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Every customer hates the feeling of being pressured into buying something – you can hear the urgent neediness in a sales person’s voice when they’re desperately trying to close a deal, whether or not you’re receptive to the offer. Your challenge as a sales leader is to help your sales team avoid driving away customers with this kind of neediness by reducing their sales stress.
To reduce your sales stress, you need to focus on all the activities that lead up to closing a deal, and build a strong pipeline that protects you against the loss of a big account or the last-minute collapse of a promising deal.
If your sales team is busy managing existing accounts and closing deals with repeat customers, it can be hard to persuade them to spend more time on prospecting. Being a sales person is like being a juggler – you have to keep multiple balls in the air at the same time; keeping your existing clients happy while also introducing a steady amount of new business prospects into your daily mix of activities. Breaking up your prospecting into a daily repeatable routine helps reduce sales stress by lowering the stakes for every prospecting call.
Instead of procrastinating and suddenly having to make a long list of high-stakes prospecting calls, daily prospecting helps you build a better pipeline that lowers the pressure for any individual sales call. Understand what you are hoping to accomplish with each call, whether it’s getting a sales appointment, offering a sales proposal, or finalizing a time to meet to discuss closing the deal. It’s the difference between being a kid in school who didn’t do his homework and is trying to fake his way through the final exam, and a kid who came prepared and aces the exam with confidence. Many sales people make the mistake of assuming that every so-called “qualified” sales lead is completely ready to buy. Approach your list of “qualified” sales prospects with the expectation that you’re still going to have to do some work to build relationships, uncover customer needs, and align your solution with those specific needs.
If you go into a conversation expecting to have to build relationships, you’ll be better able to handle questions and objections along the way. Many sales people make the mistake of only focusing on the highest-potential short-term sales leads because these are often more likely to buy now. Keep following up every few months with sales leads that had expressed an interest, or even the ones that initially said they were “not interested.” Circumstances can change at every company, and even a “not interested” prospect can become interested as their business needs evolve. Regular sales lead nurturing also helps reduce sales stress by making these activities part of the standard sales routine. Sales can be a stressful job, but true sales professionals find a way to take control of the situation and reduce their stress levels by doing the incremental work every day of setting appointments, following up with sales leads, and dialing the phone. If you approach the sales process as a long-term endeavor instead of a high-stakes last-minute do-or-die conversation, you can significantly reduce your sales stress and increase your sales conversion rate.
Al Davidson founded Manage Your Leads in 1989, where he helps deliver B2B lead generation and appointment setting solutions for clients around the world.
By the way, per the last point, research has shown that you should get in touch with your leads between 5 to 7 times before giving the lead up for a lost cause – sometimes people just need time to make the decision.
I agree to this 5 ways, However I think if we give a best service to our customer and ask for a sale.
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Stress is a sign of life and you can’t get rid of it, but Qigong is a powerful tool that can help you to avoid being overwhelmed by it. There is no denying the fact that the world is experiencing a number of major challenges – economic, environmental and ecological.
The result is that an increasing number of us find ourselves having to manage elevated levels of stress on a daily basis.
I first became aware of the harmful effects of stress many years ago when I was training for my advanced diploma in counselling.
From deep within your brain, a chemical signal speeds stress hormones through the blood stream, priming your body to be alert and escape from danger. As the stress hormones fill your body, do you leap over your boss’s desk and tear him limb from limb? The problem we face today is that instead of only feeling stress when a real life or death situation is happening, we feel stress about events that are completely out of our control, about events that haven’t even happened yet and even about events that may never come to pass.
Many of us constantly stress about financial problems, personal relationships, job performance and the future. The result is that the hormonal signals that turn off the stress response never arrive and the toxic stress cocktail stays in our bloodstream, tissues and organs. 1) Cortisol – one of the stress hormones – at continued high levels increases the appetite, which in turn leads to increased weight.

2) By restricting the release of stomach acid, stress hormones are responsible for many digestive problems. 3) Stress has a negative affect on the sexual reproductive system – interfering with the production of the sex hormones testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. 4) Continued exposure to stress weakens the immune system, which lowers your resistance to coughs, colds, infections and fatigue. Hallmarks of this form of depression are anxiety, loss of appetite, loss of sex drive, rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. A recent study showed that chronic pain (often related to stress) is experienced by 100 million Americans, at a cost of around $600 billion a year in medical treatments and lost productivity – according to a report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM June 2011). The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work reported that over half of the 550 million working days lost annually in the U.S.
Qigong has been shown to be a powerful antidote to the effects of stress and can even help increase our resistance to stress.
William Harvey is famous for having accurately described how blood circulates around the body. Hua Tuo (208 – 118 BC) – a physician – was probably the first person known in the world to apply anaesthesia in surgery, about 2,000 years ahead of the West. The Chinese were the first to produce a governmental pharmacopeia, commissioned by the Tang government – in 657 – more than 800 years before the Florentine Nuovo Receptaris, which was the first Western pharmacopeia. In ophthalmology, more than a 1,000 years ago, the Chinese had already performed successful operations on the eyes to extract excessive fluid. The Tang government established the Imperial School of Medicine, which preceded the first medical school in the West (in Salerno, Italy) by 200 years. So just how does Qigong counteract the destructive effects of high cortisol levels in the blood stream?
Because your physical, emotional and mental health is the result of harmonious energy flow, anything that affects this harmonious flow will impact your whole experience of life. Decreased stroke and mortality rates – in a study of hypertensive patients, the mortality rate in the Qigong group was nearly half of the group who did not practice Qigong.
Stabilised blood pressure – over a 20-year period, the blood pressure of the Qigong group stabilized, whereas that of the control group increased. Increased blood flow to the brain – Sancier referenced two studies that showed how Qigong increases blood flow to the brain. Increased alpha brain waves – alpha brain waves are the key to stress relief, health, vitality and longevity. The main conclusion from many studies is that Qigong enables the body to heal itself – Kenneth M. Entering a Qigong State of Mind – you learn how to attain a higher state of consciousness, demonstrated by being relaxed and focused. Energy Flow – more poetically known as Flowing Breeze, Swaying Willows This happens when you are totally relaxed and your energy (Qi) flow inside makes your body sway gently.
Standing Meditation – many people in the West today mistakenly believe that the only way to meditate effectively is in the seated Lotus position. The National Institute of Health reports that regular meditation can reduce chronic pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, cholesterol, substance abuse, posttraumatic stress response and blood levels of stress hormones.
Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine reported that meditation relieved stress, reduced rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, reduced cardiovascular risk factors, decreased psychological distress, and improved sleep patterns. Studies at University of Toronto, Oxford University and Cambridge University found that 66% of those recovering from depression, who also meditated, remained stable (without relapse) over a year.
Dr Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School found that mediation releases tension, creates the willpower and consciousness to be in control of one’s life, and alleviates depression, loneliness, hopelessness and despair.
Dr Adrian White of the University of Exeter reported that meditators showed increased activity in the frontal lobe of the brain, which is associated with lower anxiety and a more positive emotional state. Every time you practice Qigong you are also practicing (and getting the benefits of) meditation, but as Sancier suggests, Qigong is so much more than meditation. This is one reason why long term Qigong practitioners are largely unaffected by stressful situations. Learning how to calm the mind is scientifically proven to help you reduce stress, anxiety and worry. The world does not change when you learn Qigong – things will still happen to you that you’d rather didn’t – and sometimes people will still behave towards you in ways you don’t deserve.
No, the world doesn’t change after practicing Qigong, something even better happens – you change for the better.
Learn to use them and you will be happy, healthy, feel vitalized, find eloquence and perform better at everything you choose to focus on, just as certainly as the force of gravity holds you to the earth.
When I first encountered the research in this article about the effects of Qigong and meditation on stress and stress-induced physical and emotional problems, I knew it was important that I share the findings.

You see, most people will never know that they can learn how to be happy, healthy and full of vitality and that it is no more difficult than learning how to brush your teeth.
There is a saying that ‘into every life a little rain must fall‘ – think of Qigong as your giant golfing umbrella! But the truth is, unless your sales people are regularly meeting with new business prospects, they are vulnerable to suddenly having the rug swept out from under them when their “busy” times come to a stop. By always maintaining a pipeline of new sales opportunities on the horizon, your sales team can stay busier, happier and more profitable. If you know that you always have multiple opportunities on the horizon, you’ll be less likely to “overdo it” in pursuing any of your current prospects.
If prospecting is something you do every day, automatically, it becomes a low-stress, low-pressure activity – just part of your regular routine; nothing to get worked up about. Being prepared will reduce your sales stress because you will feel more in control of the situation, ready for any questions or objections that the prospect might raise.
Unfortunately, different sales prospects have different standards of “ready to buy.” Some prospects might have indicated an interest in your solution just as a way of getting off the phone with whoever was making the lead generation calls.
Managing your assumptions helps reduce your sales stress because it makes it easier to go with the flow. But as part of building a strong sales pipeline, you also need to nurture your long-term sales leads. Keeping up the daily, weekly and monthly routines of following up with sales leads can reduce your sales stress by uncovering unexpected opportunities, even from sales leads that your competitors might have overlooked.
Instead of a high-stakes, high-pressure, do-or-die sales pitch, your conversations can take on more of a friendly air of a trusted industry peer and colleague just checking in. Which conversation would you most like to be part of?
Under his leadership, the company has generated over 7 million sales leads, resulting in millions of dollars to his clients. Of course, getting in touch does NOT mean spamming – you have to tread a fine line there. Effective listening to your customer and then presenting your product or service in a manor that solves that need or problem is what drives repeat sales. Stress can help you to focus, to exceed your own expectations – it can be a push to improve your life.
When an ancestor heard the roar and the rushing of another animal through the bushes towards him, stress hormones filled his body and he was ready to fight to the death or do whatever was necessary to escape the threat on his life. Most Qigong consists of gentle external movements, coordinated with the breath and performed in a meditative state of mind.
Regardless of the physical, emotional or mental symptoms, it comes down to a lack of harmonious energy flow through the energy channels (meridians) of your body. The improvement from Qigong practice included feeling more relaxed, more comfortable, better sleep and being more optimistic.
This skill alone allows you to relax physically, emotionally and mentally like never before.
For beginners, the physical discomfort commonly experienced in this position makes it difficult to achieve mental stillness. Scientific laws govern whether you are healthy or ill, energized or tired, articulate or confused, happy or sad – and they are just as exact as those that govern our universe.
She needs a life!” “My husband’s put on 30 Kgs in the last year and I hardly ever see him, he’s so busy at work. When a sales person feels like every customer is a make-or-break moment, they’re going to act accordingly.
It takes the pressure off to know that even if one promising prospect doesn’t pan out, you still have many other people waiting to hear from you.
Even if you only have time for 30 minutes of calls, make sure you dial them. Depending on your sales conversion rates, a certain number of dials will lead to a certain number of appointments, which leads to a certain number of sales – but you can’t get the sales without making the dials.
Know why you are calling, know who you will be talking to, and know what you want to say to them. Other prospects might be interested in getting more information from you, but are not yet actively in the market for your solution.
Standing meditation allows you to access the benefits of meditation quickly and effectively.
I’m really worried!”“With all the technology and social media I’m hooked into it’s hard to find any time to just think and plan!”“I’m losing business fast.
More importantly, be prepared to listen attentively to the prospect and uncover additional needs based on what the prospect is saying.

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