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A few years ago, I learned about a great local organization called Canines for Service and their efforts to provide service dogs for the disabled. Canines for Service (CFS) is a Wilmington area non-profit that provides skilled service dogs to people with disabilities to help them achieve more independence. Please help me raise money for Canines for Service so that a much-deserving person can finally receive their service dog and the pleasure of independence!
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I was moved by their dedication and sacrifice, and have been wanting to organize some kind of fundraiser for them.

The organization personally selects and trains the dogs according to the recipient’s needs, and are the only accredited service dog organization based in North Carolina. The dogs are taught over 90 commands, including simple obedience, object retrieval, and opening doors.
So, today I’m pledging 25% of the proceeds from my book sales for October and November to Canines for Service.
Since its establishment in 1996, it has expanded into other states, added Canines for Therapy and Canines for Literacy to its family, and provided over 65 services dogs. Once they’ve completed their fostering and training (1-3 years), they then go through a team training, which helps the dog and recipient learn to work together.

Sadly, there is a long wait list for people needing service dogs and CFS needs continued support to provide them.
You can learn more about it at the Canines for Service website and see lots of great photos on their Facebook page.

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