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By far one of the most common reasons to attend the emergency department is for a sprained ankle. After a bad ankle twist the main reason people head to the emergency department is for an xray to if they have a sprained ankle or a broken ankle. Unfortunately emergency departments are usually very busy, expensive and waiting times can be very long. If you have answered yes to any of the questions above there is a chance you may have a broken ankle. If you can get a firm elastic bandage have a friend wrap your ankle as shown in the video below.

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Today I wanted to share two tips that will help save you time waiting in the emergency department and get you back on your feet as fast as possible.
Again, if you have pain in either of these areas or can not take more then two steps then it’s important to get an xray of your foot. Fill the bag with ice, lay a towel over your ankle to protect the skin and then place the ice on the towel.

If removing the bandage doesn’t reverse these changes your swelling may be cutting off the blood flow. If your ankle is not settling after a week or two it’s best to see your doctor to be examined and review.

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