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By Nicole 18 Comments This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of My Dolphin Show.  All views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in any way. My Dolphin Show is a fun, free app in which you get to swim, play and perform tricks like a real dolphin! The faster you are able to do these tricks the more points you receive but if it takes several tries coins are taken away from you. The points turn into coins which allows the player to purchase costumes like a fairy, princess, clown fish,  shark, golden dolphin and more! Once my eight year old started playing this game my six-year-old wanted to play it so the game is installed on not only their tablets but my iPad and iPhone too!
My Dolphin Show is a fun, FREE app in which you get to swim, play and perform tricks like a real dolphin! We are always looking for new apps to try, and this one looks like both of my kids would love it.

This dolphin app looks adorable~ It is so very colorful and cool looking I am sure my little niece would have a blast playing this. The Dolphin Show is very engaging and teaches kids how to follow directions with a fun incentive at the end for their dolphin character. Over time, your dolphin will complete different tricks that increase in difficulty, allowing you to gain more points as the game continues. It has been created with the purpose of teaching kids from 8-12 the joys of rudimentary coding where they try to make programming concepts as visual, bright and fun as possible, rather than boring with actual code and strict syntax.
My two-year old son figured out how to play it very quickly and enjoys playing with it too! As a kid-friendly app, you can play along with your children and share quality bonding time in an entertaining and safe way. Would you like to take care of this cutest baby mermaid and accompany her grow up?She’s going to have her first birthday.

While developed for both boys and girls in mind, Hopscotch’s founders, Jocelyn Leavitt and Samantha John, are hoping that this app will help bring more girls to the world of programming.They claim that while boys might get into programming because of their love for video games, girls might be driven by other motivations, with John stating that “Girls love creating things,” and have created the app to be bright, cute and fun to attract girls, without the overall app feeling too “girly”.
My kids have not just educational apps installed on their tablets but other fun games as well.
It’s a very user-friendly game to play, each board has arrows showing the player what tasks needs to be done to move on.
They get bored with some of these games and delete them and ask my husband or I to install new ones quite frequently.
Also Mermaid Makeup Salon view describe in this game so full enjoy Princess Mermaid lovers.

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