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Get your OWN people search engine, advertised in Google and Yahoo, that earns YOU affiliate commissions every time people get results! The more I learn about sustainable living, the more convinced I become that everyone can grow fresh food at home. For the most part, growing veggies in containers is the same as growing them directly in the ground or a raised bed. To make sure your plants get the nutrients they need, I recommend starting with good quality compost.
After your plants are established (are showing their true leaves), you’ll want to give them with a natural fertilizer. If you intend to use the same containers over and over again, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to soil fertility. You can also add nutrients to your container by adding a layer of woody debris – such as broken branches, twigs or even small logs – to the bottom of your container. Another benefit of adding woody debris to your container is that it helps to retain moisture.
Don’t feel like you need to use a giant log in your 12” pot – just a handful of fallen sticks from the yard will help!
Because containers can dry out easily, try mulching the top to keep the soil cool and water from evaporating. And lastly, because moisture management is so important in container gardening, you’ll want to invest in a moisture meter. When choosing a location for your container garden, sunlight is another huge consideration. As you ponder how to incorporate these tips into your own container garden, take a peep at some of these neato ideas for inspiration. I’m working right now on a custom container gardening plan for growing lots of things like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, carrots, potatoes and herbs. You can get great tips for eating healthy, saving money and buying local sent directly to your email.

He has such a calm and warm demeanor that allows the client to feel very safe and comfortable.
Not everyone can have the same 1,500 square feet of garden space that we have here at Arcadia Farms, but even renters and apartment dwellers can grow a significant amount of food in a container garden.
Because the soil in your container is more likely to become compacted over time, mixing in some vermiculite would also be preferable.
Good choices are fish emulsion (diluted in water per the bottle’s directions) or an organic soil amendment (such as Jobes organic tomato and vegetable fertilizer.) Fertilize every 1 to 2 weeks after your plants begin to show their true leaves. As wood breaks down it acts like a sponge, attracting water and then releasing it slowly into the surrounding soil as needed. These sticks will also help provide some air pockets for drainage at the bottom of the container which is of critical importance in container planting.
If your container is large enough, you may consider using an olla to reduce the amount of time you spend on watering.
For $5-$10 you can find something like this (image at left) which takes the guesswork out of whether or not to water – just stick the probes into the soil and you’ll find out how much moisture is already present.
It is very easy to open up to Mariano, which is a key element in him being able to coach effectively. With less soil, you’ll need to pay close attention to your plants nutritional needs (small space means soil nutrients can be used up more readily). There are also many ready-mixed organic garden soils that provide a good supply of nutrients while still being lightweight. Fall is a good time to do this so that the materials have time to breakdown over the winter. This is the primary function of wood in hugelkultur – a system where raised bed gardens are built over piles of well-rotted (spongy) wood to help retain moisture and reduce (or eliminate) the need for irrigation. Plus if you have easy access to your cherry tomatoes and snap beans, you (and your family) will be more likely to grab a few for a snack or dinner than if you have to wander far from the back door. Once you open up to him he is able to grasp the situation and coach you based on your values to help you reach your goals.
If you’re convinced that growing some of your own food would be beneficial but are hesitant to rent a rototiller and start digging up your backyard, consider starting with a container garden.
You’ll also need to keep a close eye on moisture (it’s easy to over or underwater a container garden).

You can accomplish this by adding grass clippings, shredded leaves, table scraps, store-bought or homemade compost. To determine the best location for each crop, check out the info on the back of the seed packet.
Is the sunniest spot in the yard also in the path of your pets and kids – you’ll need a plan to keep them from being toppled over. Today I want to share some tips with you on how to make your container garden a successful one. I even read that one blogger found better success with logs placed vertically than horizontally, essentially because the grain of the log acted like a straw for moisture to move up and down. Once you’ve identified your shade-loving plants and your sun-loving plants, you can devise a plan for each group. Another way to keep bunnies and other critters away from your veggies is to interplant smelly things to deter them – chives, garlic, marigolds and rosemary are good options. Just like an in-ground garden, plants of the same family ‘eat’ certain nutrients in the soil. You may even be able to use your large sun-loving plants to provide shade to your shade-loving plants. If you continue to plant the same type of plant in the same container, over time the nutrients necessary for the healthy growth of that plant will be depleted. Shade-lovers staged on the east side of sun-lovers will get plenty of morning sun but will be shielded from harsher afternoon rays.
To avoid this issue, rotate similarly sized containers through various crops of different plant families. If your season and container are conducive to this, consider sowing some manner of nitrogen-fixing crop after your summer veggies are spent. This cover crop will keep weeds from inhabiting your container over the cooler months and will also add nitrogen to the soil.

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