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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! You can use a money sign icon to design a logo for a financial website or use it in t-shirt designs. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. A complete forensic investigation of the Gilmer County Board of Education is absolutely in order.
The spending irregularities under the auspices of the West Virginia Board of Education will top and all of the Logan County Wedding Bell Blues, Mr. Just keep giving Charleston educators a pass to continue their unbridled incompetence with our tax dollars. From the entry: 'Manchin Tours Gilmer County Elementary School and Participates in Ribbon Cutting Ceremony'.
Walked out saying he supported smaller schools then put his wife on WVBOE to eliminate them.
There is a simple way to get a handle on waste, mismanagement, and corruption resulting in money the WVBOE lost for Gilmer County.
Count up all the County’s money spent in Lewis County for the Leading Creek school and all other money spent at a loss within the County up to the time the Cedar Creek site was abandoned. Consider the total sum as loss by the WVBOE because the new school was built on donated land at Hays City, and the enormous loss prior to going there would not have occurred had the school been built at Hays City in the first place. Wanna bet that the WVBOE will do creative accounting to put a positive spin on the loss to claim that it was actually an investment to be in the asset category?
Watch and see that financial records for use in an accurate accounting of the total loss will go missing as part of a cover up.
We need an investigative reporter to come in to dig deep into the waste, mismanagement, and corruption to expose what the WVBOE did wrong to Gilmer County.
The reason this has not been done is the long arm of those in the County who orchestrated the mess in the first place and they have political power to keep the lid on. Why is it that Facemire, Boggs, and the others won’t get the WV Legislature Special Investigations Commission involved to expose facts for Crooked Run and other ways that public money was wasted during your County’s intervention? How many times on video tapes have we observed Gilmer’s board members requesting financial information to be turned down by the State? One of GD’s standard practices is to hand out a flurry of papers during meetings to make it impossible for board members to have time to adequately evaluate finances. Notice that when things go wrong in WV’s school systems it is Board of Educations that get charged with improprieties. The State’s censorship of meeting minutes and control of what gets on monthly agendas is common knowledge in Gilmer County. If proper oversight had been in effect in Boone and Logan Counties school boards there could have stayed out of trouble.
That failure includes inaction in allowing the critically important practice of full access to information for the school board, and the existence of effective checks and balances.
West Virginia legislators are either controlled by,  or afraid of the West Virginia Department of Education. Hanshaw, Facemire, Boggs and Romano held a town hall meeting at the Gilmer Senior Center a few months back. Half of the meeting discussion centered around the West Virginia Board of Education and their failures. How can we continue to support the Democrat party in West Virginia?  They no longer seem to represent voter wishes? Accountability, transparency through fiduciary oversight of the superintendent by the local BOE is a necessity. The two articles lend mightily to the argument for need of a forensic audit here to cover the entire gambit of the WVDOE’s post intervention spending to include Crooked Run and Leading Creek Elementary SNAFUs, no bid purchasing to preferred vendors, under building of Gilmer Elementary in a flood plain, and everything else.
It is no secret that financial information after intervention has been a closely guarded secret in Gilmer County with Charleston in control of our school system. If there is nothing to hide how can the secrecy be justified unless there is something to fear? Why did the investigation attributed to actions of Delegate Bob Ashley, now Senator Ashley, fall through with involvement of the WV Legislature’s Commission of Special Investigations? Perhaps the GFP will print the two Gazette articles to inform Gilmer County why vigilance over school finances is needed.
They are related to individuals employed elsewhere in the school system, they have close ties to families of those employees, and their friends live in the intervened county. It is common for the central office employees to have ties to elected school board members too. Most central office employees resent intervention because of those strong ties and their normal support for a community under the State’s yoke. Besides, the employees have severely limited opportunities for other good paying jobs to make them feel vulnerable. State-installed supers know what they face so they manipulate by awarding huge pay raises to their staffs to buy loyalty while deserving teachers and support personnel don’t get a dime.

Central office employees who get pay raises are expected to follow WVDOE policy to keep information from elected school boards and not to cooperate with boards as ways to protect the State. Employees who don’t play the go along game are not given raises and they are warned not to give out information and to cooperate with school boards or they will be fired.
I was reminded of Mussolini, the Italian dictator during World War II, who would fold his arms, stick out his large chin and glare over the heads of his audience. Citizens know that GD is paid out of proportion for his duties and responsibilities compared to a super’s compensation in counties with larger school systems with some of them 10X or more the size of ours.
What about pay of individuals in the County’s central office after intervention occurred? Shouldn’t the details be public information to enable citizens to know if everyone in our school system is treated fairly? Pay increases should apply to everyone when WVBOE intervention occurs instead of everything going to central office employees.
All the detractors seem to have shrunk back into the shadows now.  Did they come to realize progress is not such a bad thing after all? Wonder how much unused and unneeded equipment there is in Gilmer County including our school system? Don’t hold your breath waiting on the WVBOE to audit what happened with school system purchases. CHARLESTON, WV a€“ Governor Earl Ray Tomblin today unveiled a new public-private initiative, a€?RISE West Virginia,a€? aimed at strengthening flood-impacted communities by providing grants to affected small businesses. In addition to Smitha€™s personal support of RISE West Virginia, his company has committed to providing flood-impacted small businesses free products a€“ such as QuickBooks accounting, point-of-sale devices, and merchant payment services a€“ along with free training to help them get back up and running.
Governor Tomblin said the goal is for the program to reach a minimum of $2 million from a combination of private donations and state dollars that otherwise could have been part of the Racetrack Modernization Fund. Grants of up to $10,000 will be awarded to eligible small businesses based on need and recommendations from a review committee, which may designate larger awards as special circumstances warrant. Councilwoman Huffman complimented the water department for their time and assistance with a water leak in her home late one night. Councilman Fisher made a motion to hire a part time parking officer at 20 hours per week at $9 per hour. America saw a divided party Wednesday night, though what it was divided over wasna€™t evident if you havena€™t been paying close attention. But Cruz made that historically unprecedented declaration after delivering a speech that was perfectly in line with Donald Trumpa€™s campaign. The person who really disagrees with Trump is his vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence, who said in December that a€?calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. Pence joined the ticket despite these major difference because he concluded it served his interest. The party is mostly divided between those inside the hall and those who refused to come to Cleveland.
There is definitely political space to be seized by a Republican anticipating a Trump loss.
When Trump visited Charleston before the state primary, the coal industry group, Friends of Coal, gave him a white hard hat to wear at his event. Many critics have pointed out that Trump has not said how he would bring back the mining jobs. CHARLESTON, WV a€“ After fighting both court and legislative battles over life insurance companies who balked at turning over unclaimed funds, State Treasurer John Perduea€™s office saw such firms surrender $3.7 million in fiscal year 2016 to the Unclaimed Property Division. That number is precisely half of the $7.4 million comprising all types of insurance-related reports in fiscal 2016, which ended on June 30.
The life insurance reports also indicate companies had determined beneficiaries were due proceeds and could not be located, triggering the handover to unclaimed property. The Treasurer filed suit in 2012, contending that life insurance companies are bound to either pay out life insurance benefits upon death or turn the assets over to the state if beneficiaries cannot be found. By June 2013, the insurance policy amounts remitted, or turned over, stood at $1.3 million.
In the latter scenario, lawmakers determined life insurance companies should be required to use Social Securitya€™s Death Master File to ascertain if certain policy holders were still alive. As for all remittances a€“ unclaimed assets turned over by holders of unclaimed property a€“ fiscal 2016 checked in at $29.6 million, an all-time high. In the area of unclaimed property returned to rightful owners, Treasurer Perduea€™s office processed claims of $13.8 million for 2016, nearly setting a fiscal year record.
Counties under the federal disaster declaration are Clay, Fayette, Greenbrier, Jackson, Kanawha, Lincoln, Monroe, Nicholas, Pocahontas, Roane, Summers and Webster. We need independent outside investigators who won’t fear retaliation from their bosses for telling it like it is.
Gilmer County should be on the list too with all that happened to you during the past six years with the WVBOE in control.
Censorship, loyalty buying, cover up, and other forms of dictatorial abuse of power with pretense that it is done for children.
He started out calmly, stepping back to let his last words of wisdom settle over the audience.

Have those employees received higher pay raises than teachers and support staffs in our schools? One, it is not just the president: it takes the act of congress and even then we have the supreme court.
As for waste of funds, I would rather to see the poor in our country get it rather than military complex with all the created wars. The program is being co-sponsored by West Virginia native Brad Smith, Chairman and CEO of Intuit, one of the worlda€™s leading financial software companies.
Interested donors will be asked to contact the West Virginia Development Office, and small businesses will apply through the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce, which is partnering with the state to make the program possible. To be considered, small businesses must be located in one of the 12 counties included in the federal disaster declaration, have had a verifiable and operational business at the time of the June 2016 flooding, and be in good standing with the state.
He thinks Trump is a pretender to the cause, or he remains angry at how Trump personally insulted him, his wife and his father a€“ or both. Either he becomes VP now or, more likely, he positions himself as a Trump-friendly party leader who can pick up the pieces of a broken party after a stinging defeat.
They are mainly divided over whether the party should accept Americaa€™s multiculturalism or fight it. But by echoing Trump attacks on immigrants, Cruz is on the wrong side of demographic history. But the leader who can pick up the pieces in December, while leaving the bigoted ones on the ground, is the leader who can actually fix whata€™s broken.
One delegate, Ron Walters - member of the West Virginia state House of Delegates and a Trump supporter - said they received that honor because it presents a picture of strong support for Donald Trump. West Virginia has been trending Republican - and voting that way in presidential elections - since the end of the last Clinton presidency.
All the delegation is in line with the Trump program, a hundred percent supportive,a€? Walters said. They note that given the low price of gas and the fact that easy-to-mine coal is gone, Trump is almost certainly making an empty promise. A report to the state unclaimed property program is an acknowledgment that a company is not the rightful holder of such assets and is surrendering those assets to the state Treasury. Such companies had previously maintained they were not required to perform that function and only forced to do so if claims were filed. An endowment policy is a life insurance contract designed to pay a lump sum after a specific term (when it has a€?matureda€?) or on the death of the insured. As the healing process continues, these Department of Labor funds will supplement existing efforts to help families and communities across our state get back on their feet. Department of Labor on July 01 for National Dislocated Workers Grant funds, and Governor Tomblin sent a letter to Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Martirano have not done one thing that we know of to improve how Gilmer County is treated during intervention. Then back to the microphone to steadily increase the intensity of his rhetoric, until his followers were completely under his spell. The review committee will look at each businessa€™s commitment to retaining or creating jobs, among other considerations. Trumpa€™s not a negative campaigner, hea€™s just a€?a little rough with politicians on a stage,a€? which is fine because a€?Ia€™ve seen this good man up close.a€? He promised Trump would a€?secure our bordersa€? but he left out Cruza€™s embrace of the wall. Cruz wants to pick up those same pieces; he just thinks hea€™s better positioned if he hugs Trumpa€™s right-wing populist views, while keeping his hands clean of the Trump campaign train wreck. The latter choice is electoral suicide, but thata€™s the choice that the bitter and bigoted in the Republican ranks a€“ like Rep. If the Republican Party passes its baton to him in 2020, the party wouldna€™t dig out of its current hole. Walters, like many members of his party, was sharply critical of President Barack Obama’s environmental policies.
The $3.7 million remittance in 2016 followed a Treasurera€™s Office State Supreme Court of Appeals victory on the issue in June 2015 and a legislative triumph this past session. Remittances to the Treasury of those policies rose to $1.2 million in fiscal 2016, up from $645,000 in fiscal 2013. Perez on July 12 underscoring the critical need to support West Virginia workers and communities as quickly as possible. Three, do not listen to the ones who have learned to play with idiots’ mind for their own gain and profit with their scare tactics.
Department of Labor to offer 250 temporary jobs for flood disaster clean-up activities in the 12 counties under the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) disaster declaration. I will continue to work with our federal partners to ensure that West Virginians are given the resources they need to rebuild stronger than ever,“ said Rep.

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