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I was still working full time in sales at a shitty Safety Supply Company and I started getting sick. I started researching, what could I do to help our family and I came upon different articles on how to earn money from home.
I applied to like 10 jobs within the first hour I was on there and I got a message back and started right away. With that said, I have done pretty much everything in the sun on top of using oDesk so here are some of the places I’ve researched or used. A tip I give anyone who wants to write or create extra income from home is to create a blog of  your own.
On places like oDesk and eLance, there are so many different positions, I mean, there is such a huge variety of what you can do.
I was fortunate enough to help one of my best friends find a few virtual assistant (VA) jobs. As you start getting more work, views and bringing in income (even as a VA) eventually you might need help to. We used this around Christmas time because people are looking for awesome gifts and because we make great money. All it takes is a little time researching and finding out some of the bigger current and old names in sports to do something like this. Some of the stuff Chad and I have bought have a huge return on them, so this is such a good idea. There are literally hundreds of ways you can earn money in this category, but I’m only going to keep it to a few. Minds Pay – This is great for you if you love giving your opinion and getting paid for it.
Smart Passive Income  – This is the blog that introduced me to the world of blogging and all the possibilities you have.
There are literally hundreds of other amazing stories and advice out there for this very topic. I’ve worked with companies like LiveOps and Arise (for Arise, you have to incorporate yourself) and other places.
Not just that, but I have a whole Pinterest board about Ways To Earn Money From Home.  Come on over and take a peek! And if you know anyone who is looking for different, out of the box ways to make money at home, please share this article with them! I’ve come to the conclusion that the most challenging aspect of being an entrepreneur is managing my internal freak-outs. Times like this bring up all of my stuff…unhealed stuff…parts of me that I wish didn’t exist. What’s different now is that I’m learning to listen to these parts, and what they have to say and I’m learning to love them.  Easy to say.
I’ve always wanted someone in my life that would love all parts of me, even the difficult or hard-to-love parts. I decided to make this song the love song that I would sing to myself, the song that would exemplify my personal acceptance of myself.
Not surprising, as soon as I made a shift from resistance into love, all kinds of new things opened up in my business.
Not just pukey sick, but I passed out at work and ended up at the hospital sick so something happen to change. My mom told me I was the only person she knew who went in for 3 interviews on the same day and got all 3 jobs on the spot.

On oDesk, I’ve been a Customer Service Rep, Project Manager, Social Media Manager and more.
From Amazon reviews to email writing to graphic design and everything in between.  Definitely take a look at both of them. Companies love knowing what their consumers think, so they create surveys and questionnaires. There are literally thousands of ways to earn money outside of MLMs and Direct Sales companies.
Even my fiance has this mindset of get rich quick and there’s no way in hell that would happen with any of these overnight. Some of the bloggers I showed you about make 10 – 20k a month, which is AMAZING and possible. I’d love to connect with you, come follow us on Facebook for more blogs on working from home, recipes and everything in between.
I would do everything I could to make these parts shut up, and go away (a tactic that didn’t work very well). I can stand by myself and not run away when the going gets hard, and when I’m not reacting the way I would like to the circumstances of my life. The week following was one of my best weeks ever, in terms of new clients, opportunities and revenue. So Chad and I went from him making 28,000 a year and me making 40k a year plus commission down to his one income. On top of that, there are many companies, blogs, etc that need people to help them keep fresh content on their blogs. People sell shirts, bracelets, crafts, digital planners, regular planners and so much more. Last Christmas, I got $55 back from doing shopping online that I was going to be buying online anyway. You get to connect with me, my family, my feelings and thoughts and I get to do the same with you. He is such a genuine guy and I am just grateful that I was introduced to a different type of living than the norm, 9 – 5. I also work with home business owners to build their business online, so I am a huge fan of using your blog for coaching.
There wasn’t one thing that sent me over the edge, but several smaller things combined to create the perfect internal storm.
I’ve always had a fair amount of shame associated with these “negative” parts of me or the negative emotions I feel. What could I possibly do to help provide for my family and make sure I had access to my own toilet?
And what you don’t know is that my cravings for my first born were pickles and Olive Garden.
I’ve used oDesk quite a bit because it guarantees payment as long as you are hourly and I get paid every Wednesday.
One time I switched stations in a “what is it with this song?” exasperation, and there it was playing on the station I changed to.
He would go find some amazing sports jerseys or shoes and get them for $4 or $5 and for some of them we resold them for $50-$60.

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