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The interactive tutorial did a great job at explaining the controls, and the mission-based tutorial sections afterwards helped me to quickly understand the location of all of the needed menus and concepts. There are also other things you can spend your money on, such as cupcakes- a way to immediately get all of your meters into the green.
There are some interesting product placement quests- I got one that gave me a free Phillips Sonicare toothbrush, which served both to increase the health of my Sims and to advertise the product to me.
The Sims Free Play requires you to have a lot of simoleons and lifestyle points to get through the game, which costs real money and this is something most people don’t want to be spending money on.
Check out the picture below to see how easy it is to use, and the directions are fairly simple even if you have never downloaded a hack or cheat before. You will need to download the cheat for The Sims Free Play, right here at AppGameCheats, which takes about 30 seconds to download. You will then select which device you are running the game on, such as iOS or Android, and then you can input how many lifestyle points and simoleons you want to add to the game, and you can check the box to unlock all items as well.
Once you get that done, click “Start” to begin the hack tool, and it should take less 45 seconds to finish. There aren’t any ‘cheats’ necessarily, but I can provide a few pointers for saving some money and progressing quickly. Remember, you get 1 LP everytime you level up, so keeping your Sims all happy (every meter in the green) will provide you a good boost to your XP earned, ensuring optimal progression. Use the Mystery Box quests (one of which is mentioned above as the Phillips Sonicare toothbrush) every day, as you complete them each day, you get progressively better rewards!
Ensure you’re logging in often enough to tend to your sims and keep them happy– buying cupcakes is a quick way to bring all of your sims back to the green so you get more XP, but it’s wasteful of your LP, when you can keep them in the green by just playing often enough. The Starter Pack is a great purchase to start you out, for only $11 you get a good amount of simoleons and life points, along with some furniture. Artwork: While the Sims FreePlay naturally doesn’t hold a candle to the latest iteration of the series Sims 4, it’s certainly a smoother experience than Sims 2, and is quite a beautiful game in comparison to a great number of the cheap app store apps available currently. The sims freeplay cheats: generate unlimited simoleons, The sims freeplay online generator - continue! The game has a level system- you earn XP by doing basic game tasks, such as telling your Sim to use the restroom or having him or her head to work.
You get many different lots on which you can build homes and make families, and furthermore, you have to create the places where they can work- such as the local fire station. However, you must remember to use the option to “upload your save data”, or this will not work. It does, however, have some optional microtransactions that help fund the game developer, EA, and give you some added convenience.

This is purely a convenience item, and isn’t necessary in any way- if you don’t feel like tending to your Sim’s needs, you can spend a little money and you don’t have to!
It will automatically install, and it should take about 45 seconds, but it depends on your internet speed. You can then open The Sims Free Play on your device like normal, and you will see the items are right there in your account and ready to use. You can see some pretty close detail- while you certainly can’t read the words on the newspaper hat my character wears everywhere, you can easily tell it’s a newspaper hat.
I found myself constantly pulling my phone out of my pocket to see how my little virtual newspaper-hatted me was doing, and was genuinely a little concerned when I opened it once and found him incredibly disgruntled. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! From the creators of The Sims™ 3 series of best-selling iPhone games, comes a Sims experience that you can play for FREE on your smartphone or tablet! They create and design characters, assign them to jobs, tell them when to eat, what to cook, decorate and build the homes they live in, and even tell them when to interact with other characters! Your Sim has various meters at the bottom left of the screen that tell the player what the Sim needs in order to be happy.These meters show how hungry your sim is, how full their bladder is, how tired they are, how dirty they are, how social they are, and how clean the house is.
What I intend to explore in this section is the question: can you play and enjoy this game without spending any (or much) money?
There are also premium furniture and clothing options, but these appear to be entirely cosmetic and don’t have any significant effect on gameplay. You also get a free LP currency point every time you level up-which, remember, you do by completing basic actions in the game. This hack tool is safe to use and completely free, and you can download this hack for both iOS and Android devices.
Use your Life Points to get buildings completed quickly, or to speed up any long actions while you’re wanting to actively play the game.
The game is advertised as optimized for tablets- and the UI certainly works out well for this.
There are other spinoffs that change the gameplay significantly, such as SimCity or some of the expansion packs for Sims 2 and 3, but FreePlay is the standard formula- reduced. You feed, bathe, clean up after, send to work, start social interaction and generally act as a God to a group of people that you create on your own from a list of characteristics- it’s a great game, and you should try it if any of this review has sounded appealing.
The name Sims has become virtually ubiquitous-the series started at the start of the new millennium, and has spawned three sequels and countless spinoffs and expansion packs.. These should be mostly self-explanatory on how to resolve them- if your sim is hungry, you should find them food, if your sim has to go to the bathroom-well, you get the picture.

You do have to download an additional 438mb of data in order to play -this will of course vary depending on your internet speed, but for me, it took around 20 minutes. It will help you in migrating from device to device, but it will not help you out if your phone shatters unexpectedly- as you’re probably not going to be uploading your save file habitually. The first glaring issue came when I went to build the fire station was that the game wanted me to wait 60 minutes for the completion of the station. Remember, as you play and earn XP, you get more Life Points by leveling up, so if you have to spend some to make some, it all evens out. There isn’t the vast number of furniture options, and those that are there are there are locked behind level walls.
The The Sims FreePlay Android Mod cheat does not require you to root your phone and its safe to use. By keeping all of these meters in the green, you gain more XP from actions than you normally would- meaning you increase your level faster! This was alleviated by the fact that this was the tutorial section, as they gave me the LP-the premium currency- for free at the moment.
There is no driving narrative in the game, as there hasn’t been one in most of the mainstream Sims games.
I’ve marked a single point off for that, because, as shown above, it’s not that big of a deal. This particular rendition is of note due to the fact that it is the first time a complete sims experience has been released for smartphones. This seems to be a common issue- as when I went to build a new home, and had to wait for it to complete. Though it is not the first portable version of the game, EA has done a good job at bringing the Sims experience to our pockets. The wait times so far do not seem insufferable, but as you progress in the game, this could change. The Sims FreePlay is completely free to download and play, though it does have optional microtransactions to enhance your game- more on that later. Every action you take takes time to complete, which you can speed up by paying real money- from building that Fire Station to telling your neighbor a funny joke.
The game has over 10 million downloads on iOS and Android and has an average of 4.2 stars out of over 600,000 ratings from users.

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