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You can get on your knees and beg the big master not to cut your string, but there is no guarantee.
We are living in an era were we are changing our perspective from third person to the drivers seat. In order to interpret dreams in which you are cooking, you’ve got to find out what you are actually making to get a deeper insight into your dream. If you see yourself cooking something sweet in your dream, you are surely going to be blessed with something good in your life. If you see yourself cooking something that is creepy or ugly, it is an indication of Karmas. It may also mean that you are doing something terribly wrong, which is not going to flourish well.
Cooking represents creativity, development of new values, helping someone, new ideas, new projects or opportunities and even new ways to earn money.

In your dream, if you feed someone after cooking a dish, it represents your nature and caring attitude towards that person in your waking life. Flying in the dream is known from ancient times when no one even did not suspect that sometime there will be an airplane invented.
He has a masterplan, and if you play by his rules you can play a glorious part filled with abundance and happiness. We all innately know were we want to go in relation to any subject our attention is focused upon. It may mean that the efforts you are putting into something are going to be rewarded with time. It is necessary for you to see what exactly you are cooking in your dream so that you can relate it with your waking life. The aim of our project is the ability to open the door for you to a new world full of mysteries and secrets.

Our emotions will tell us at any point in time where we are in relationship to where we want to be. No, you don’t get to be the master of puppets as you do not control anyone but yourself.
But you can make driving a really pleasant experience by relaxing and enjoying the journey not rushing your way to whatever goal you have set. It’s a never ending journey, and if you think you have reached you goal, you already enter the next in your navigation system.

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