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The release of Heists update was however dogged by some server and connection issues, which were later fixed by Rockstar.
YouTube user TwoDynamic has posted a video that details how to get a secret police mask in GTA 5 Online following the Heists update. This glitch requires players to already have a police outfit saved in the Outfits Saved section.
Now once the mask is selected, go back to the outfits section and save the current cop outfit with its mask on as Outfit 2. Once you have put the helmet, get off the motorcycle and you must be also quick to pull out the Interaction Menu as you get off the motorcycle.
YouTube user, Madgaz Gaming has shared a video that shows players how to make use of the invisible glitch. YouTube user TwoDynamic has posted a video that details how to make quick money in GTA 5 Online after the Heists update. Some of the prerequisites of this exercise include – players need to be in a crew and players need to have some money before they make millions. The challenge played by TwoDynamic is called is Criminal Records where the player has to beat the race under the stipulated time limit.
YouTube users VanossGaming have compiled string of videos that are funny and we can see the users giving the voice overs too. Danny Choy Twitter Google Plus RSSDanny Choy joined Latin Times in June 2014 as a tech, entertainment, and lifestyle reporter. This one by far is the most difficult to find as Larry doesn’t appear to be near any major landmarks.
If you travel up the cable car and face south, he should be on the edge of the mountain from this location. Actually you can simply shoot any of the BBs on the legs and they should surrender (make sure you have a suppressor on to make it a less fatal shot). However, the developer has kept them all busy playing some of the most amazing Heist challenges.

So now you will have two saved outfits – one police outfit with hat on and another police outfit with the mask on.
From the interaction menu go to Accessories > Outfit and now switch to the outfit that had the mask. This section will show a list of some recent challenges and players will have to search for the challenge that has a bet of 250,000. But players will have to front the money to play this, but if they do win the challenge within the stipulated time, they will double it to 500,000 in a matter of 3 minutes. Curtis is far north of the map hiding out in a Hobo Village just off the Great Ocean Highway.
I completed these missions too early to buy the tazor so I just ran in to every criminal and they immediately surrendered. Once the saving process is all over players have to backout and pull out the Interaction Menu head to Accessories and choose any of the masks that is available here.
If players do not see such a challenge then they are asked to back out and enter again after some time since these challenges are random.
I would go through all your texts playing as Trevor as she may have sent you the next target.
They’re the things keeping GTA V in the news, they are what keep the game fresh and alive.
Enthusiastic modders all over the globe keep making improvements, adding fun features (and insane features) to a game already overflowing with content.Even though the modding community is massive, a few exceptionally skilled code artists stand out from the crowd.
They will see the first and the second outfit merging with the character now wearing police outfit with mask and the police hat. These people have given us the most detailed, more creative and most insane mods of all time.First up, we have the work a modder who prefers to tweak some existing features instead of adding new ones. As you can imagine finding these four guys isn’t easy considering how vast Los Santos is. This is more of a collection of mods than just a single modification, and they focus on vehicular physics, revamping the drifting system in GTA V to make even more impressive stunts possible, as well as adding whole new vehicles to the game as well, such as a weaponized bike and a Pokemon themed roadster.Next, we the dynamic duo of the Jetpack mod and the Grappling hook.

So here at Twinstickgaming we’ve helped you out by marking the four locations for each bail jumper.
These mods all about movement, taking two iconic downright legendary methods of personal transportation that GTA V was sorely lacking. The first is the result of looking to a previous GTA installment, San Andreas (also taking place in Los Santos), and adding the Jetpack everyone knows and loves.
The ludicrously fun grappling hook from Just Cause 2 also got the GTA V treatment, and hilarious chaos ensued.Lastly, we have a rather simple but brilliant mod which allows us to zoom around the Los Santos airspace like a true kryptonian.
If you time your drop to perfection and use the precision landing mode (learnt in flight school) you tackle Glenn to the ground. In fact, while previous money exploits required grinding for mere millions, "GTA 5" Online money cheats for the PC are capable of making whopping billions in minutes!The key to the staggering money exploit is thanks to a special program known as the Cheat Engine (download Cheat Engine for PC here).
According to "GTA 5" tipster and YouTuber ALLSILENCED, here are the following steps to the GTA Online PC Money mod that can earn billions in minutes:Simply grab a random vehicle off the streets of Los Santos and drive the car to Los Santos Customs. According to ALLSILENCED, the headlight mods are probably the best vehicle upgrades for this "GTA 5" money glitch. Now, you will notice that the car you have in Los Santos Customs will now sell for $999,999. Repeat this cheat about 11 times, which will take no more than a couple minutes,a nd you will find yourself become a bonafide billionaire.Despite the incredible exploit, ALLSILENCED also warns that the overuse of the money cheat may put you at risk of the Rockstar ban hammer.
Try not to do more than one or two million dollars an hour and never more than $5 million in one day.

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