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Two 13-year-old Wisconsin boys have been charged with first degree murder for the brutal slaying of one boy's great-grandmother, whom they allegedly bludgeoned with a hammer and hatchet before robbing her spare change and going out for pizza.
In a crime that was both gruesome and callous, the boys are accused of going to Olsona€™s Sheboygan, Wis., home on Sept. Barbeau allegedly told his friend they should kill the elderly woman and they armed themselves with a hammer and hatchet. The boys got a ride to Olsona€™s home from Paapea€™s mother and they a€?hid their weapons in their clothing,a€? police said.
They entered the house through an unlocked door and when Olson said she was going to call Barbeaua€™s mother, the teen allegedly struck her in the head with the blunt end of the hatchet. Her great-grandson turned the hatchet around and hit her in the head with the blade, police said. The teens then ransacked the house, taking a purse, loose quarters and jewelry, according to prosecutors. They also allegedly tried to dispose the victima€™s body, dragging her to the garage, but then abandoning the plan. Instead, prosecutors say the teens stole Olsona€™s car and eventually left it at a Sheboygan bowling alley.

Barbeau's defense attorney told a local TV station he will try to have the case moved to juvenile court. According to police, the two suspects entered the house through an unlocked door and when Olson said she was going to call Barbeaua€™s mother, the teen struck her in the head with the blunt end of the hatchet.
Do you know of other surveys, studies or polls that may be of interest to Kids' Money parents and kids. The Boy Scouts of America Environmental Scan 2011 is produced by the Innovation and Research Department of the BSA and updated annually. A random sample of 469 Canadian parents with children 18 or older by Environics Research Group, Ltd.
The oldest person reported to receive an allowance is a 32 year old and the youngest is a 1 year old. Children of single parents and those who negotiate allowances with dads are likely to receive higher amounts than the average. I know we all don’t get paid every Friday!  So I found a chart to help you with your 52 week goal for Biweekly, Bi monthly and monthly pay periods! One last way to do it is to to go random.  Print the page when you have a bit more cash do the higher numbers and keep track by marking it off as you go.  Making it work for you will make the challenge easier for you!!!! I have been doing this for 2 years and I have a little over 100 people that start with me each year.
I found that i could just have a payroll deduction done and deposited in a separate account, i have them take 50 from each check(bi-weekly). I found depositing bi-weekly automatic deposit is the best way but also, its deposited into a mutual fund.

So what I did was take the odd numbers and start on the first week of the year and work towards July. Sources said Dr Juffali's estate was in Saudi Arabia, adding he had 'sold' his assets to his three daughters under Sharia lawDr Juffali, who had been battling terminal cancer, died at a clinic in Zurich where he was receiving palliative care - just one week before he was due to pay Ms Estrada.High Court Family Division judge Mrs Justice Roberts had ordered the 61-year-old Saudi billionaire to pay Ms Estrada the lump sum by 4pm on Friday, July 29. Although Ms Estrada was warned this would be subject to a delay, she has yet to receive the money, it has been reported.Sources told The Sunday Telegraph Dr Juffali's estate was in Saudi Arabia, adding he had 'sold' his assets to his three daughters under Sharia law. This material is copyrighted 2011 by Boy Scouts of America and is reproduced on Kids' Money with the permission of the BSA.
Paape, were charged Friday as adults in the death of Barbeaua€™s great-grandmother, 78-year-old Barbara J. That way when times were lean in my business I did not feel to bad, during the summer when things are rocking. I managed to complete the entire year by September and for the first time inMANY years did not panic over our Christmas giving. I did all of them as long as I could and then filled up each board with the money that I saved and then worked on the others that were not filled this year.

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