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You need to keep a very narrow focus so you can be the authority within that niche.Creating an Editorial CalendarOnce you decide on your niche, take the time to create an editorial calendar to break down the different types of articles you will be creating for your site.

Nearly all generic words and names are already taken, so you are going to need to get a bit creative.
Such factors include knowing how to write content that puts an audience into action mode, having the trust and loyalty of your audience and knowing how to monetize your site traffic.However, all is not lost.
Not only do you need to have a personal account on all of these sites, but you should create one for your blog as well. By having your blog setup with all of the social networks, you can start growing your fan base, subscribers and branding all at the same time.Setting Up a Mailing ListThere is no better way to grow your audience and readership over time, than to create a mailing list.

The sad thing is that over 70% of the people who visit your site for the first time… well, they are never coming back.

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