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Above: GameStop is still the big destination for PS4 and Xbox One owners, but the company continues diversifying its portfolio.
Surprise, the president of the biggest video game retailer doesn’t like what the digital option is doing to the price of software. GameStop president Tony Bartel told investors during a conference call last week (as Games Industry International first spotted) that he has concerns about how digital games are driving down the price for blockbuster releases. PC digital-distribution services, like Valve’s Steam store, are responsible for driving prices down with mammoth sales.
Bartel pointed to companies like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft providing free digital games in console bundles. Digital games still only make up a small percentage of all sales for a full blockbuster release, but it is growing. When it comes to releases like Destiny and Smash Bros., digital is growing because the option is available on day one and because gamers are warming up to the idea of having a game available on their system at all times. GameStop obviously has an interest in ensuring the price parity of physical and digital releases, but it’s not something that makes a lot of sense. The erosion of value due to digital seems inevitable, but consumers continue to spend more money on gaming-related content. GameStop is a popular videogame retailer that has been in the business of buying and selling used gaming equipment.
But in the wake of declining console and game sales, the chain has decided to expand its business. The buyback service started out as a pilot program in Dallas, Texas earlier this year, and today it goes nationwide.

There aren’t a lot of brick and mortar chains that offer a reliable place to buy used Apple products. There doesn’t seem to be many details on the program available yet, nor is it clear whether or not GameStop will sell used Apple gear here in the US. As you might expect they’ll be selling all used games and accessories as buy two get one free the entire weekend.
Gimme Gimme Games was founded in 2010 and has been flying by the seat of their pants ever since.
The executive revealed that consumers now expect to pay around $35 for the downloadable version of new games that would typically sell for $60 at stores like GameStop. But GameStop points to a number of other reasons that are diminishing the value perception of digital games. GameStop believes that publishers have given away nearly $100 million in downloadable games with hardware this year. Earlier this year, publisher Electronic Arts noted that while downloads made up around 10 percent of a games sales on console on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, this number has ballooned to around 15 percent on the new hardware from Sony and Microsoft.
Downloadable games are cheaper to distribute since they cut out the manufacturing of discs, plastic cases, and paper manuals. That means that all 6,5832 of GameStop’s retail locations will be offering cash and credit for your old Apple devices. If a person wants to buy discounted devices, they are usually forced to take their chances with sites like Craigslist or eBay. For the PC elite, they have to keep up with new hardware demands and lowly console peasants are burdened with HDTVs, expensive new consoles, and $60 new releases.

The 3DS red system will be bundled with Super Mario 3D Land and a copy of Nintendogs + Cats for $169. You’ll also be able to get double system trade-in credit, 25% more credit when trading in two or more games, 25% Off all Apple devices and 25% extra credit when you trade in your Apple devices. While this could start to cut into the retailer’s profit margins, Bartel tried to frame this as a problem for game makers as well. Gamers also cannot resell their digital purchases, and publishers love that because it means fewer second-hand games on the market. Our only respite from having our wallets raided is to sit back and wait for prices to come down, or snap up some used games. A lot of good multiplatform deals and Wii U early adopters should hold off from purchasing select games on launch day. Likewise, 20 percent of publisher Activision’s sci-fi shooter Destiny sales were digital. Bartel even mentioned that players expect to pay less for new releases on digital because they cannot get money back from trading in when they’re finished.

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