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So I can’t speak as a stay at home mom but I can speak as a mother and I know how people’s perceptions of what it’s like can be way off, including our own. Before having my DS, neither my DH nor I could imagine how much work it takes to be a SAHM. I completely know what you mean as a new stay-at-home mom and a former newspaper photographer.
I found that after years of having my schedule set for me, setting my own schedule was damn near impossible.
I was a SAHM for a few months after my son was born, but was also babysitting my friend’s two kids (a 4 year old with suspected ADHD and a 2 year old in the throes of potty training).
Hats off to the stay at home moms- I was completely overwhelmed during my maternity leave and felt relieved to go back to work. Now that my son is a little older, I get adult interaction during the day at work and come home from my job ready to play with him every evening. However, that is my choice…mostly because I love my children and if staying at home playing with them all day was all that a SAHM is expected to do…I could totally do that! The first 6 weeks or so I was physically recovering (already low iron made for non existent iron after baby was born!) and was exhausted. I was getting my Master’s in Biology (Secondary Ed) when I became pregnant with my first. The Lee-Fendall House will observe its 2nd Annual Halloween Pumpkin Hunt on the evenings of October 23-24!  Alexandria’s ghosts and goblins will fill our garden with hundreds of colorful toy-filled pumpkins for local children to discover!  It will just be getting dark, so bring a flashlight to help find our hidden prizes!  Costumes encouraged! Also, ONE pumpkin in each of our pumpkin hunt sessions will have a certificate for a special prize hidden inside! All children of elementary school age or younger are eligible to participate in the Pumpkin Hunt.  Older children and adults are welcome to enjoy all our other activities.
To make your family’s reservation for this year’s Halloween Pumpkin Hunt, follow the links below to purchase tickets online, or call (703) 548-1789.*  Payment in advance is required for all reservations. Friends of the Lee-Fendall House should make reservations by calling (703) 548-1789.  To become a Member, click here.
Physical tickets will not be mailed; purchasers will be placed on a reservation list and checked off at the start of the event. The Lee-Fendall House Museum will make the sole determination to cancel a program in the event of severe inclement weather. In the event of severe inclement weather during a particular program, the event will be held on the program rain date (October 30-31).
If you do not receive an emailed receipt confirmation of your purchase within 24 hours, please call the museum to confirm your payment was posted. Please check your junk mail folder for your receipt before contacting the museum. Our system does not allow you to create a shopping cart; to purchase adult, student and child tickets you will have to make separate purchases through the system. Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background".
Audi has pretty much confirmed a RS Q3 will make it into production by revealing this concept model ahead of the Auto China 2012 show.
To ensure the handling does not make a complete mockery of all that power Audi has lowered the RS Q3 by 25mm. We think the RS styling tweaks for this concept are right on the money; it just looks fantastic. Last week we had a turn in a regular Q3 2.0 TFSI quattro (review on the way) and we reckon the addition of those two letters—R and S—could make the Q3 something quite special. At Auto China 2012 in Beijing, Audi is presenting a themed vehicle based on the Q3 – the RS Q3 concept. The blue painted Audi RS Q3 concept is a vehicle based on the theme of thrilling dynamic performance.
Brushed and polished aluminum trim frames the Audi RS Q3 concept’s single-frame radiator grille. The same combination of black and blue tinted areas is repeated on the sides of the Audi RS Q3 concept – on the trim strips of the doors and sills and on the add-on parts of the wheel housings. In the interior of the Audi RS Q3 concept, which gets plenty of light through a glass sunroof, cool black is the dominant color – on the roofliner, floor carpet, floor mats, leather-upholstered instrument panel and on large areas of the seat upholstery, which consists of Fine Nappa leather. The contrasting blue color is used in an inventive way in the CFRP decorative panels – the panel material was produced by weaving brilliant blue luminescent glass fibers into it.
The inside door handle has a perforated lightweight construction look as in every RS model. The extremely powerful 2.5 TFSI in the RS Q3 concept combines two classic Audi technologies – gasoline direct injection and turbocharging. A seven-speed S tronic transfers the forces of the sonorous 2.5 TFSI to the quattro permanent all-wheel drive. The alloy wheels of the Audi RS Q3 concept continue the dynamic RS Q styling and have the dimensions 8.5 J x 20. Interesting to note the Mandarin characters on the rev-counter- another example of the fact China has become a dominant influence in the global car market. Yeah look better than the full timers work judging latest RS 4 offering which look like the new shape 4 has lost it cool shape to the 159 alfa!!!! You can have the most creative idea for a gala fundraiser, but if you do not promote it properly, no one will know about it. Order a few of our Otis Spunkmeyer Campaign Posters and place them in conspicuous spots around the interior of your venue. Use our Otis Spunkmeyer press release template to give details about your gala fundraiser to your media outlets.
An organized fundraiser is a well-oiled machine where everyone performs at their optimum levels while achieving one goal.
Gala fundraisers are a great and elegant way to bring the community together for a worthy cause. When running a successful and dynamic Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraiser you often get so caught up in the activities and in leading your groups that you forget to monitor your cash flow. Be sure to communicate your needs to your donors and explain what your needs are and how your donations are down. Butter Sugar This is the essential cookie dough to keep on hand for any holiday or occasion.
Profile of a Fundraiser: Lucy Adams Because Otis Spunkmeyer has been around a long time, everyone knows that they’re getting a quality product, which makes the annual fundraiser easier for everyone involved.

Help For Annabelle Julie set a goal to try to sell 120 tubs of dough, and she and her team surpassed that, selling 155 and raising more than $1100 for the Desmoid Research Foundation. Van Halen also reasserts his willingness to cut a new studio album with the current lineup, but sounds an ominous note regarding the possibility of getting another record out of the band. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites.
Even to this day, at 19 months, she still craves my attention more than anything else, and it’s hard to get anything else done, including housework, and work I need to do from home. I work full-time but she’s usually by my side all day Mondays, Tuesdays, weekends after 2pm and heck, any other time I’m not at work. I know some SAHMs that have their kids in pre-school as soon as possible and are basically sitting at home alone for most of the day. After teaching for eight years with no children i definitely have more housework and cooking, but I enjoy teaching my daughter and getting ready for her to go to kindergarten.
All I wanted to do was cuddle my baby and be with her non-stop until I had to go back to work. Hubby wants me to stay home the whole first year our Little One is here, and maybe even longer.
I will say that while being a SAHM mom is hard, being a working mom isn’t any easier. My day today is this-get her up, make us a cup of chamomile tea, make breakfast, dress and feed her and me, do a Valentine’s day craft, wash dishes, cook lunch for my husband, daughter, and myself, pick up toys, eat with hubby and child till he has to go back to work, do a preschool lesson with my daughter, and put her down for a nap-we also baked homemade crayons shaped like flowers. To view this message, CLICK HERE. This message appears because it takes the server some time to process your credit card. The RS Q3 gets a full whack of five-pot power, too, with the 265kW unit from the TT RS Plus.
That seems like a lot, but the standard Q3 sits surprisingly high on the road, so it should still be okay for urban assault duties. Market forces are at play here and Audi (plus other manufacturers) are merely responding to what the punters want.
It interprets the character of the compact SUV in a very special way – systematically dynamic.
Its black grille insert exhibits a new geometry – the honeycombs are slightly offset to one another deeper inside, creating a distinct three-dimensional effect. They are subdivided into two segments – the inner sections have honeycomb screen inserts, while their outer sections, made of CFRP, have a smooth funnel shape. The door mirror housings consist of black CFRP, while matt aluminum trim frames the side windows. The diffuser insert, which integrates the two large elliptical tailpipes in typical RS look, has been shifted far upward. The steering wheel has large control stalks made of CFRP, which are framed by aluminum accents. A layered-carbon trim panel covers the area around the five-cylinder engine that sports a red valve cover, and two laterally arranged ventilation screens feed air to the engine. Ask for creative items around town, like a tennis lesson from your local tennis pro, handheld devices, salon certificates and weekend getaways. You must get the word out to your local community, media outlets and as many contacts as possible to make your campaign a winner. Make certain to have an ample supply of our catalogs, volunteer sign-up forms and order forms handy during your gala fundraiser. Give speeches at your local networking group meetings, community events and nonprofit gatherings.
You will fail if you do not properly organize your campaign, from the beginning to the end. Sign up volunteers who firmly believe in your cause and match them with skill-appropriate duties. How you utilize the components will determine whether your campaign is a winner or failure. You must continually check your donations and take note of when you need to revamp your fundraising message or activities. But in a new interview with Billboard, Eddie says he didn’t invite Roth back in the band for money — he did it for the fans.
They will get done when I’m up at night due to being 24 weeks pregnant and not sleeping. Your house gets ten times filthier ten times faster when it’s you and the kid(s) at home. I also know lots of moms who homeschool and are basically doing a full-time job at home while having all the housework undone constantly. I will say someways it doesn’t seem like there is much if a break as when they are resting in the afternoon I am trying to prep dinner, workout and usually clean up and do laundry.
He was less than a week old when I went back to the office to collect my personal stuff and I remember one lady asking me how I liked the life of luxury.
Being a SAHM would be phenom if I could just have a break maybe a day a week to get my bearings. Several of the comments talk about not getting any time off, any time to yourself, no time to shower, etc.
Now that she finally went to sleep, I will shower, do laundry, and start on supper, hubby home at 5, then supper, bathtime, pick up same toys again, bedtime! The lower area of the grille integrates another sculpted feature – a silver quattro signature.
The roof spoiler runs a long way towards the rear; its middle section has been slightly shortened compared to its outer sections. Most of the wheel is covered with black Velvet leather – a leather that gives the hands a secure grip and repels dirt very well. As is the practice in car racing, the cylinder numbers are marked on their spark plug covers. When slip is detected there, it can redistribute forces to the rear axle via a hydraulic multi-plate clutch with electronic control – instantaneously and variably. The more creative the items, the better your chances of making your gala fundraiser a winner. DH gets a taste of my M-F schedule on days when I have to work away from the house on the weekend and it completely exhausts him.

I was also awake at 5 am for about a year straight before I finally kicked that nasty habit!
But sometimes I take a day off here and there from work to stay at home with my son (because it’s JUST my son now, and not the other two) and if I could stay at home with him every day I totally would.
I have never been a surgeon or an air traffic controller, but I imagine those jobs are harder than being a SAHM of a small child (or, eeps! We had always split housework up (him doing a majority of it because the way I do it is not good enough!), until I had my first child. I am a SAHM of a 4 mo old son and before him my hubby used to think I may be able to get back to work in 4-5 the condition is so crazy that I have sworn off work-life for next few years till I can get my bearings right as a mom! Growing up my Mom was a single mother, and had to work a lot, so I never really saw her, thus leaving me closer to my grandfather and my aunts.. Hands down, tougher job to be a stay at home mom than it was to get my Master’s in teaching while pregnant.
The headlights are slightly tinted; inside them, some chrome parts are dark or covered by panels of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP).
The rear lights and auxiliary lights in the bumper are tinted in anthracite and are made of clear glass.
An aluminum housing holds the open sports air filter, and the filtered air tube is made of stainless steel. And he is only caring for one baby, not trying to maintain a house and business at the same time. I love that I get to stay at home and I can still freelance for the newspaper when they need me.
I get so much more done that way, since I’m not working all day long, then coming home to cook, clean, do laundry etc etc in the few hours of daylight left. If you are happy being a working mother, and it’s the best fit for your family more power to you. I appreciate the fact that I am able to be a stay at home mommy right now as I know I will return to teaching when our children are school age. Instead of working 8-10 hours a day I was now nursing that long AND not sleeping etc, etc, etc…. He stopped doing anything around the house and with his commute and schedule, he NEVER did night duty in the early days (she was bottle fed, so my boobs were not required!) not even the weekends. I work harder to keep the house running smoothly than I ever did as a grad student, and I was an A student.
Buyers can feel they are helping your worthy cause instead of giving their money to a national chain. The more potential supporters know and understand about your cause, the more comfortable they will be spending their money. Definitely something worth experiencing (if you can and want to) so you know what it’s like. Staying at home is so much more work than my job was but I wouldn’t change it for anything, even if I have to pick up all the books that my son throws off his bookshelf 4 times every day.
In fact, my hubby had to fly to Florida for 4 days for his grandfather’s funeral, so I took the week off from work to stay home with my son. I can only imagine how challenging it must be to try to find the energy at the end of a long day to go get groceries, do the laundry, cook, clean and find some quality time with your family. We just had our second and while pregnant I was able to finish my masters while being at home as well. But mostly i love the time i get to spend with my kids, because all too soon they will be off to school, and i wont get the tea parties, and the art projects, and the lets color my sister with chalk moments anymore. Holding a silent auction during a cookie dough fundraising catered dinner can be an easy way to bring in extra funds without others knowing who placed the bids.
Go online to our website and use our Otis Spunkmeyer profit calculator to determine how much each team member needs to sell in order to reach your goals.
They will be begging to go back to the office by the end of the day and leave the hard work to us. I know a lot of moms, myself included, run errands just to have an excuse to get out of the house and break up the day. I found no job more tedious, stressful, yet achingly boring, enlivened by occasional moments of sheer transcendent joy.
I do think that saying that being a SAHM is easier really depends on how many kids you have and what you are doing with them. But the fact that we are all in the same boat and that you have put it on words, makes the journey lighter. When I take vacations, I don’t go to some lavish resort where I lay on the beach in peace. Everything takes ten times longer though, and you’re always having to mentally plan the day around meals, snacks and naps. But society really does think stay at home moms have such a luxurious life and picture is shopping, dining and relaxing.
It’s exhausting, but there are plenty of opportunities to kick back with a book, too. The majority of us I believe are working our butts off, however I will admit I do know some SAHMs who have full time nannies, babysitters and and there priorities are WAY different than mine! Working moms do the same as SAHMs – get up before the kids to shower or shower at night. I was a teacher of underprivledged kindergarteners before I was a SAHM, and the class of kids was hard, but not much harder than 1! Ha, there’s your life now, in one line, except, add in you frantically trying to work while she sleeps. The only difference is that when we are working, we pay a pretty penny to have someone watch our children.

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