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The trick with funny Facebook statuses, as with humor in general, is to comment on life, news, sports and everything else in the world with a twist to pull a smile onto the face of anyone. Marriage is like going to a restaurant and ordering your choice from the menu and then looking at the neighboring table and wishing you’d ordered that. That awkward moment when someone is doing dishes and you slowly put another dish in the sink. I would rather try to carry 10 plastic grocery bags in each hand than take 2 trips to bring my groceries in. America is a country where half the money is spent buying food and the other half is spent trying to lose weight. Of course, there are scads more funny status updates out there and you should always feel free to add your own! The biggest money suck on a smartphone is using its data; this can cause many people to hesitate wanting to buy one.
The only data you will ever use should be upon activation and like the rest of us you will need to include a data plan as a part of your overall mobile plan, with that said, be sure to get the cheapest or a shared data plan that is available via your network. Once you have the phone activated the very first thing you want to do is turn off your data, location will vary depending on which phone you have, and then choose to use Wi-Fi only. Since you already have an Internet connection at home you have the ability to use the Wi-Fi you are using on your other devices or if you haven’t yet, you can now. The truth is, almost everywhere you go now you have free access to Wi-Fi, Starbucks, McDonalds, Malls, Wal-Mart and the list goes on, and therefore you truly do no need to use your data. These are all part of the reason we got a Smartphone in the first place, however, you do not need to become broke to have one and you do not always need to use your data, just enable the next Wi-Fi spot on your phone and it will remember it the next time you are there.
Be sure to also always check apps you download and click the “Wi-Fi only” box so you can access it easily. So turn off that expensive data, stop worrying about how much you are using and instead live the freedom of Wi-Fi only when using your Smartphone. Creator and head editor of Socialeyezer She enjoys finding the latest in social media, tech and geek culture. Before you drop all of those special channels you love, just to save a few bucks, try a few of these handy tips for cable discounts. When you first sign up with your provider you can ask about some special discounts that may be available to you. Sometimes the discounts you can get are rather small, but they can add up over time, and in a few cases, you can stack the discounts with other deals. A lot of large companies and government organizations can get discounts or special packages through local providers. Some cities and local governments require that service providers provide cable discounts for local seniors. Sometimes you just need to be a senior to get a discount, other times, you need to be a member of AARP.
If you have gone through everything you can think of, there are still a few ways you can reduce your cable TV rates.
The equipment that we use with our Cable TV or Satellite TV service usually comes with a fee.
For some equipment, such as routers, modems or even DVRs, you might get a better deal by purchasing it from a store rather than renting it from your provider.
Unfortunately, most people pay it without complaint and few are willing to go to the hassle of changing to a new provider.
Call your company and let them know you are unhappy with your current prices and are shopping around.

There is no magic formula to finding cable discounts, but sometimes digging is half the fun. Digital Landing is the trusted destination for simplifying and empowering your connected life.
Don't worry - we will not rent, trade, or release your information to any third party for any reason - ever.
The best comedians know that comedy comes from a surprise twist, a comment on something everyone knows about and a twisted look at the way the world is!
Remember: a spin on something common to life, a funny twist or a new way to look at the world and you’ll be off and running. You may need to find out the code if you don’t remember your password and this is only needed if you have a secure Internet. Data is what will cost you the most money, especially if you go over and this often occurs due to creating a playlist of music, taking pictures and sharing them and even more so, watching YouTube videos.
Erin has a keen understanding of the power of Social Media for business and fervently stays up-to-date.
You might find that you can get some decent discounts on Cable TV without giving anything up.
AAA helps its members receive discounts for everything from vacations packages to cable service. Drop by your student union office and ask if they have arranged for special student discounts with any local providers. While it may be limited to basic service, it’s worth checking with your company to see if you can take advantage of it. Media services spend a great deal of money on acquiring new customers, which is why the discounts offered are so sweet.
Media companies make their money off of customer retention, so if you find that you are no longer bound to your service by a contract, it pays to haggle.
Start the conversation by saying that you are lowering your expenses and you saw a special offer from a competitor. We provide relevant and reliable information for consumers shopping for digital home services, like TV, Internet, Phone and Home Security. There may be times when I have testimonials that are quite long and I want to make sure that they all have eqa-distance from one and other. Funny Facebook statuses allow you your moment of comedy and allow you to showcase how you feel about the world without revealing a lot of personal information about yourself.
Cable bills are one of our biggest expenses, but even these are no exception when it comes to savings. Deals vary by region, but many regions have some sort of offer that you may be able to use.
It’s not uncommon to find special packages being offered to college students at a discounted rate. Check on their website to see if there are any cable deals, or simply call your cable provider and ask. Even if you can’t get your bill reduced, some of the charity organizations have an arrangement that a certain percentage of your bill can be donated.
Ask your provider if there are discounts they can help you find for your cable box, DVR or dish. They make their money off of you later, at the end of the contract when they raise their prices.
April is a gear head and a geek that loves tinkering with cars and computers; but strangely the two never meet as she likes to keep her 1940 Oldsmobile in its all original state and her computer updated and running sweet.

Many parents are concerned whether specific fighting games are really appropriate for the whole family. With fighting games, people are able to associate or identify themselves with specific characters in the game.
When you renew your AAA membership, ask your representative what cable deals they can help with in your area. It never hurts to see what they might offer you, so start throwing some affiliations at your cable provider and see what they give you. You might even find that if you forgo some of their equipment you can drop a chunk off your monthly bill.
Check what the long-term contract attached to the discount is and what the cancellation fee would be. You may find yourself walking away from that conversation with a big savings package for several months.
However, we should still be able to deliver games that are safe for the whole family to enjoy.
It’s worthwhile to download any kind of fighting games, if our Internet connection is fast.
While obviously you want to put your own spin on life and the meanings therein, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites to get you started on your way to Facebook comedic genius! The price will go up when the special offer runs out, so you should know how much the service will cost once the discounts are gone and decide if the special offer makes sense for you. However, we could also find demo versions of the games that can provide us with limited enjoyment. They know how to improve their fighting methods, if they consistently lose against an opponent.
Sometimes, when you add up the entire contract term, you still find yourself with decent savings. This will require the use of Internet, both for downloading the game and interacting with other players.
This is certainly a good thing to do, if we want to gain additional results from our fighting games.
In this case, we should make sure that we are able to get the most from our money by choosing games that can bring us the most benefits.
If we like the shorter version of the game, we could find that the full version of the game is exciting enough.
This should be a good thing that we can achieve whenever possible, because we should make sure that the game we purchase could provide us with the maximum amount of entertainment values.
We should also be able to gain excellent opportunities when playing these games and we will be able to fully enjoy them.
This is something that we should try to achieve and this important factor can’t be stressed strongly enough. Because there is a wide variety of fighting games, we should choose the one that matches our preferences. As an example, some fighting games could have different themes, such as medieval battles or sword fighting. With or without Internet connections, we should be able to play these titles from the comfort of our home, at any time of the day.

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