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If you are thinking about adding a raised bed to your garden, using cinder blocks is a good choice because they are quick and easy to install, and less expensive. Here is a complete concrete block patio furniture set with a fire pit, armchairs and a bench.
All of these ideas look fun and all, but this article is misleading because everyone knows that the ground shifts in areas with frost. I promise I wasn’t trying to rain on your parade, because the ideas ARE really cool and do look great.

I thought cinder blocks where discouraged due to the fact that they leach chemicals into your growing food in gardens? I love the flower bed idea and really want to make this, but for the blocks that are extending, how do you keep the soil from falling out of the bottom of block since the hole goes all the way though? That garden, the benches, the planters… almost everything on this list will shift and look like absolute hell after one season.
We’ve had no problems with shifting or cracking being as the blocks are not mortered together.

The fire pit however will eventually crack and bust cause they are not rated for high heat.

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