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We are pleased to inform you that you would be able to transfer money from your HSBC account to another bank in Singapore via GIRO free of charge.
Step 1 - To transfer money from your HSBC account to another bank in Singapore via GIRO, click on "Make A transfer" and select "Transfer to another bank in Singapore". Step 2 - Please note that you can only transfer money via GIRO from an account in Singapore Dollar. Step 3 - Enter all relevant details and click on "Transfer", "Save", or "Transfer & Save".

Step 5 - To proceed with the request, press the button on your security device and enter the corresponding six digit security code here.
Step 6 - The acknowledgement page confirms that your transfer request has been submitted successfully.
PRINTABLE RECEIPTS PAYMENTSthe strange thing is that the shipping cost appears correctly in the printable receipt that paypal generates right after the payment is processed. Money transfer via GIRO made before the daily cut-off time* would be available to beneficiary within 3 working days, subject to receipt of the receiving bank.

Under "Account", click on the drop-down list and select the debit account which you have set up for future transfer. Should you require to transfer money within the same working day, you can transfer money via MEPS at S$5 per transfer.

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