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I only usually look iRacing promotions for the yearly renewal, but this time there is situation that allow new members subscribe to the service for the next 15 months with some extra content. In the last month or two, Steam released a new program that allowed you to sell your random Team Fortress 2 consumables to other players for Steam Wallet funds. But on a serious note, working in environments that require air contaminants to be contained can be a serious issue and harmful to individuals around your work environment.
At first I completely ignored this trading post of sorts because I hadn't played Team Fortress 2 for the better part of a year. If you are already member, then using the PRGetThe100Now will give you 100 dollars with a 75 dollars purchase. But then boredom took hold and I decided to look at it.Isn't that how all great adventures start though?
Acronyms are important in any industry, and going from the military to the civilian world can confuse most people.
Have a great week and feel free to comment with your experiences in infectious control or other acronyms that may be beneficial to those working in the structured cabling. With this in your bag, you must wait until Black Friday offer where the renewal usually down to 50 dollars.

You'll be scraping at the bottom of the barrel here with sales of one or two cents at a time.
You want at least eight cents before you go onto the next step.This image is the smallest!That next step is crate buying.
This might seem like the complete opposite thing you'd want to do after wasting so much time trying to make those eight pennies, but hear me out.
The thing about crates is everyone is just throwing them up onto the sale page without actually looking to see what they have. Most of those crates will be worthless just like yours, but not all of them.What you want to look for are crates with series numbers eight and lower. They'll all still be in that one to two cent range, but you can then turn around and sell them for between fifteen and twenty cents each. Also, if you get a series one crate,those sell for about a $1 each so keep an eye out!  Working Up The Totem PoleI'll be honest with you, a majority of your time will be spent trying to buy and sell those series 8 and lower crates. But now that you've got a dollar or two in your account, you can start spending a little extra. Keep buying those series crates of course, but now you need to keep a look out for consumables like paint buckets, nametags and Mann vs Machine tickets.This image is slightly largerThese things will run you between twenty and eighty cents depending on which ones you start buying, but if you keep an eye on market prices you should be able to spot the underpriced ones with relative ease.

Things work just like with the series crates you've been buying; you'll just be dealing with larger sums of money now. But now that you've been at this for a few hours you've probably made a few dollars for yourself.
Or you could go into the end game and start getting the good money.The big money can be found in key sales.
The amounts of money you'll be gaining in profit are still relatively small, usually only thirty to forty cents, but it'll build up quickly. This might have changed since I did my buying and selling, but it is certainly a number to keep in mind since you don't want to waste all of your sales on low ticket items. This is where you make your final stand.Once you hit the twenty dollar mark you're going to want to look for salvaged crates.
A small amount for all the work I did, but certainly nothing to scoff at seeing as I went in with nothing at the start.I wish you the best of luck if you try to use the Steam marketplace for your own adventure, and as always, I thank you all for reading.

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