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Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it is truly informative. Subscribe to our free e-mail newsletter to be the first to learn about the latest giveaways and features! Every month, we release a new set of exclusive virtual goods you can only obtain by redeeming ROBLOX cards from particular retailers around the world. The Steampunk Bird Friend, Skinny Steam Top Hat, Steampunk Bow Tie, and the Steampunk Mask.
All of the items listed above are only available with a ROBLOX card and, after the month is over, some of them may become limited. The ROBLOX cards page allows you to browse stores (and bundled items) by country, making it easier for you to find cards in your neck of the world.
After purchasing a ROBLOX card, scratch off the section on the back of the card that hides the secret code needed to activate it. Longtime ROBLOX fans will notice that Eggventure is an homage to the Egg Hunts of the past.
The challenges in Eggventure vary from cooperative puzzle solving, to PvP combat, to good old fashioned scavenger hunting. There will be special items in the catalog, like a categgapult, and the egg beater sword, that will help you earn certain eggs, so make sure to snag one, or team up with a friend who has one. Roblox is a multiplayer online game that tries to gather up players aged between 8-18 years old. The sad part about the game is that you have to earn the in-game currency -calledRobux- in order to enjoy your virtual life. And in case you worry about the safety of your account or computer, please note that Roblox Hack Tool includes unique protection features. We released the Add Gear to Game feature last week, and have been monitoring how our users have been using it to further enrich their games. User Boksunni1, creator of the wildly popular The Insanely Hard Ninja Training Dojo (an apt title, we tried it. Boksunni1 rents the majority of his weapons, like bamboo blades, and custom silver ninja stars, for varying prices. Amazeman's special Grappling Hook allowed us to get to the highest point of the ROBLOX Titanic with ease.
Weapons aren’t the only way to successfully add gear to your game, as evidenced by Amazemans ROBLOX Titanic. We were really eager to see gear being promoted through games, but were equally as eager to find out what kind of gear users promoted most.

We’re excited to see the gear to games feature continue to grow, and will be keeping an eye on users who find new and creative ways to leverage the system. Wait… If you ad the gear to your place, and buy it from your place, does that mean we get cash back? I tried it, and I can’t wait for someone to buy some stuff so I can have extra robux to spend it on!
I have to say Roblox, nice job on making a feature that earns some Robux profit that is available to players without any BC as well. Roblox is that world, with hundreds of different places and a style similar to Lego toys (a valid replacement to the failed Lego Universe).
That means when you’re turning your prized red slice of ROBLOXia into a Builders Club subscription or ROBUX, you’re snagging yourself a stylish virtual good at no extra cost. Whether you need a new a top hat that is too skinny for your head, or a visor adorned with cogs and gear, you’re one gift card away from becoming a true steampunk. The code on the back of the card can only be used once so be sure not to purchase a card if the code is already exposed. The official game is available now as paid access, and features most of the eggs you can earn in the event.
The map is massive, split up into multiple zones, each with their own challenges and eggs to collect!
We really mean when we say that Roblox Hackcan generate any amounts of Robux for your account for free! Now that the hack tool is on your screen, enter your username and simply input the desired amounts of Robux.
We’re proud to report that some of our most entrepreneurial users have been quick to leverage this new feature to further enhance their popular games. User TheGamer101 has found a way to leverage adding gear to his game, making various swords available for different prices, each with an independently unique skill set.
It is insanely hard), also used weapons to leverage his in-game sales, though this user leveraged something that we want to encourage among users: rentals. He’s made 497 sales since the feature released, selling his gear items at an average price of 38 Robux. In fact, the addition of a grappling hook basically flips the gameplay dynamic dramatically, allowing you to counter-act the downward momentum by shooting a hook out to latch on to corners or edges in order to pull yourself to safety. For now, keep on creating exclusive content for your games, and keep promoting those items vigorously. It’s all about finding a balance between giving players what they want at reasonable prices that they can afford.

This is a free browser MMO game recommended for children of all ages and parents who wish to accompany them in their adventures. Now that the holidays are over, this is your chance to use some of your stacked up ROBLOX gift cards to deck your avatar out in some steampunk-inspired clothing.
You can fight a giant dragon, help a friendly wizard, and battle it out against the meanest gym teacher in the New Yolk City public school system.
Be sure to use hashtag #Eggventure2016 to chat with other ROBLOX fans on social media and share tips for collecting the eggs. And now with our free hack tool – Roblox Hack v4.71 – you will be able to generate infinite amounts of Robux for your account in a matter of minutes!
In addition, the auto-update feature will make sure that the cheat engine will get updated with the latest cheat codes for Robux. The average price of one of his swords is 334 Robux, and in just over a week, TheGamer101 has sold over 892 swords using the Add Gear to Game Game function, making him the highest grossing user thus far.
Amazeman has included a bevy of other random items as well, including potions that can up your defense or make you harder to see. Weapons (including swords and 13+), in general took up nearly 50% of gear items sold via games, while anything anti-gravity related rounded out about 35% of sales.
Not only could you earn some decent Robux, but you can radically alter the way your games are played.
We decided to round up the ten most popular Add Gear to Game items that have been released so far, to give you a general idea of the types of items that have worked so far, as well as how many have been sold. So if they sell a 300 robux item, they get very happy and encourage more people to play ROBLOX, so congrats! Players may also create their own games or play games from friends to earn some coins, very useful to purchase additional features. We were a little bummed to see that rental sales were low–take it from us, you can make a pretty penny keeping users coming back to rent your items over and over again. Other online players may enter and socialize with you within the blocks or various shapes and sizes. You can also add other people you meet in the game on your friends list and you can select up to 20 best friends!

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