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Have you ever wanted to log on to the Japanese PlayStation Network to download some demos or buy a game or two but have given up on the idea because you don’t know how to read Japanese? Step 2: Log in as the user you just created by selecting it in the same left-most column of the XMB. Check the small box under your password to save it so you won’t have to retype it every time you want to log in to the PSN. Step 13: Check the checkbox if you want info and newsletters about the Japanese PSN sent to the email address you registered in step 9. Step 2: The options you are looking for on this new list are the fifth, sixth, and seventh. I am not trying to sound like dick on the matter, as a matter of fact I already have accounts for HK, USA and JP, but I was just really wandering if there was any actual point to it as last time I went on all the good stuff on foreign ps stores is in other languages that I don't speak. As for the others I guess I see both sides, if you haven't tried this before why would you all the content I saw that I actually wanted was in JP and the dlc is region coded so you can't even bring good dlc that would only be available in other countries into your game unless it is from that region to begin with. And further more it wouldn't be a problem except that Asian games are kings of layers of stupid gimmicks and weird game design so you sort of need to know WTF is going on.
You've been able to do this for years (and there's been guides out since the PSN was released). I’m not naturally crafty at all, but last year while I was on Facebook I saw this beautiful picture of a crayon wreath from my friend Erica come through my newsfeed, and begged asked her if she wouldn’t mind me sharing how to make it with you guys! This project is very budget-friendly and doesn’t look like it would take too much time either! Make sure you loop your ribbon through the top of your wreath before all the crayons at the top are glued down.
You can also do two layers of crayons just to give it a fuller look, but you can stop after one layer if you would like!
If you want to add letters and other extra wooden decorations (you can get these at any craft store), then after they are painted glue the wooden pieces and letters on top of the crayons.
If you’re planning on making this, then be sure to check for any craft store coupons in our Retail Coupon database before you go! Click here to watch a video that shows how to make a huge thermometer template poster very easily.
It also has percentage marks all the way up the thermometer starting at 10% and working to 90%. Keep in mind this will fit perfectly on one sheet of paper, however you can make a huge wall poster by using the technique in the video…you can see it here. We realized that other schools and organization would probably appreciate the thermometer templates we made for kids and could use them for many different things. If you’re a teacher looking for a thermometer template for your classroom and kids please feel free to download and use ours.
Our thermometer and goal templates work great for all kinds of needs and can be blown up to make huge thermometer posters that work great for classrooms. All of the thermometer templates can be printed out on a single piece of paper or blown up across many sheets to make a large poster. Learn how to make a big thermometer template poster with one of these images…it’s easy and free!
Private and public schools often depend on fundraisers to help them participate in special events or purchase items for their school. Getting your students involved is going to be the key to being successful in any fundraiser that you choose to do. Facebook marketing campaigns seem to be going all warm, caring and fluffy recently as brands realize that solving problems and helping those in need can be a very effective marketing tactic. The marketing goals for the Facebook pages vary but quite often the simple goal of just increasing their fan count to their Facebook page seems to be top of the list as brands have worked out very quickly that being able to communicate to 1,000’s or even millions of fans via a simple status update is very efficient highly leveraged marketing. The Department store Kohl’s gave away $10 million to various schools decided by the votes of their fans on Facebook. In February of this year, popular department store Target left the choice of where to donate $1 million into the hands of their fans on the social network. 2010 saw a shift in Ford’s promotion techniques as they began gearing their campaigns towards social media outlets, and they really pushed the boundaries with innovative ideas. Read more about this at 10 Key Elements Of One Of The Top #Facebook Marketing Campaigns Of The Year. Popular fast food chain Jack In The Box, and their slightly creepy mascot Jack, added a nickel in an imaginary jar for every new fan they accrued on Facebook in their October Rich Fan Sweepstakes. A little before the beginning of Spring, Microsoft’s Facebook page for Bing launched a campaign that helped them accrue almost a half million new fans on the social network. To go a whole list without mentioning at least one company that has utilized Facebook’s new popular feature, Places, just would not be acceptable.
Popular cereal company Kellogg’s teamed up with Feeding America, and the Facebook page Kellogg Cares comes as a result. Domino’s Pizza has completely revamped its brand image this year through advertising campaigns, and a heavy focus on interactive social networks.
Corona Light cross-media campaign this past year included a goal to become “The Most Liked Light Beer In America.” A most notable part of this was to use Facebook, and by fanning the page you could see your picture up in the bright lights of New York City’s Time Square. So what is a Facebook marketing campaign that you have noticed recently that impressed you?
It’s pretty easy to craft a good Facebook post for paid promotion, but it’s hard to turn a good post into a great one. Just seems like a lot of new applications with nice creative but surely Facebook apps and campaigns are more than that now? How about displaying successful campaigns from so called “mom and pop” type businesses without mega budgets?
It seems all everyone is doing is BUYING fans for short term through competitions and giving money away! I’m more keen on campaigns that connect to purchase activities or direct brand engagement.
I agree with Matt, anyone can spend a fortune and get customers but not necessarily a good return on their investment. I really can’t believe spending that sort of money on a facebook campaign is even slightly worth it. These kinds of Facebook campaigns are obviously very effective, but what about when the campaign is over? A reward chart or chore chart can be a great way to teach children to develop good habits and a good work ethic. I've created a few different reward charts below that you can customize using Excel 2007 or Excel 2010. The following printable reward charts and reward chart templates are for personal or educational use only, and may not be placed on the internet, resold, etc. A children's reward chart ought to be fun, and if you don't want to use stars or stickers, you can have your child color in shapes or pictures to mark their path along the reward chart.

This weekly reward chart could be used for multiple children, or you could change "Name" to "Week" to show multiple weeks at a time for a single child.
This reward-based practice chart worksheet lets you keep a log of minutes practiced each day, for 10+ weeks at a time. One of the main reasons to have a rewards chart is to focus on positive rather than negative behavior.
Pricey toys or trips or other excessive rewards will likely end up being counterproductive and teach the wrong principles. Some examples of rewards stars might include a treat (debatable), an inexpensive toy, a trip to the park, extra TV time, an extra book at bedtime, a family outing like going out to eat or to a movie, a new book, etc. As children get older they may no longer need a special rewards chart, but checklists and calendars may still come in handy.
Kids get excited about rewards charts, but they will lose interest and motivation if parents are not consistent. Though debate over who designed the first miniskirt has raged on for decades – everyone from Andre Courreges and John Bates to Jean Varon and Mary Quant has been accredited with it – the mainstream view cements its origins firmly in 1960s London, during Britain’s Youthquake. Yet Tanisha Ford, an academic and writer for The Root, has called this belief into question in a recent article. While researching old issues of Drum – South Africa’s leading black lifestyle magazine at the time, noted for its 1960s reportage of township life under apartheid – Ford discovered a series of articles that claimed the miniskirt was actually invented in Africa.
African designers reclaimed ownership of the mini, in their quest to make their mark and gain visibility in the global market – much like the British designers of the day.
President Jacob Zuma as well as three cabinet ministers have been contacted by the Oakbay company over the closure of its bank accounts. This will be the username for your account (and thus your multiplayer name if you play any games online). If you need a guide to log onto the Japanese account what's the fucking point in playing games you can't read? If you need to be told how to simply make an account, which is basically things like numbers, yes, no, confirm, cancel etc how are you supposed to play a game that's blasting Japanese non stop?
I couldn't understand any of the games, which is what I believe vaegrand was getting at, I was letting him know. I had one a few years back, but other than getting a few themes I found it more trouble than it was worth. For the section with the ribbon, I glued the bottom of the crayon to the 9 inch embroidery loop and the top of the crayon to the ribbon. We’ve added multiple variations that include a blank thermometer template, thermometer template with just lines, a thermometer template with lines and percentages, a thermometer template with thanks and thank you along with the goal box. It will print the thermometer template across multiple 8×11 sheets of paper allowing you to make a large poster for your wall. Fundraisers are very important to schools because without them the students wouldn’t be allowed to participate in these special events or purchase the items that they need. Box top for education is a program that helps schools earn money by clipping off the box top on items that they purchase every day.
Companies have also realized that  people’s main reason for becoming a fan for the most part is not so charitable, but is about having access to the latest special offers and freebies. It was an excellent promotional campaign as the 20 schools with the most votes were each given $500 thousand.
The company used an application titled “Super Love Sender” and kept fans updated in real time which charity was in the lead.
This past summer they released tidbits of info leading up to a Facebook event unveiling the 2011 Ford Explorer. They started at just over $2,000, and when they gave away the money about a month later to a randomly selected fan, the jar was up to over $11,500. The search engine did this by giving away FarmVille currency to all new fans that hit the “Like” button. They promoted their Papa’s Speciality Pizza Contest using Facebook, and it created quite a buzz and a growth in fans as a result.
Southwest partnered up with the Make A Wish Foundation for an excellent charitable promotion that had the airline donating a dollar to the organization every time a passenger checks into a Southwest served airport. The page has been a quick increase in fans, and the content posted makes it such an interactive success on the social network. As they were coming to the realization that their pizza previously tasted similar to cardboard, they started a tab on their Facebook page where fans could voice all of their complaints with the popular chain. The campaign was a great social media success in the sense that it had fans interacting on the pages as well as spreading the story of the billboard by word of mouth. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. If people are liking your page because they like the product, then maybe it will gain a bit of visibility, but if you’re just giving away free stuff, they’ll like the page and never even look at it! Creating a campaign to increase followers by allowing these fans to give to charities by liking the page or simply voting, is clearly a very successful way to gain followers. Although it's not always the only motivation required to get kids to do their chores, practice the piano, or maintain good behavior in a classroom, a reward system is very effective.
Each of the printable PDF files contain both a color version as well as an ink-saving black-and-white version. The screenshot shows tables in multiple colors, but that is just to show how you can change the color scheme easily by modifying the theme or table designs.
Track total weekly minutes and the grand total and list rewards for meeting the week goal as well as larger hour-based goals (e.g.
It was designed to be a printable reward chart, so first edit the template by adding the list of names. The column label text is oriented vertically, so this template is not fully compatible with the Excel Web App or Excel for iPhone. Parents and children are happier when the parents aren't in a constant state of nagging and disciplining.
The ultimate goal is to have the child feel the intrinsic motivation that comes with accomplishing work and achieving goals. The act of adding a star to the chart and receiving praise after completing a goal may be reward enough.
Avoid using a reward system that could lead to poor health, spoiling, unreasonable expectations, or a sense of entitlement. Whatever you decide, the child should be able to understand what the rewards and expectations are. When stickers or marks are taken away, the chart becomes a punishment as opposed to a reward. As Ford points out, trends may emerge in multiple places simultaneously, making it impossible to pinpoint an exact derivation.
And yet, as is the case with so many stories in histories, it is the Western folkore that seemed to have lived on.

Here’s a step-by-step guide that explains how to create a Japanese PSN account, add point card funds to your Japanese PSN wallet, and navigate the newly revamped PlayStation Store.
Regardless the whole thing that unites all the people who will be *using* this guide are people who actively *WANT* a Jp PSN account it doesn't MATTER that its all Japanese or has little to no English language support they *want* the account to get *something* from the JP only store. After looking for some ourselves we couldn’t find any good looking templates and ended up making a few styles of thermometer templates ourselves that took a few hours.
For example, you can find box tops on items that you purchase in the grocery store such as Betty Crocker cake mix, Gold Medal flour, Fruit by the Foot and Kleenex products. A good way to get your students and parents involved is by offering a prize for the top sellers of each fundraiser. Kohl’s Facebook page sky rocketed to well over a million fans, and the winning schools each tallied well over 100,000 votes.
The campaign was the first time a car company has ever used a website to reveal their new model as opposed to an auto show. Needless to say, giving away free money is one of the best and easiest ways to acquire new fans on the social network.
Bing drew in great traffic and their page grew rapidly, but engagement of the content on the page was drawn into question.
The contest put the fans taste buds and creativity to the test as it was up to them to come up with a new pizza for the company.
The promotion has had great success, as it is for a great cause, and it has it helped Southwest gain over 1 million fans on the social network. The page’s aim is to educate younger generations on proper nutrition through posts and video updates. Regardless of any opinion on whether their new pizza has actually improved, their use of Facebook to listen fans opinions was a great way to begin to improve a deteriorating image that was initially attached to their brand. The billboard ran for a month until the beginning of December, and many fans were able to snag pictures and be a part of this Facebook-based advertisement.
Any time I’m just working with a terrible working day, I bring research a articles during this practical application but it all of would not might seem hence terrible now days. It can also be seen that any campaign that allows consumers to voice their opinion easily on Facebook or to give suggestions will also increase the number of new followers.
Positive reinforcement builds self-esteem and having a reward system allows you to use the threat of not getting the reward, which is more positive than the threat of punishment.
You could use shapes that correspond to the task, or just use whatever fun shapes your child likes. In addition to a weekly reward for each task, you can list bonus rewards for total # of stars. Mabuza went on to compare a photograph of herself with that of a another model dressed in a modern-day mini to demonstrate how the abbreviated garment had long be apart of everyday African dress.
If you get an error message with some red text, try again as the name you chose is already taken. Most will email you the code directly so you won’t even need to wait for the card to arrive. Vaegrand, I can tell you most aren't, which makes it the most impenetrable PSN store there is, check out the Hong Kong store.
When having a bake sale you will ask your students to bring a cake or any other baked item to school.
You can get your students to clip off the box top of any items that they purchase and they can bring them to school. Kohl’s hit it out of the park so to speak with this campaign centered around the social network, and they did an excellent job utilizing social media tactics to help in its social responsibility efforts. Ford also went as far to randomly select one of their fans to giveaway a free Explorer upon their fan total surpassing a certain number. It was certainly a creative campaign though that helped the fast food chain see an explosive increase in fan numbers.
The Microsoft page responded by making itself a hotspot with the latest news about the popular Zynga developed game to keep their new fans around.
The winner also saw a piece of the profits, so it was not too much of a surprise that this creative campaign helped the popular chain’s fan-base on Facebook continue to expand. Kellogg’s used Facebook in an extremely humane fashion to raise awareness for a particular issue. Domino’s continues to be extremely interactive on the page offering responses and updates for fans.
Also – with the majority of interactions taking place on post updates rather than the wall how did that integrate?
I wonder if there is any research on the numbers after the contests, especially if someone didn’t win the grand prize (such as the Ford Explorer). You can also remove the existing shapes to print a blank reward chart if you want to use stickers.
Great for piano practice logs and other musical instruments, but also works for sports and other time-based activities. The stars shown in the screenshot were added within the spreadsheet using conditional formatting.
If we promise our child something because we know it will motivate them, but can't follow through because of time or money restrictions it will defeat the purpose. And finally, in box 7, put your apartment name and room number if you don’t have a house.
Overall though, the excellent campaign was a complete success as it created quite a boom on the store’s Facebook page.
You may pretty much waste material at a distance working hours with working hours looking through a discussions plus commentary during this app- if you don’t have plenty of time so that you can waste material, reside a distance made by this Mobile fun practical application! So, if you (or your kids) don't like the blue theme, you can change the entire color scheme within a few seconds. They will no longer believe or trust you and will not be motivated to do the rewards chart. Smaller children will need rewards more often, but as they grow you can expect more from them. Some of the best locations are in the front of grocery stores, retail stores or at churches.
The weekly reward chart shows an example of using different table designs on a in a single reward chart. Once you have your locations planned and your baked goods in hand, all you need to do is sell your items. All the money you make will be yours because your students will bring the baked goods and you shouldn’t be charged by the retailers or church to have the bake sale at their location.

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