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If you are in any establishment that deals with cash, there are some unspoken rules that many people overlook. Now that you have made a regular habit of counting your bills to make sure you are not getting shorted, there is another danger to watch out for.
I recently ran into a situation where a customer at the bank received a counterfeit $20 bill from our ATM machine. When having United coins in your hands, it's a good idea to check whether what you have consist of precious metal.
All 1964 quarters, dimes, half dollars, and dollars (Morgans and Peace dollars) are 90% pure silver, with the exception of counterfeit items.
When viewing at these coins sideway, they always have that solid silvery color throughtout the depth of the coin. You work too hard and do far too much to protect your money only to get ripped off by the ignorant cashier or that bartender who conveniently left that five dollar bill in the register.
There is a good chance you have had some fake money in your hands at some point in your life. After consulting with a manager, we were able to verify (to the best of our ability) that the customer actually did get the note from our machine.
Literally speaking, if you purchase any goods or services with a counterfeit note, you can be charged with a felony.

After dealing with your loss, you may have the itch to take down the dirty crooks who produced this note.
After seeing one or two, you will realize that well over 99% of counterfeiters can not produce a bill that is close to authentic looking. Besides from the obvious $2.5 and $5 dollar gold coins, the silver coins are much more subtle. So, you may not want to make a mistake of using silver coins to exchange for goods just as one would with normal money. If you bring a note into an establishment and claim to have received it there, do not count on getting a replacement. We refunded the customer and all was well, but we had to make a few calls to the company who services the machine to make them aware of the error. Realistically speaking, if you drop one fake bill on something, you will not likely be charged at all. There are plenty of resources online that have tips and advice to assist you in spotting the bad bills. Nobody is going to get irritated or offended if you take a few seconds to double check your bills.
Perhaps you even passed that note on to another place as if it were a regular bill in circulation.

The best course of action would be to get with a manager or whomever is in charge of the machine that dispensed the money, and hope for the best result…which would be the correct amount of legal money leaving with you. You will be out the denomination of the bill, whatever it may be, but most businesses will confiscate the bill and let you pay with authentic money. If you notice it yourself, and have not left the counter, simply give it back to the person who handed it to you and let them know that it is counterfeit. If you have a decent eye, and pay close attention to the feel of the bills (the paper is pretty much irreplaceable) you should have no problem spotting a fake.
Because as soon as you walk away from the establishment, if the money isn’t right, the only person to blame is yourself. They may need to get a supervisor or manager involved, but you will get the money owed to you.
If an investigation follows, this information can be extremely beneficial in finding and prosecuting the individual(s) responsible.

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