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To get photos and video footage for the Lifester I need professional photos that are very high quality.
The hardest thing, surprisingly was to whittle down to a possible few select shots and outfits from the thousands of combinations that were popping into my mind.
Keep a look out for the photos that will be spread out through the blogs on this site, our Facebook page and Instagram. Here’s a photo of the beautiful Kii Studios where I had the pleasure and honour of shooting my friend Naomi on a personal photo project that she did last year.

Want to experience your inner strength through meditation so you can do what it takes to live your purpose in life? So I called up my friend Suki who owns a gorgeous studio in west London, asked our multi-talented marketing manager to put on her photographer hat and went to town planning and styling the shoot. I’ve had a fashion blog for over 4 years so dressing up and posing for the camera is not outside of my comfort zone.
Another challenge was to ensure that I was staying true to my personality because when the photos would be used to make a connection with my audience, the last thing I want them to see is a wannabe fashion blogger instead of the chilled out, happy, confident and assertive personal coach and business builder that I am.

A long time blogger and writer, she writes about personal development, spirituality and meditation. With proper lighting, a great camera, a super photographer and even a dressing room with  a mirror that had those stage lights around it.

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