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Remembering “Randy Rhoads” the most beloved neo-classical metal performer ever!! 10 Mistakes Every Beginner Guitarist Makes 6:59 pm By DailyMelody Beginner guitarists usually have a really hard time getting everything under their fingers. Build Yourself A Major Scale In Any Key 9:25 pm By DailyMelody The twelve notes of the chromatic scale are the building blocks of western music. When a cat purrs within a range of 20-140 Hertz, nearby humans may be therapeutically benefiting from these vibrations. Pet therapy is apparently gaining momentum in many medical communities, and according to Animal Planet’s website, there is scientific research that suggests pet owners live longer than those without pets. It seems that our own animals have the ability to relieve us of our troubles, or at least make our worries seem less important. So, if you’re trying to convince Mom and Dad to let you get a kitty, go show them this infographic and stop by your local animal shelter!
The beauty of the outside world has much to share with us, let its subtleties seep into you.

There are many ways to experience love, but if your life is like a rushing river, it will be clouded with too much movement. Hospitals around the world are using music therapy as a way to ease a patient’s pain, lower blood pressure, and reduce anxiety and depression, allowing patients to heal faster.
According to today’s infographic, our feline friends provide us with more than just emotional support. Purring has been linked to lowering stress, decreasing symptoms of Dyspnoea, lessening the chances of having a heart attack, and even strengthening bones.
The bond between pets and their owners may never be fully understood (cats in particular have always struck me as magical and mysterious–and now they have healing powers?!) but it’s nice to know having a furry confidant around can add years to our lives. Our mind takes in and processes many thoughts and ideas each day, but after an experience has entered our mind, what ends up flowing out? Often, music therapy is more cost-effective than administering medication, especially for patients with anxiety, sleep disturbances or pain.
Usually after twenty minutes of music, there are observable effects, such as singing, foot tapping, and clapping.

Studies have shown that the results of a musical therapy session last for several hours afterward.
Positive results include elevated mood, increased socialization and appetite and reduction in agitation. You may notice these feelings at any time—when sharing with a friend, while listening to a song, admiring a beautiful landscape or simply while daydreaming.
The power of music often inspires physical movement and can be used in combination to encourage gentle exercise.
Music is primal to life and expressed by each of us every day whether through dancing to a favorite tune, keeping rhythm with a pencil or remembering a special time when hearing a forgotten melody.

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