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CALGARY, Alberta – Engineers are not known for being the most exciting people on the planet.
It was at this point in the conversation that Tisa’s head hit the corner of her desk as she collapsed into instantaneous REM sleep. Company emergency medical assitance was dispatched to Miss Woody’s office, and after helping her come to and running a number of cognitive tests, it was determined that she was fine, and the blackout was caused by what they termed as Excessive Boredom Sydrome (or EBS), a condition that is commonly found in people who are being enlightened by an engineer. Subscribe to Lady Docs Corner Cafe and you will be notified each time a new article is submitted. Following passenger complaints of high fare, Auckland Airport will now regularly undertake mystery passenger audits of taxi pick-ups from the airport, says Richard Barker, Auckland Airport’s spokesman. Richard has however denied claims that taxis in Auckland are overcharging for the airport fare. At the same time, Richard would like to see cabbies introduce new offers for customers, which could include fixed fares to the city and other key locations.
Green Cabs will charge flat fares of $65 to the city, $97 to Takapuna and $110 to Albany for airport passengers. March 29, 2007 [UPDATE 01-JULY-2007: Looks like Google has disabled the swim across the Altantic easter egg.
Note: this cross-ocean-direction thing only works with a limited number of cases for the places I tested.
About Frank TaylorFrank Taylor started the Google Earth Blog in July, 2005 shortly after Google Earth was released.
I tried going the other way from my home to a mate in the US (Great Kingshill, UK, to Williamstown, MA) and again there was a diversion through northern France.
Google Earth told me to go across to France and swim across the Altantic ocean but I need to drive at the other end down some highways, I guess I will need to drag my car behind me when I swim. When it was possible to swim from North America to Eurasia, the farthest I could do was Borzya, Chita Oblast, Russia to Overland Drive, Unalaska, AK, USA.
Awww I think they did remove it because I couldn’t get it to pull up any of the locations.

I followed the Google directions from Boston to London and didn’t even come close to getting hit by a car. We tried to use Google Maps to trace directions around the Gulf Islands of Victoria, BC, with hilarious results.
Well guys, try China to Taiwan, (this one has Swim through Pacific Ocean) and then for further fun, try China to Sydney (for a combination of Jet Ski AND Kayak).
Google did not provide the ferry route from Dover to Dunkerque such as ferries(promy) to France on the Google Maps. Mh, maybe, Google changed or deleted most of the funny ones or you can only see them within the US.
Almost everytime Google Maps says something like: We could not calculate directions between New York, NY and Paris, France. With all that said, it can’t calculate the route from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, which are only minutes away from each other. Although this may seem like extraordinary behavior for somebody listening to a colleague discuss work matters, this situation was different, for her colleague was an engineer.
I just wrote an iincredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear.
It has been a year and a half since I went on a family vacation with my father and my older brothers.
Even though David and I had been to Switzerland, Australia, Patagonia of Argentina, Southern China, and even Tanzania with Mt. He told us how, in a poor village, he and his Vietnamese friends who did not have any racquet, would wrap their hands with towels and hit the old tennis balls left by the foreigners.
I can see from this rented house and all those in this Spring Creek Resort that only the very wealthy families can afford to own vacation properties that cost millions of dollars to build, that the backdrop of these incredibly beautiful mountains can be seen from every window of the house.
Sandy and his cousins have been able to forget their gadgets and are eager to set out for another adventure everyday. It was quite entertaining for us to see a line of Japanese tourists standing on a hill aiming at a giant bison grazing the grass in front of them.

He, together with a few friends, climbed the wall of his school, not knowing that there was an electric wire submerged in the rain water and was still connected to the wall.
They were fascinated not by the brilliant colors of the wild flowers in the meadows, but by the thousand of dead trees from a forest fire in Yellowstone National Park , sparked by lightning. He is a senior journalist and corporate communications professional with close to two decades' corporate experience.
I can really see some kayaks on the two Hawaiian beaches, waiting for someone to ride them across the Pacific. The last thing Tisa Woody remembers hearing was her colleague explaining how productive he was with his new water flood surveillance workflow. I think my father was shocked to see how incredibly beautiful the Grand Tetons were, even in the night time. One morning, on the way to Jenny Lake, we stopped at one of the scenic areas along the Tetons and the children hopped out and took a 45 minutes hike up one of the smaller mountains.
Bennett, when trying to help his fallen friend, got himself entangled with the wires and was electrocuted. A note for those interested, that works out to swimming at a pace faster than the men’s world record for the 100m freestyle…for the entire 29 days! Flowman worked as a Reservoir Engineering technician working up reservoirs throughout the entire Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. They were ecstatic when they came back to the car, and my niece gave me a small bouquet of wild flowers.

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