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To celebrate the release of the action-thriller Into The Storm, we’re providing you with the opportunity to win $2,000 cash! Simply buy tickets online, and when you see the Ticket Confirmation page, scroll down to click on the ENTER THE COMPETITION button and fill in the entry form to get in the draw. Everybody loves some leisure time and love to spend it in their own way.  While some people like to watch TV or listen to music, other like to speak and chat with their near and dear ones.
Renowned quiz maters like Derek O’Brien and Siddhartha Basu have been hosting quiz contents on television and on stage in India for a long time. People, especially the younger generation these days, are glued to playing online video games. Each contestant has to successfully complete each level of the game to win the final prize.

While these are entertaining and at time, often require strategizing, they don’t have much prizes on offer. Though quizzes have been played in India since the 1960s, it was only in the last decade or so that the contestants in such competitions could win cash money as prizes. On the other hand, there are trivia and quiz-based online games, which offer some sort of gratifications in the form of discount coupons and gift hampers.
So this game provides a direct opportunity to win cash by playing the game from the comfort of home or office, without having to travel anywhere for the same purpose.
Such was the craze of participating in this competition that many people used to try daily to register their names for the competition, even though the phone line was often busy or not available for extended periods of time.
These games ask people questions about the possible outcomes of forthcoming events like matches, singing competition, beauty contests, movies etc.

If people can predict correctly the outcome of the question, then there are attractive prizes to be won. These prizes can either be in the form of cash money or other forms of gratifications like gift hampers and discount coupons.

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