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With that said, as a user of social media for marketing, you probably have an account with either one of the 3 sites. Perhaps the popularity of these 3 sites can be explained by the fact that unlike the long gone social sites Friendster and MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ managed to tick all the boxes becoming the standard against which all other social sites are compared. When it comes to social networking, the tricky thing is to keep up with all of the social networks and avoid rookie mistakes.
On the social media platforms, your activities should be coordinated to suit your larger marketing strategy. When you have an overarching goal, it also simplifies the day-to-day process of small decision-making.
So for successful social media marketing, design your marketing campaigns so they build on each other.
When you have a template for success, this obviously helps you respond better to the expectations of your audience but it does not stop here. Experimenting is the best way to identify the areas of your marketing strategy that directly affect sales and once you know exactly what works for your audience, you can do more of what they are most receptive. Because people need to trust you before they purchase anything from you, customer engagement is vital to the success of any business.
The goal is to help you forge customer loyalty and increase customer engagement.  The key to do this is research.
You will need to find a way to get people to connect with you by pushing the right buttons and changing your online social media presence to match the expectations of your customers. If you enjoyed this post, please consider sharing this article, leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. Directory Submission - We manually submit your site to search engine friendly directories online & you get permanent one-way links from them.
Feb 21st, 2014 – by Jose CapeloComments Off on Do Social networks help Business and SMEs?
By now no one can doubt the importance and benefits that social media can offer to small businesses.
Despite all this, it is evident success in social media requires some effort and dedication, in order for small businesses to be found in this type of media, and attract the best opportunities.
The social media and online marketing are now vital for virtually any business; thanks to social media small businesses can also achieve differentiation and be even better than the bigger brands they are competing against. Up to this point, the theory has served to demonstrate and manifest all the benefits and advantages of social networking for business. While it is true that social networks can help in many aspects of our business, the day to day business, and independent professionals or freelancers, reveal a completely different reality. Clearly the proliferation and survival of these businesses and professionals is a road full of obstacles.
If to this we add that we are part of an economy, and a globalized market, means that also other companies come here from outside. Some would consider that what they have achieved in times of crisis is thanks to the internet, positioning a brand or a business and thereby championing a success story of SME’s.
Essentially, a Messenger bot is an AI-fuelled system that can respond to customer queries sent to your business via direct message. Bots, as noted in the video, are like people, but they’re not actually people, they’re computers. Facebook’s Messenger bots will be more advanced that your common bot system because they’ll be able to utilize Facebook’s AI learnings to develop more intelligent and more intuitive systems. Much of these learnings will come from systems that Facebook already has in place – in this sense, one of the best places to look for an example of what Messenger bots could look like is Facebook’s AI help system ‘M’. Launched back in August (for users in the Bay Area), M is Facebook’s ambitious play to make Messenger a more central part of everything you do.
M is basically your own personal assistant, able to perform a wide range of tasks for you – and the genius of M is that with every action it undertakes, its learning. That kind of ambiguity is exactly what Facebook’s aiming for – if they can build an AI system that accurately mimics the responses of a real person, and completes all tasks as required, that could provide a huge boost for a wide range of businesses. As in the example shots above, what if Facebook could offer you a bot that was already able to handle the majority of customer queries related to your business with a high success rate? Say you’re a pizza store owner and you go to the bot store and you see that there’s a bot on offer that’s already handling 75% of customer queries to similar pizza stores without human intervention? Add to that the fact that people are already using Messenger – the platform recently announced (and as noted earlier) that they’ve hit 900 million monthly active users.
The data all points to people spending more time in chat apps, communicating more via direct message.
Given those trends, being present on the platforms where people are most active is where brands, logically, want to be.
Interacting with a brand via message is potentially faster, easier and more customizable than other platforms. In an interview with Wired back in October, David Marcus said that advertising was where Messenger would make their money. One way they could do this is through featured apps – just recently, Business Insider reported that some users were seeing a suggestions bar of brands you may want to chat with in Messenger, alongside People and Groups. In that sense, Facebook could offer Google-style display ads to help promote your business to interested users, based on their Facebook actions and interests. As noted, Facebook's expected to announce their bot store this week, so expect a flurry of announcements around F8 in relation to Messenger bots and the future of Messenger commerce.
There might come a day soon where all you need to do is fill and ship orders, while a computer handles the rest. Social media has transformed the way brands can interact with customers, providing a platform to engage in new and exciting ways. Facebook contests and campaigns are powerful ways for brands to engage with customers in social.
Social software has been making its way into the enterprise for a while, but usually from vendors that are experts at enterprise needs.
Recently Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn, indicated that the professional social networking giant was seriously considering expanding their services into internal capabilities such as enterprise social networking. LinkedIn's signature advantage, unlike many new Enterprise 2.0 entrants, is that it has an enormous base of existing business users it can enlist as foot soldiers to penetrate the enterprise. By making LinkedIn useful for internal collaboration, social intranets, and more, it could suddenly become much more relevant to those looking at inexpensive approaches that also will have a high likelihood of adoption (which, in a way, is already baked in with LinkedIn's large existing user base.) Enterprise social networking software still comes at a real premium compared to the free social networks of the Web, so the revenue model could be very compelling to the company.
In my research, I find that there's strong correlation with the speed and success of internal adoption of social media and the level of investment made.
But all of this isn't likely to prevent LinkedIn from trying to flip its large base of users into paying customers on the enterprise-side.
So, given that I believe LinkedIn is likely to do this, what would make a move into enterprise social networking successful for them or their competition?
Personally, I think LinkedIn, BranchOut, and their other large competitors have genuine disruptive potential to make their move while the Enterprise 2.0 market is still somewhat immature. offers a single, browser-based game each time you visit, with the ability to flip through endless amounts of new flash games. has nothing to do with Istagram, despite the photo-sharing service’s increasing popularity.
Although has nothing to do with photo-sharing social networks, it does make it easy to share your gaming experiences with online friends. Twitter is one of the most influential social media networks there is today and anyone, including celebrities, businesses, politicians, rising stars, or normal people like you and me are on it and you should be too.
Just to give you an idea of how HUGE Twitter is, they have over 300 million active users every single month. Even if you have absolutely nothing to sell, I’ll show you how you can sell other people’s stuff and get PAID!
If they like your Tweets or decide to Re-Tweet it (broadcast your Tweet to all of their followers) it reaches even MORE people and if someone in that network Re-Tweets the number of people who see your Tweet just gets bigger and bigger.
To do this, you should have a website of your own that will give more details and entice the user to purchase.

This is called Affiliate Marketing and is one of the most popular ways to make money online.
So say someone on the other end of the world goes through your link while you’re sleeping and buys it, you get PAID!
If you have a decent following, you may be able to get companies to pay you to Tweet about their products. You simply add your Twitter account or other social media like Facebook (you can add multiple if you want) then you wait for advertisers to make bids. So if you want to go this route, make sure you have a big following, make sure your account is not brand new as this doesn’t give a good reputation yet, and make sure you have a decent follower to following ratio. If you’re good with Twitter and know how to get a lot of followers you can use this skill and charge people to help them get followers. Or if you know how to make a nice Twitter header, people are willing to pay you to make one for them. Again, if you have a decent following, you can get in contact with a business who’s looking for publicity. For example, you can Tweet that your local electronics shop is giving away a free iPhone to a lucky Tweeter who re-Tweets your Tweet mentioning them. Since people are already looking for it, they’ll most likely click your YouTube link that you Tweeted and you can connect a Google Adsense account to it to make money!
I always thought of Twitter as a pretty superficial means of communication with an audience. In your experience, are there any particular categories that would jump start a good product campaign?
You’re right, storing physical goods and doing all to work of creating shipping labels, packing the product, and mailing it out would be insane to handle.
I eventually signed up for LinkedIn, because it was a good way of staying in touch with former coworkers.
I think it’s inside the firewall that the social networks really come into their own. Of course there are other sites that fall under the category of prominent social networks including YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Each individual status, infographic, video or picture should build off each other to give you a better return on your investment. Suppose you have two infographics and you are unsure about which one to share with your followers or fans. This succession of small decisions put together will help you gain momentum on the social sites. Using the data you have, you make a best estimate but there is no way to find out what will work for your business without trying the different tactics and failing. If the conversion rate is C%, repeating tactic A at any point in time will bring in $XX.xx. An increase in links will help you improve your search engine rankings & will eventually increase the traffic to your site. Through social networks businesses, and especially SMEs, have been able to discover that there are other ways beyond the traditional techniques of reaching the target audience, and potential clients, without the need to invest large resources. This is not only abut selling, but to make themselves known to the community and the target audience, expand networks, discover other businesses to create strategic alliances, establish customer communities, promote their offers, establish new communication channels, and so on and so forth. Thanks to these channels and social media, small businesses can expand their areas of operation, expanding its borders and even break into other markets to import their services or products.
But if we are back to reality, outside the borders of this parallel universe that is the internet, we find that the achievement of success online is a daunting task, and a proper strategy needs to be in place in order to be in the race for the long-term success of the firm.
Every day hundreds of small businesses close their doors, and precarious employment continues to expand. Unfortunately, no Internet or social networks are the salvation for most businesses and small enterprises. He enjoys writing about the latest Business trends and successful business marketing strategies. They will be soon – according to a report from TechCrunch, Facebook is set to launch a Messenger Bot store at their F8 conference this week (UPDATE: Facebook has now announced the Messenger Bot Platform, read about it here).
This functionality is not exclusive to Facebook Messenger – messaging platform Kik recently released their own bot store along the same lines – but Messenger has much higher reach (275m for Kik vs 900m for Messenger), and is thus, more likely to be of immediate relevance to your business. We’ve had bots in our phones for years in the form of applications like Siri, but the new generation of bots is going to be far more advanced and – most importantly – individually customizable to your business.
According to TechCrunch, Facebook’s Messenger bot store will help businesses build automated response systems for fielding messages from potential customers – but rather than putting the onus on business owners to learn how to construct such complex, code heavy applications, Facebook will refer them to a listing of approved providers who can assist, and who have a solid working understanding of how Facebook’s bot systems work. Right now, M is powered by AI, but that artificial intelligence engine is overseen by a team of ‘trainers’, customer service experts who can step in to ensure M is performing each task being requested of it. M, in itself, is a difficult concept to scale – having an AI system with human trainers means you need a lot of people, especially if you were to be catering for all of Messenger’s 900 million active users across the world. That’d be a potential game changer for your business – and when you combine that potential with Facebook’s new Messenger connection tools, like Messenger Codes and shortlinks, you can start to see how Messenger bots could change the game.
People are spending more time on their smartphones every year, as per this chart from Mark Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends report. And what’s more, for the brands themselves, if they can use bots to automate the process, it’ll also prove significantly cheaper.
This could also apply in relation to each query – if you type into the search bar that you’re looking for a shoe store nearby, Facebook could charge businesses to be the top match for such a query.
If they can continue to boost user numbers for the app, and introduce new functionality to keep them within the app for longer (and away from competitors like Snapchat), Facebook has more opportunity to monetize that audience and become a more valuable platform for brands.
It may still seem like a way off, but the time where your business will be constructed around smart computer systems may not be as far off as you might think. Now it appears that professional social networks on the Internet will make an attempt at the space.
Enabling enterprise-wide social conversations virally and for free was very successful for Yammer (now at 3 million plus users), but they had to start out from scratch with their user base.
This means at least two things: 1) Make it easy to securely connect and collaborate across the full social business spectrum including workers, trading partners, and customers and 2) Take good advantage of the knowledge of the full social graph that workers have beyond their organization to derive insight including expertise location, hiring, innovation opportunities, and more.
Frankly, for a variety of reasons including control, hosting, and vendor experience with enterprises, many large companies aren't going to look at professional social networks to provide social media capabilities, at least for a while.
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You can share games via Facebook or Twitter so that friends who click on your link end up with the exact same game as you’ve been playing. Twitter is a social media network like Facebook, Google+ or other social media networks you are familiar with but they work a bit differently. Well there are several ways depending on you as an individual.A  Do you have a business to promote? The more followers you have, the more reach your Tweets have and the more chance of people interacting with you or clicking your links to make you money. You should learn lead generation (how to get people to click on your links), and possibly affiliate marketing (how to promote other people’s products and get paid).
This is important because Twitter limits your Tweets to 140 characters so you can’t really promote your product much on there.
This is because normal people like you and me don’t actually have any products to sell. Companies like SponsoredTweets brings companies and Twitter users together in a market that allows them to pay you for your Tweets! Like I said, you need to have a decent following or no one is going to pay you to Tweet because you won’t give them much exposure. With over 300 million active users every month there’s a HUGE network you can take advantage of to help yourself make money. Never thought of using Fiverr for getting Twitter followers… these strategies are ingenious. I think of people posting a photo of their breakfast and people automatically giving an enthusiastic response for no good reason.

Most people just post text and when you look through searches, what catches your attention first? HEREa€™S THE ANSWER!” I did not know that fiverr had an avenue to get followers for Twitter! Luckily affiliate marketing takes care of all of that for you so all you have to do is share your affiliate link and direct customers to the company. Social networking has a natural home in the enterprise because the relationships there have a purpose. It’s also a great resource for finding a new job, and it sure beats carrying around a stack of paper resumes. Rands explains the importance of the corporate social network by contrasting the official organization chart with the culture chart. In a few select niches, these sites may even be preferred but when it comes to the current Internet era and the near obsession of people with social media, it is a no-brainer which social networking platforms top the list. Many people think of social networking as a fun part of the job but with so many social profiles and a different audience on each one, maintaining a relevant and successful presence on the social networks can become a chore. If you have an end goal, this will act as a useful anchor and help you bring order from disorder.
This will be a much better use of your time than simply updating your status or curating content from other sources because you only want to maintain a presence of the social sites, whether or not this leads to something useful. There is overall little political hope and help when it comes to small businessman or entrepreneurs who seek to promote a new business or idea.
Increase in taxes, increase in the cost of their expenses, even less chance of making a sale in a decadent and depressed consumption trend, and of course, each time with less resources and support that might have served them to keep surviving the devastating effects of the economic crisis.
The business of our country, the small and medium business, is diminished, and those who govern are doing everything possible to always do the opposite of what is appropriate and recommended.
The idea here is that, over time, and with each human intervention, M is learning where it went wrong, learning the subtle nuances of the queries being processed, learning, essentially, how to best respond to queries and work without people being involved at all. And it’s getting better – in a post about his experiences with M, BuzzFeed’s Alex Kantrowitz noted that it was often difficult to tell whether he was dealing with a person or a bot. Facebook has said that they envision hiring thousands of trainers, a huge team of people helping to fuel that AI engine and build M’s intelligence.
Of course, there’d be a charge for creating a customized bot, there’d be a cost for accessing Facebook’s AI – if that’s the route they go down – and developing bots on the back of their systems. And interesting to note on this, Google says interest in “near me” search queries has increased 34x since 2011 and nearly doubled in 2015 over 2014, with the vast majority of those queries (80%) coming via mobile. As with most Facebook projects these days, monetization if likely not the main aim at this stage, attention is. With LinkedIn sitting on top of 100 million users, about a quarter of which are active every month, and it could have a much faster and easier road to success. Microblogging is a given, but e-mail integration would be huge, as would connection to or support for simultaneous document editing.
Be very clear what the features are (and have them) to detect improper worker usage, inadvertent data exposure, detecting malware, and so on. This is a crucial feature if you find something interesting, mostly because the games on the site are always changing. That’s pretty darnn huge and you can imagine how much exposure just one single Tweet will have with so many people on there. You’ll get a cut of any sale you direct to them with your link inside Tweets if the user decides to buy. Plus even if we did, we definitely won’t want to store the products in our homes, there’s just no room!
You promote other people’s products on your website and redirect them to the company who is selling the product through a special link that identifies that you referred them. Think about it, when you’re looking to buy something you usually do a bit of research online to see how good it is or see if you can find a better deal. However, if you follow 1,000 people and have 5,000 followers that looks like you are genuinely popular. You are essentially helping them advertise their company by holding the contest so in return they may give you money, store credit, a new phone, or whatever the deal may be. If you are good with Twitter and know what people are searching for and what’s popular, you can take advantage of that and create YouTube videos about those and then Tweeting about it.
Although I’ve shown you a few ways you can use Twitter to make money, the best way to make money online in my opinion is having your own website. For example, celebrities just post their breakfast and they get tons of Likes for no good reason other than the fact that they are popular and have a large following. There’s a lot of scams out there so I’m showing people sure fire ways that work!
The boxes and arrows on the org chart barely scratch the surface of what’s going on within most companies. But despite its great potential and not forgetting those aspects that can help both internet and social networks themselves, Do you still believe that they will be enough to save a business? Because Messenger bots have the potential to change the way a great many brands do business – sure, we’ve had automated messaging products before, but Messenger bots are different, more advanced, more personalized. But the larger plan for Facebook may be simply to get businesses more reliant on their platforms. Of course, being able to pay to rank higher in such searches opens the system up to exploitation, as Google’s found previously, but there may be a way to monetize interest and get businesses to pay for more exposure. The games that appear are randomized, but they’re typically flash-based and have a simple set of controls that are easy to pick up on after a few tries.
If you find something you like, it may be a long time before it ever appears via the site’s randomizer again. Add a link to the product on your website so they can have more detailed information on it as well as a means to purchase the product.
And if we had to deal with packaging them up, printing shipping labels, and paying to ship them, and dealing with customers, oh my, that’s A LOT of work! If you’re serious about making money and willing to put some time and effort into growing your own online business, I suggest you read my Getting Started page where I introduce you to a program that works! Since we aren’t celebrities, what we can do instead is get a large following and if we want to post a picture of our breakfast we can add an affiliate link to the product. Make sure they really are talking about what you’re trying to promote instead of using that keyword as something totally unrelated. That’s fine, though — the site has a great mix of games with different design styles and functionality. No one will buy anything that they aren’t sure about so having a website that describes in more detail about what you are promoting will greatly increase the chances of them buying.
Remember, you won’t just be promoting a single product so there will be more chances of getting a sale. Let’s say you were eating Cherios, you can add an Amazon link to a box of Cherios in your Tweet and you can make money! I believe that’s why it’s been so popular because normal people like you and me can do this and can make good money!
If you’re bored, or just want to check out some interesting games online, you could spend hours on
It’s super easy to do and you don’t even need to have prior knowledge on how to build one!
You are looking at web pages that explain about the product and usually has a link to where you can buy the product right? Of course there are better ways catch people’s attention and make money than posting your breakfast. Over time, when you have a bigger following and you Tweet or Re-Tweet something there’s a bigger chance of it getting liked or Re-Tweeted.

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