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Since then, we’ve seen lots of guides to how to spend the money, including smart suggestions like buying real estate and customising a car to make you a big deal in the online world, but none seems to have identified the pitfalls and mistakes you could make with your blood money. Let’s be honest it is way too easy to waste money in GTA Online.
We share with you a three ways of how to waste a hell of a lot of money on GTA Online very quickly J so read on and share with us your favorite way of spending money in the comments. And shooting people is pretty much out of the question, since it’s almost impossible to hit anything you intended to, unless that’s the cops when they inevitably chase you and attempt to shoot you out of the sky.
You can also throw in the fact that you aren’t allowed to customise the chopper in any way, making clan affiliation impossible, meaning that if you do shell out the $1.8m for it, you’ve basically just thrown away a hefty chunk of change on something you could get from a helipad spawn, which you can’t even claim as your own through customisation.
Racing for money in GTA V Online is a good way to add a competitive edge that doesn’t necessarily require violence. Adding an extra element to the race by starting off drunk out of your mind might seem like a good idea, and a good challenge for when you’re finding the races way too easy (it happens) but it’s also a good way of throwing away money and damaging the super car you’re usually so careful to protect. Yes, it’s hilarious, but it is extremely addictive, and a quick way to burn through money if you’re racing against veterans, who won’t pause to enjoy your hilarious drunken japes at the start of the race. Thanks to the prying eyes and ears of the internet, we already know that there are some players in GTA V Online who take the whole lap dancing element a little too seriously.

To those people, a warning: extended exposure to that sort of environment is bad for the soul, and will make you incredibly depressed.
After all, the enemy of your enemy is your friend, and if The Hunger Games and Running Man has taught us anything, it’s that prey will eventually focus their attention on the puppet master to sort out the situation.
If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. Rockstar clearly knows that players are going to waste their pay-off, but even they are probably unaware of just how incredibly frivolous some online players can be with their money and assets.
On paper, a Buzzard attack helicopter SHOULD be brilliant, pooling your resources and buying one should be a bucket list decision.
It’s a pretty sweet way of making some cash if you’ve managed to get yourself an impressive whip and learned to tame it into responding around corners like a real car. Given that this person exists, and also that the video game industry is almost endlessly churning out “sexy” moments in the hope of selling more games, there are undoubtedly some GTA V Online players who would consciously choose to spend all of their free cash on the dark delights offered by Los Santos’ seedier establishments.
Also, you’re probably going to look like a raisin from fluid loss if you spunk $500k on private dancers.

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But, if you’re lucky enough to have the money for a Buzzard, you’ll quickly find that flying is just not as good as it should be, especially in a chopper.
Plus, there’s probably something very wrong with you if you genuinely gain that much pleasure from watching a sprite take its clothes off, no matter how shapely the behind.
You’ll think your character has been hitting the champagne hard to celebrate your new found wealth.

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