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Macau is located on the Pearl River Delta in southern People’s Republic of China , facing the financial capital of Hong Kong . In 1557, the Chinese imperial court gave the current area of Macao to Portugal to honor the Portuguese for their support in the fight with pirates. Unlike a trip to the People’s Republic of China require citizens from Germany, Austria and Switzerland without a visa for entry to Macau, where they remain ninety days or less. From the economic rise of the economically strongest region in China, Macau has benefited, but get a more original character.
The first European sales office in China for so long before ensteht the neighboring Hong Kong falls to England.
The scene seems at times to Mediterranean, not least because of the partial very old buildings and the many scooters. A one-month visa extension may, at the immigration office in Macao Chamber of Commerce Builing be requested.

When should approach or when approaching a ferry will be handed out entry forms, specify its data in which the traveler must be completed and placed in his passport. With only 8.9 square miles of the peninsula is so small that you can cover many routes on foot, if you can do without a comfortable taxi or bus.
Accommodation can be quite easy to book the ferry, where there is even the best prices. Who likes to go on your own on the search will surely find happiness. It should however be no major problems should disappear if this form, except that it be filled a second time is to be reckoned with considerable delay.
Articles of personal use may be an appropriate amount (200 cigarettes, 1 liter of spirits) introduced currency in unlimited amounts.

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