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There’s a lot of programs promising riches through effortless endeavors online nowadays. If you didn’t already know, there is a huge surge of binary sites popping up left and right on the internet which allow you to basically gamble with the stock market.
Free Money System is nothing more than a bridge between you and the binary sites, meaning in reality it doesn’t really offer you anything, of value at least.
As someone who has been in online business for years, let me tell you something I often tell people on this blog: No one will EVER make you successful but you. An additional risk of this industry even if you do find a legitimate place is the fact that you’re literally gambling. Free Money System is just affiliated with the binary options sites and makes money once you deposit into them.
The reason I say Free Money System is a scam is because the site is basically nothing, but just a bridge to a binary site. The recent rise of the binary industry is alarming as are affiliate sites like Free Money System sprouting all aiming to capitalize on this rise.
I saw the video of Walter Green today for the first time, filled out the options for registration, got a call from a broker immediately. I understand that you are looking out for people while promoting the program you’re in. It is not a guessing game when you put work in and use a method to make informed decisions. That certainly appears to be the case with Free Money System by Walter Green, and fortunately I happened to visit the website at a time when there were still a few spots left. Free Money System is already showing signs of concern, but am I simply being swayed by very similar products that I have reviewed recently? As mentioned at the start of this review, the Free Money System website contains very little in the way of readable content. At just over 34 minutes long the video is shorter than most, but the style and direction of it is very similar to those I have seen recently.
This, apparently, has all been made possible with the occasional click of a mouse for those who use the Free Money System. By the time you reach the end of the video you will have witnessed a hard-hitting sales pitch with little in the way of detail.
They are of course all actors, but for those who are in desperate need of a break…they might sub-consciously decide to ignore this very obvious fact. Once you hand over your email address it is explained that the Free Money System process is a binary options trading program, and to initiate the system you will need to pay a minimum of $200. Within the Free Money System program, trading binary options relates to the prediction of the value of stocks and shares. You basically make a prediction for x amount of dollars, and if you predict the right outcome you win a predetermined amount. This basically makes it a gamble, and whilst the process of trading binary options is not a scam, it is not for the faint-hearted or people on a tight budget. When you go through the process of signing up with Free Money System you are instructed to choose between one of 3 binary brokers: GTOptions, XB24 or anyoption. These are all well-known online brokers within the industry, but the most important point to note here is that they all pay considerable commission payments to anyone who introduces a person to their program. So…if you decide to join Free Money System and open an account with any of the above, Free Money System will earn a commission payment every time you trade. This is actually a very smart way for the Free Money System team to make a lot of money from unsuspecting people who do not realize that their done-for-you-in-3-months-millionaire-status is primarily a system that generates Walter Green and his crew a regular flow of commission payments.
Further proof that they want you to spend big so THEY can earn bigger becomes even more obvious once you choose a broker to work with.
During my research I trawled through many websites related to trading binary options and I was shocked by what I found. Be warned though…you might have to wade your way through websites claiming to tell you the truth, only to convince you to sign up to a broker that earns them commission payments. But if you have cajones of steel, like to live on the edge or even have enough cash to fund a crazy Free Money System journey, do you actually stand any chance of making a million green ones? Yes there is a chance, but only if you have a VERY large pot of money to fund a journey filled with intense risk. If you want to consider an equivalent gamble, step up to a roulette wheel and put your life savings on red or black and then keep everything crossed. Treat your partner to a nice gift, pay off a couple of bills, buy your kids a new toy, or if you want to learn a genuine way to make money online, read how I do it and yes…you still get to keep your $200.
They really don’t care about your success, they only care about how much money they can extract from your pockets.
I think you could be right about the difference being the commission earned from your transaction.
As mentioned in other replies here, also contact your bank and make sure they cannot draw from your account in the future. Unfortunately I was a stupid fool and signed up for the FreeMoneySystem and giving my credit card details.
Thanks for the real review I could tell that most of the reviews I looked at were made by them with links back to their site. Yes, the problem is that many people promote the Free Money System simply because it earns them a good commission. Very pleased to have helped you here though, Tom, and I wish you all the best with your search for a genuine online opportunity.
Than I got a call again by someone else tell me that I still can complete the registration by payment card that could be gain in my country post office.
I’m really pleased to have helped you here, and it sounds like you found my review at just the right time. Unfortunately the Free Money System program does prey on those in a vulnerable position so I am delighted that you avoided falling into their trap.
They are of course playing on words, but in my opinion it’s VERY wrong to trick people in this way. I am most grateful for letting this out to us all, I almost fell for it, but after inputing my email, and seeing that they put a deadline on registering, of which i know everyone just seeing the video will have same deadline and 7 people line, I suspected foul play, more so the video demonstration of the lady and Walter Green was vague and poorly presented. Yes, your experience highlights the fact that anyone can be sucked into the Free Money System if their situation requires a lift.
So glad to have been of some help to you and I wish you every success with your online ventures, Shabaz. So sorry to hear about the dreadful consequences for you and your family after getting involved with Walter Green’s Free Money System.
The first and most important thing I can suggest is that you contact your bank and ask them if your account is safe. Secondly, when you signed up to the Free Money System you would have picked one of three trading companies. If you need any further help with this then feel free to contact me using the contact link at the bottom of my website. Also be very wary of any emails that you get about activating your account with them – or any other money making account.
Hello Marcus, I used to hear of online scams and I ever imagined that it cannot happen to me.It almost did thanks to you.
Regarding a refund, I know from experience all of the brokers make you jump through a number of hoops when trying to get your money back. I believe this is a ploy to make you trade your cash (the easier option) rather than continue with the refund request. So to answer your question, you can get a refund but it will take to time and a certain amount of effort on your part. Thanks for the advice,I am very grateful to you for helping people,securing many accounts,because this people can empty accounts as easy as ABCD. Yes, the Free Money System is only interested in getting people to hand over the hard earned cash for a false dream. What you need to do is contact (either by email or phone) the trading company that you selected in the setup phase.
In addition, and this is important, contact your bank and ask them what you can do to block any further payments. Sorry to hear about the series of events that resulted in you visiting my website, but I am pleased that I was able to help you to avoid Walter Green’s scam. Hi Marcus im really worried i clicked on the free money system whilst registering i stopped to attend to something in less than 5minutes someone called me and i blindly and reluctantly gave away my credit card details but there was no funds at all so now my worry is since they have that information am i not at great risk in case i have money or what should i do now block and change the credit card and get a new one or what im really worried please help me sir. Recent comments to this post suggest that you definitely should contact your bank and get your card blocked.

I must be the latest fool to get suckered into Walter Greens free money scam and Yes … I feel bloody foolish. Your story is proof that once credit card details have been handed over, they WILL attempt to take money from your bank account.
Simon, I am really pleased that you found your way here and I was able to help you regarding the Free Money System. If you are in the binary options market, it is very important that you know what signals to look for. I noticed that there are certain signals that help people do well in this market, and knowing what to look for is the key to success. So while looking more about binary signals, one day I received an email that introduced me to the free money system. Since he was offering the free money system binary signals software for free, I took the opportunity and signed up without wasting any time. Few people reported me that they didn’t get access to the free money system even after depositing money into the recommended binary broker account recommended by them.
The problem I found after initial investigation was that they didn’t followed a step which was required to connect the software to the binary broker using API. STEP 3 – Once you have entered your email ID and submitted it, you will be taken to free money system members page where you will greeted by Mr. Once you have done step 4, you will receive email from free money system team to access the web based free money system software.
Overall, the free money system is a great binary signals service provider and the best part is that its free. If you have any questions regarding walter green free money system then simply use the comment form below to ask me anything and I’ll get back to you as early as possible. If I follow the steps listed above, I see an issue re the Broker being able to identify me because of the different email as advised in step 2. Once I registered in FMS, can I transact or use different computer in case I traveled to other country?
Within this review I will be showing you exactly how this scam works and why you need to stay away from ANY binary options trading software out there.
The Free Money System is a software that claims to make you win almost every time you make a binary trade.
Just like every single one of these scams, they all claim to be free, when we all know that nothing is ever free. I am really tired of doing reviews on these programs and even if I could make some money by telling you that it works, I’d rather not. The Free Money System works pretty simple and it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come up with a scam like this. I remember when I first started trying to make money online and how I fell for these scams. First of all, every single binary options trading software scam I’ve come across have nothing but fake owners. The Free Money System is no different and you will not make anything close to what they claim you will make. I have been in your shoes before and I know how it is to keep looking for something that really works. Click here to see a review of my #1 recommendation and see why this program will beat anything out there. It does require you to work and is not going to make you rich overnight, but you will see how your pay can add up very quickly. Hey john i leave in philippines I m Jeric Desilos, I am College Under Graduate and I’ve Like to join with your Job. I don’t have a job offering my friend, but you can checkout my #1 recommended way to making money online above.
Hyped claims: What if I told you that I would make you a millionaire in less than 3 months and for free?
You could have joined it on your own without Walter Green’s help and it would still offer you the same things. I’ve seen others, including the Push Button Millionaire, another popular binary options scam. But in my opinion, it’s the affiliate sites like Free Money System that are scams and should be avoided.
I wasn’t going to join the scheme, but thank you for pointing out the principles and pitfalls.
She asked me to give my card details for the $250 deposits, got skeptical and decided to check for the authenticity of whole thing and I came across your write up. When they asked me to get start with $350 AUD, I said that I will think about it and maybe let them know about it in 2 weeks.
Yet another video-based website offering me the chance to become a part of an exclusive club of individuals who earn a fortune online with just the few clicks of a mouse? A number of scam factors are present, and your focus is quickly fixed on the all singing and all dancing video that greets you.
In fact, he wastes no time in telling you that he has created 152 new millionaires, earning $189 million in pure profit – in the last 90 days. You also get to meet a variety of people who all claim to be millionaires thanks to the Free Money System.
This is how they generate what is likely to be a substantial and ongoing income from everyone that joins.
All of a sudden it is suggested that you rethink that already-excessive $200 entrance cost and invest much more (converts to $1680 – $8410 at the time of writing). If you do your hard earned cash will do just one thing…line the pockets of the people behind these programs. I did not think this was a scam as I did research the site and found raving reviews, but never came across your review until tonight, and you have answered my reality fear call. This has happened to others who have left a comment here, so make sure you get assurances from your bank.
I should have looked for more information and eventually found your blog – but too late!
The process of getting your money back from the broker is, as I understand it, a complicated one.
I had to wade through 6 pages of reviews to find your real one telling me exactly what I thought.
They have absolutely no idea what they program is about…they are only interested in making a fast buck. I had just watched the video of Free Money System and it was not make me a sense actually, I desperate for money but how can they insist to paid $200 in the same time Walter Green already had 48 millions in his pocket and feel guilty for don’t help people. Ignore all calls and emails because they only try to do ONE thing…take money from your pocket. Going through a rough patch made look at this a second time before loosing what i don’t even have. I have already transferred ?250 (of benefit money, which should be going on food for my 4 children) to them and sent them copies of my passport, a utility bill, my bank card, and signed a copy of a transaction report. Explain that you have paid an amount to them and ask if they can just withdraw from your account again.
I put my details in but didn’t deposit as I wanted 2 do some research and came across your page which saves me. It will start the whole process again, your phone will ring and you will be asked to deposit money.
Alarming indeed that the lady wanted to process the payment herself, but you did the right thing by blocking your card. Stand firm, provide all the necessary documents and eventually you should have your $200 back where it belongs. From experience and previous comments here I know they will ask you for a number of documents to prove you are who you are. Again, previous experiences with these scammers has proved that they will take money from your account if there is enough in there. In desperation I ignored the red flags and supplied bank details but was naive in thinking the registration hadn’t been completed. These are the actions of professional scammers taking advantage of innocent people who they have intentionally deceived. I did also get your email about this and will continue to discuss the outcome with you in private if you wish.
Many people who would claim to be NOT gullible have fallen for it and will continue to do so.

Unfortunately, I did not know this when I first started out, and that caused me to lose quite a bit of money.
I am finding binary signals to be an interesting topic, one that hopefully enables me to make lots of money!
In the video, a person named Walter Green explained how he is making great amount of money from binary trading and how his binary signals can help anyone who is interested in binary trading. Without paying anything, I was able to sign up for free money system and started receiving binary signals with which many traders have been seeing success and making money online.
So in total, I started with $500 in trading account and right now, after all the profits and losses, my account is having $1470 in balance which I can withdraw anytime into my bank account or continue trading with it. From thereafter, you will be guided how to use the system which is quite easy to use in my honest opinion.
I am getting average 81-85% winning trades and love talking to them on skype for any assistance. That’s why I laid out the steps because I know what kind of errors can happen and you are one such example who faced it.
You must follow the steps mentioned to get access to the system properly without any delay or errors. I had to do a review due to the fact that everyone and their mothers are trying to sell you something that doesn’t even work.
To dumb things down, this is nothing but gambling and you will probably do better if you don’t use their so called software. The difference with these guys is the fact that not only do you have to pay, but they hit you with a sales page almost immediately.
Not only am I not going to try and steal your money, I’m also not going to waste my time talking about everything this scam is not.
With their cheesy sales videos and their actors, it is all designed to target the completely uneducated.
You can’t find any information about these guys and anyone who has tried to get a refund has never got in touch with anyone.
These programs come with nothing but hype and you are better off trying your luck in roulette than investing into this scam. I have done reviews on over 10 of these programs so I know there are a lot of them out there. Put your credit card away and stay away from the Free Money System and any program similar to this. I have spent thousands of dollars trying to find something that works and I came up empty handed. Wealthy Affiliate is still my #1 recommendation for anyone trying to make money online and I have yet to see something very similar. I hope this review has helped you dodge another scam and hopefully I have also helped you find a way to really make money online. I am a proud father and I love spending time with my kids, so I found a way to make money online to allow me to do just that. It’s hard for people not to believe people because of their sneaky marketing nonsense, but this is why you should always look for reviews on products before you buy them. But unfortunately, I had lost both of my precious time and hard-earned money trading on this program.
If anyone was told or read this, they would probably laugh or tell me off, but that’s exactly what you see with Free Money System.
I actually live there and if you visit the site from a place other than NYC, you’re going to see your location listed there instead of NYC.
There are so many online scams when it comes to making money that it’s refreshing to meet someone who has the best interests of others at heart. And yes, unregulated sites have shady requirements to withdraw your money from, usually tied to bonuses.
Have you some advise on how I should proceed, Or should I just take the $250.00 hit as a lesson learned for being so stupid? I did call my bank and told them to issue me a new credit card in hoped that it would be not too late. They promised me they would give me a bonus of ?100 if I put in ?250 and that they would give me an app to do the trades for me.
This is very naughty of them because what they are basically doing is trying to keep your money.
In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Today, I’m going to review the free money system by Walter Green which I have been using from last few days and you will be amazed to know my findings by reading this free money system review. I was determined to get better at it, so I went online to search for ways to improve my binary option skills.
In this field, you have to enter an email ID which you haven’t used before on that website. You will see binary broker options where you should register because free money system is only compatible with them. If you are interested in free money system also, then make sure you go through the steps I mentioned above. If you are reading this then make sure you follow the steps given in my review to get access to free money system without any issue. They typically ask for proof of ID and basically make you jump through a series of hoops in the hope that you give up and go ahead and invest your $250. From the previous examples that I have been told about, they do get back to you eventually, but they will do all they can to NOT give your money back.
I also recommended it to my sister and she wants to see the video first before she will join.
I had decided to go to the bank in the morning and block the transaction but at 3am this morning my bank actually sent me a fraud warning. Make sure that while registering for the binary broker, you enter the same email ID which you used in Step 2. I did Step 1, 2, 3 and 4 depositing $250.00 with beeoptions but I have never received and email from FMS regarding to access the web base software and I have never received the bonus offer.
Or if you can, you can do all the steps again and do a chargeback on your previous transaction. Well through very simple programs, the site can identify your general location and list it there to make you think it’s credible.
This is totally unnecessary to be honest, and they do it to force you into trading your remaining $184 or taking a hit on your money. This kind of stuff really irritates the crap out of me especially that I know people are falling for this. BUT based on the claims Free Money System makes, you’re led to believe you can make 6 figures in just a few months. It has been over a week now and my deposit is at beeoptions but I would like to start trading. This is absolutely false, unless you get extremely lucky with your binary options and guess right enough times to earn that much. I have emailed them several times but despite contacting me within seconds of going on their website to join me up, they are now not quite so keen to communicate. They said they will try and get the money back for me but apparently 2 amounts had been withdrawn and for more than the minimum start up fee requested. I felt guilty to my sister for encouraging her to join and also to my daughter that I got scolded her.
The video by Walter says that he wants to help people who are down on their luck and help them become rich and that this is not like all the other promotions out there which turn out to be scams. I feel sorry for what I did and I thank them because they are the signs or way to know what is truth from MR.
I should have used that money to feed my children, who are all carers for me, despite all being in school. I cannot work due to my illness and disabilities and so now I have just stupidly given this company the money I should have used for food and bills for the next week or so.

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