for free.

Also not to mention your new account on steam rep is also the same name as your steam accounts! I checked his profile and he has a lot of good rep on counterstrike lounge and also his main account. Also very interesting, when you log in through your steam profile, it automatically uses the picture that is already set, seeing how you just made this account you still do have access to your smurf, and main! After we agreed he wanted to trade me with his smurf account, an account just mainly used for trading.
After waiting a minuet he added me on his smurf account and I traded him my knife on that account.
Soon after I realized it has been a while since no money has been added on to my paypal account.

Trying to add him back on both of his accounts he blocked me and I can see my knife in his main account, he traded it from his smurf account. If you look at his main profile he has many other knives which he has probably scammed from other people as well. I should not have been scammed researching his rep a lot of people gave him +rep and similar money for knife transaction as well.

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