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The State of the Union 2016: Watch the Live Stream and Republican Response Webcast a€“ What will President Obama cover in his final address to the nation? Grand Theft Auto 5 is expected to be one of the best and most successful games to come out for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, despite it's late arrival at the end of both console's life cycles.
One of the strangest stories to come out about the game is about the Scientology spoof cult, The Epsilon Program.
Another rather strange aspect of the game, revealed in screenshots released by Rockstar, is the ability to operate a deep-sea submersible and explore the ocean floor during free time. One final weird bit of news about Grand Theft Auto 5 comes from an outside source that isn't even part of the game. All of Lester’s Assassination missions should be available after you beat the game except the first one which is mandatory. Mission 5: Invest in Gold Coast Development (LCN) before the mission and pullout afterwards! In case you don’t have any money at all and are broke, you can use a glitch to get a million dollars in 2 minutes. Tyler i got 30mil from the big score and had before it about 4mil on m and 2mil on f and godknows on t about 200k lol. This is because it allows you to choose 1 more stock than you can afford all you need to do is remove the last stock before you try to buy. Peaks at 33.57 and doesn’t seem to move after, down or up, DID YOU all do this after you passed the game?
Keep checking the stock market (after 8am) after every 6hr save, it took me about 5 days…it really ranges. But the guide says to do the random event AFTER the Lester missions, why are you saying before the third?
You need to wait 1 hour real time for the stock to go up to 100%, saving does not effect it.
I finished the 2nd mission earlier and I’m at 250-262m for each character so yes it does make the difference.
If I do all the Lester assassinations with one character, does that mean that one character will have all the money OR does it split up making all the characters have $1.4 billion each? You need each character to invest all of their money in the stock market via the money and services section on the internet on your phone at each point. I sold the Deb stock on Tuesday and bought the RedWood, but I had to wait until Saturday for the 300% increase in RedWood, just a heads up for everybody having issues.

Ok done the airport stranger thing and TINKLE aint on the stock market :( did i do something wrong?
For example on mission 4 I got a profit of about 120%, but for mission 5 the profit started to drop again at around 68%.
In order to get the highest profit I suggest creating a new save or overwrite some older with a lower profit as often a possible. Am I the only one who just beat the game but can’t see Lesters mark on the map anymore?
I completed the Lester missions then the main story line, will this work if i replay the missions? After mission 4 i invested in vapid with trevor and franklin but forgot to do it with micheal the market on micheals phone still shows vapid to be down but franklin and trevors says its up its been about 20 minutes since i completed the mission can i still invest with micheal and still get a return?
Sometimes the market allows you to purchase more dollars worth of stock than you have in your bank, so the transaction fails.
How do I get both characters to the point I should be whaen I change characters the firs one moves to a random spot so I could never get this to work could somone please help me? Now I’ve Finally Completed the Story Mode, i was planning on doing the rest of Lester’s Missions, but his icon has disappeared from the map, wtf am i supposed to do now? In Richards Majestic movie studios there's an area which looks like a regular street of houses.
Head round the back of a bar called Liquor Hole, there's a ladder leading up to a huge billboard, where the spaceship part is waiting. Fans had a chance to join the cult online, and win a chance to be included in Grand Theft Auto 5 as part of the cult as a nonspeaking NPC.
It is odd that Rockstar would include this fairly random vehicle in the game, unless there are potential easter eggs or special items hidden in the ocean near Los Santos.
In the trailer, Trevor is shown trying to flush a human foot down a toilet, which just begs for explanation at some point. After the mission sell all of Debonaire when reaches maximum profit (around 80%) and then INVEST in Redwood. If u start off with the max 35 mil from the heist and do the math for each of these investments u end up with 230 mil max nowhere near billions. I recommend saving multiple files for each Lester mission because the stock market isn’t super predictable. It was doing this to me as well until I realized I was trying to buy 1 more than I could afford.

Because most tutorials say to wait until your done, because you’ll have obviously those millions from passing it. I had already done 2 of the Assassination missions (the required one, and the 2nd one) and I did the rest (except the last 30% one) and I’m at about 120 mill.
I think you have to save at least once at a safehouse to trigger the upswing in the stock price. It does not gradually increase, if you are sleeping then you will wake up and suddenly its at 300%.
It is unclear what role the Epsilon Program will have in the game, but if Rockstar has put in enough effort to hype this jokey cult, including making a website for the group, it may play a significant role in the game. Evidently, Los Santos is so impressive that the legendary game creator feels as though he will not be able to compete. First invest in Debonaire, do the mission 2, wait for the stock to peak att 80%, sell all AND invest ALL in Redwood. Sometimes the market doesn’t increase like it is suppose to or the number of sleep cycles change for when the market peaks and then decreases.
I waited for over an hour and it stuck at 23%, then I rested once and it jumped up to %143. Not complaining though, hundreds of millions of dollars was the goal, and that has been achieved! Try to spot the part before you make your landing, as walking around on the mountains is annoying, and potentially fatal. This area is raised from ground level, so either follow the road or land a chopper up there.
It took multiple attempts to get the max money from the instructions above…hense saving multiple files is almost essential.
BUt i see people talking about all three characters, are these just people who don’t care about waiting? Once you're in, head towards the subway system where a lot of construction guys are hanging out.

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