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Depression is a feeling of sadness, loss or emptiness that goes on for a long period of time, and gets in the way of the person leading their life.
It is very common to have emotional swings after a stroke – for example, laughing one minute then crying the next. Many people find that the stroke has affected their relationship with their partner, or their sexual feelings.• talk about the changes in your relationship• discuss ways to get close again• discuss any concerns you have about sex (for example, anxiety or self-consciousness)• think about different ways of having sex that allow for the problems caused by the stroke, for example different positions that you may find more comfortable• discuss your concerns with a health professional.
You may find that washing and dressing become difficult following your stroke due to paralysis, difficulty planning, visual problems, judgment and awareness. Symptoms include feeling tired, changed sleep patterns, loss of interest, loss of appetite and libido (sex drive), and gloomy or negative thoughts. In certain cases, where a specific part of the brain has been affected, emotions can get confused and the person cries when they don’t feel particularly sad, and laughs when they don’t feel particularly happy. Your speech can become slurred because the muscles used to make sounds to form words can be weak, stiff or uncoordinated which can result in poor speech control. A range of communication processes can be affected when you have a stroke and in different ways including: difficulty talking, putting thoughts into words, listening and understanding speech, reading and writing and using numbers.
Your therapist will work with you to look at alternative ways in which to complete the difficult tasks. The most common types of bladder continence problems include:• urgency – a desperate need to pass urine• frequency – needing to pass urine very often• urge incontinence – not managing to get to the toilet in time• involuntary passage of urine – passing urine without realising you have done so• loss of feeling – difficulty emptying the bladder completely• retention – not able to pass urineSome people may need a catheter to help with these problems.

This may be due to:• the muscles becoming stiff• the muscles become tight and it is difficult to straighten them out• some patients do have pain after a stroke but the exact cause is unknown.
So a stroke on the left side of your brain affects the right side of your body and a stroke on the right side of your brain affects the left side of your body. This can affect your breath control, the production of sound, the speed of speech, and the tone of your voice. Your ability to swallow safely will be assessed when you come into hospital by a member of your team.
The effect of a stroke on a person depends on which part of the brain has been affected and how much damage has been caused.
If you think you may be suffering from depression, tell a member of your team or your GP as there are treatments that can help. This is because there is a risk that food or drink may go down the wrong way getting into the windpipe and so into the lungs. This can be caused by weakness of abdominal and pelvic muscles caused by lying for long periods, not eating or drinking as much as usual or some medications.
After you have had a stroke, it is important that you learn to position and move your limbs correctly. Constipation can also lead to leakage of faeces and make emptying your bladder worse when hard stools press on the bladder.

Techniques including shoulder care of the affected side are important to help reduce, prevent and manage pain.
Other issues which you may find after a stroke are:• medication – you may already be taking medication before your hospital admission.
You will receive an explanation of the reason for any changes or need for medication• tiredness – is very common and can have a significant impact on your recovery after a stroke• lifestyle change – changes in lifestyle such as: smoking cessation, exercise, alcohol reduction and diet are important to reduce identified risk factors• change of role – at home, in the workplace, or in the community.
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