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NBC abandoned its Saturday morning cartoon lineup in 1992, replacing it with a Saturday morning edition of Today and adding an all live-action teen-oriented block, TNBC, which featured Saved by the Bell, California Dreams and other teen comedies. As a child, I spent countless hours mesmerized by the world of fantasy and imagination in the cartoons that I watched.
They filled my mind with wonder and motivation, and basically made me believe that anything was possible. From the magical world of Disney entertainment comes the all new hilarious season of Kickin’ It. Kickn it is my no 1 favorite show on Disney xD to be honest I I could watch every episode the whole day without blinking an eye . For the first time in over 50 years, there will be no saturday morning cartoons on any broadcasting television station. I understand that with the times, come change, but I can’t help but feel like I have died, just a little bit inside. The next generation will really not have the same type of connection to cartoons that the last five or six have had. The show stars Jason Earles (Hannah Montana) as Sensei Rudy and Leo Howard (Leo’s Little Big Show) along with newcomers Olivia Holt, Dylan Riley Snyder, Alex Jones and Mateo Arias as his scrappy and uproarious students.
If you have always wondered what it would be like to be a star on one of the most watched shows on TV, wonder no more.

I grew up watching Disney I love their shows and all and when I was in elementary school all I did was join the drama club. I hope to be chosen my motto is never give up and always dream cause one day that dream will come true . There will not be any children, allowing their parents to sleep, grabbing their favorite sugar filled cereal and rushing to the broadcast television channels for their favorite animated series.
Saturday morning cartoons are something that generations, no matter how diverse, could relate to each other through. To help their affiliates comply with the regulations, broadcast networks began to reorganize their efforts to adhere to the mandates, so their affiliates would not bear the burden of scheduling the shows themselves on their own time thus eliminating the risk of having network product preempted by the mandates. CBS followed NBC’s example in the late 1990s by producing CBS News Saturday Morning for the first two hours of its lineup and an all live-action block of children’s programming.
I grew up rushing to the tube, milk and cereal sloshing around in the bowl (sorry mom if I made a mess), to catch my favorite shows. We used to run around the house pretending to fly like Superman, in makeshift capes that mom sewed, played Ghostbusters with cardboard tube-proton packs in the front yard for hours, and had to have every He-Man action figure, because getting Moss-Man wasn’t as good as getting Battle-Damaged He-Man. I wish that there was a way to really end this on a high note, but the reality is that this is an obituary.
In the Kickin’ It world the students get involved in fantastic comic situations and ultimately learn about friendship and overcoming adversity with each others help.

This almost always meant that the educational programming was placed during the Saturday morning cartoon block.
The experiment lasted a few months, and CBS brought back its animated CBS Storybreak series.
Gummi Bears, Dungeons & Dragons, The Snorks, Monchhichis, The Get Along Gang, Voltron and The Real Ghostbusters were all some of my favorites.
This is the Disney XD channels highest rated live action program with an extremely loyal fan base, a fan base that is always hungry for a new face to interact with the shows lovable stars – that new face may just be yours!
In 2004, ABC was the last of the broadcast networks to add a Saturday morning edition of its morning news program (in their case, Good Morning America Weekend) in the first hour of its lineup, mainly due to affiliate criticism of the lack of network coverage for the February 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia disaster which occurred on a Saturday morning, forcing them to take coverage from other video wire services. Casting calls will be coming up soon so leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting details.
Prior to that, and particularly in the early 1990s, it was not uncommon for affiliates to preempt part or all of ABC’s cartoon lineup with local programming.

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