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Since the highly controversial sandbox game went online, many players of Grand Theft Auto have had a certain penchant for creating out-of-this-world maps and tracks all dedicated to tricks and stunts with the vehicles in the game.
Dropping on the 12th of July, the Cunning Stunts update for GTA Online contains all the absurdities that would make any good stunt track. The Clipping Point is an automotive blog with daily car related updates from around the world. While all this time players had to improvise using many different pieces from the game to pull their stunts, it seems now the guys from Rockstar Games will give players what they’ve wanted all along; A bunch of dedicated stunt pieces and harrowing racetracks that are very similar to that game with a plumber driving a kart.
Giant bowling pins, nitro boosts on the floor, giant loops, and many other ways to send cars crashing and flying all make their way into the game. The blog features automotive lifestyle, car show reports, car culture, car films, road safety, motorsports, and videos. The GTA V community is on a never-ending search for glitches which may be exploited to the player’s advantage. Along with new tracks, plenty of new racing vehicles such as a Group B Audi Sport Quattro replica or an LMP Prototype ought to make the racing all that more interesting. Load into a private or invite-only lobby in GTA Online, drive your vehicle of choice into the Sandy Shores garage, switch to single player picking Trevor and voila, the ride is there.Initially, it will be locked. Not only will the car be repaired, it will also be unlocked.This glitch has been confirmed on PC, Xbox One and PS4 by various users. Typically a good way of identifying these franchises is by seeing if they have inspired two or more GTA V mods around the time that they are relevant. Great examples of this would be Fallout 4 and Star Wars (specifically episode 7, The Force Awakens), both of which have had plenty of mods and fan videos made for GTA V.Another such franchise, one that we are focusing on today, is Mad Max and more specifically the recently released Fury Road. Mad Max has been known for its sandy post-apocalyptic world and the iconic tacked-together rides.
Fury Road dials the wacky cars to maximum with massive weaponized semis, vehicles with random spikes jutting out from every direction and a massive truck ticked out with a ludicrous amount of speakers.The so called Doof Wagon can now show the citizens of Los Santos a good time thanks to prestigious modder Abstractmode.

Previous mods in this vein have brought over Benny’s Original Motorworks from the Lowriders DLC and the additional properties added in the High Life DLC. GTA V is known to be boring, after all, right?In GTA Online, while playing in Freemode, even before the Freemode Events DLC, a whole lot of random activities popped up for you to partake in. These small scale occurrences served to give the game an active vibe, a feeling that the world is alive, and that you truly are just one little crook in a city full of criminals. The Online Random Events For Single Player mod adds the first generation of random events from Freemode, meaning the Crate Drops, the Armoured Trucks, the Assassinations, the Smuggler Vehicles and finally the Special Vehicles. All of these have various different types which are rolled randomly.As the title suggests, these events are initiated randomly, however you can expect to run into one five minutes after the one before.
Not only did it turn out that the Lowriders DLC for GTA Online is real, but most of the rumors that were circulating about it actually turned out to be true. As you can see, there are a full set of spooky Halloween masks and two new vehicles which look like the kinds of automobiles you’d see a modern Dracula driving.It seems that the community will be getting a treat rather than a trick in GTA Online next week, so get your crew ready for some spooky crime-fests!
When bombs go in the same basket as the sweets, this year’s Halloween will be a lot more exciting than ever before.Are you guys looking forward to the Halloween GTA Online DLC, or is Lowriders sufficient for now?5autocarcarscontentdatadlcfilegamesgrandgtahalloweeninfoleaklowridersmaskmasksminenewoctoberonlinerealrockstarrumortheftupdateVvehiclesRockstar Teases New GTA V Content Already!
I love the fact that you’re churning out content as quickly as you are for GTA V, I really do. But you released one of the biggest updates the game has seen freaking yesterday, finally silencing a thousand smart-ass mouths spreading rumors and conjecture about the update, of which nothing turned out to be true. The teaser however clearly pertains to GTA Online, which might be indication that the alleged story DLC really is down the gutter, as many players have feared for quite some time now.1.29125contentdlceditoreventsfreemodegrand theft autogtaguideleaklowlowlifelowridernewofficialonlinepatchplayerrockstarsinglestoryteaseteasertutorialupdateVvehiclesWhat Happened To The 12 New GTA Online Rides? Surprisingly (not) none of the rumored features or additions actually made it into the update, at least as far as we know.
While some of these still have a chance of being announced, many other rumors floating around the web were as baseless as they seemed.
In Rockstar’s announcement of GTA Online Freemode Events, they made no mention of new vehicles, nor have they done so in any further information released since.

Now, some of these are vehicles which were present in previous GTA games, and back when the references were first discovered the more skeptical in the GTA community concluded that its just cut content from the final release. September 2, 2015 Aron Gerencser 1 CommentQuite some time has passed since news of new vehicles being found in GTA V’s code was breaking.
Some people began to speculate that the lack of a PS3 and Xbox 360 port of the Editor is a sign that Rockstar is joining the list of publishers who cease content support for their multi-platform game’s last-gen versions. Players have also began to speculate that an official GTA Online DLC announcement will arrive on the first or second of September, with the update going live a week later. When will we find out whether the DLC is called Lowrider or Lowlife or something completely different? When will we find out what else we are getting besides the 12 vehicles and the updated Editor with new features, now on three platforms?
If you want something a tad more compact, but still want the world to know how much of a patriot you are, then Rockstar has you covered with the Sovereign motorcycle.Players will also get a chance to light up the sky in the colors of liberty, with the red, white and blue fireworks launcher and accompanying ammo.
The method was unreliable at best, and required extreme patience for it to actually pay off, but some people out there were making a killing off duplicated vehicles.With the new update, the rule regarding the 48 minute time limit, allowing players to sell a total of six cars per day before getting the warning about exceeding the limit is overridden. The stock market we access from the SP mode is the same one operating in GTA Online, therefore a single player money cheat would still wreak havoc on the stock prices in Online, with disastrous consequences.For those of you who need a money-boost, Rockstar is offering Shark Cash Cards as DLC. PC gamers beware, though, as purchasing these voids your right to a steam refund.cheatsduplicationonlinerockstarvehiclesVisual Guide to Non-Rare GTA Online Vehicles to Sell April 20, 2015 Samantha Lienhard Leave a commentSelling vehicles to Los Santos Customs is one of the primary ways to make money in GTA Online, and vehicle guides are a great help when it comes to making sure you get the most money for your efforts.
As a change from the standard text guides, one fan has created (and recently updated) a visual guide to the highest-priced GTA Online vehicles, excluding rare ones.This guide, pictured above, shows the top 25 non-rare vehicles you can steal and sell, along with their prices.

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