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The currency site provides free exchange rates information, currency tools, and low-cost forex trading. A currency converter calculator is used by traders to calculate the current rates of any two or more currencies.
Many currency converter calculators are web-based or use the internet to gather rate updates.
For those who are just planning a trip abroad, or who are planning to do business with a foreign company, such real-time rates are not necessary.
The mobile currency converter is also useful for Forex traders who often like to check on the current rates even when they are involved in other activities. Some websites even allow you to compare different calculators and provide reviews of the offerings available.
You may want to double check to make sure that the currency calculator you choose is working correctly by comparing the rates with those listed on a major news website. Hi Everyone, Welcome to our small world of learning, reading, sharing and exploring knowledge.
An annuity is a financial contract created by you and an insurance company that ensures you have a steady income in the future.
Finance Advice Live – a blog that helps you to take the best care of your financial issues. The converted currency value will be displayed on your page.The website provides with scores of other features like Currency Charts, Travel Expense Calculator, Forex News, Personal Currency Assistant, Wireless Currency Services, etc. Qonverter is a 3 in 1 application which functions as a unit and currency converter and also as a calculator.
Calculator: Qonverter houses a powerful scientific calculator which is preloaded with lots of mathematical functions.
Unit converter: Qonverter has a big database of unit conversions so that you find the one which you want to convert. Currency converter: Using Qonverter you can easily convert from one currency to another without any problems.
Apart from this, it provides an advanced scientific calculator that you can use to solve complex mathematical expressions.
Apart from automatically converting currency of a particular country with multiple countries, you can also select Quick Converter option (one to one conversion).
FinanceCalc is also a useful currency converter software that provides a graph to check the daily exchange rates of multiple currencies. Apart from this main task, this software is helpful to check exchange rate history and line chart of history rates. Its setup file is around 1 MB in size and it requires Adobe Air to install and work successfully. CurrencyCalculator (also known as CurrencyCalc) is the last and simplest software in this list.
Today, we will discuss about 5 best  currency converter apps and exchange rate widgets to track exchange rates which includes Exchange Rates app; one of the most popular one, Currency Convert app to convert currencies and track exchange rates, Currency Exchange Rates app, and more. Exchange Rates is a free Android app to track exchange rates of currencies of different countries on Android. Remember: Before checking the exchange rate of one country versus other country, ensure that both the countries are added in the country list provided on the home screen of the app.
XE Currency is a free Android exchange rate app to track current exchange rate of different countries on Android. Currency Exchange Rates is a free Android exchange rate app to track current exchange rates and convert currencies on Android. Currency Converter is a free Android exchange rate app to track and convert exchange rate on Android.
Currency trading is also known as foreign exchange (Forex) and traders must be able to check rates that are regularly updated because the market fluctuates rapidly.
A web-based calculator is hosted by a service provider who may or may not charge for the service. Due to the volatile nature of the Forex markets, currency traders are generally day traders and must be constantly aware of changes in rates and market conditions.

Indeed, the rates can change so much from day to day that the rates must be used with leeway when planning for anything in the future.
Although the mathematical calculations are simple and straightforward, the visual presentation of calculators can vary significantly. The web-based calculators can be free or fee-based and will vary in the frequency that they update their rates. A converter widget allows them to program what rates they are most interested in so they can quickly scan the latest data without having to load the application or press any keys. In most cases, online and PC-based calculators are free but mobile apps often require a fee. Visit us daily to have the best and latest information & news from the web and get solutions your all financial issues. The site provides users with updated foreign exchange values and a quick converter that has every currency value enlisted in it. The site is available in different languages, including English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French, etc. Do you feel really awkward when someone asks you how many meter square of area make one acre?
The application updates latest exchange rates in a single click so that you can always stay latest.
All these software keep updating the exchanged rates, so you will get the latest and current exchange rates with a slight delay.
It supports more than 150 currencies, which is simply a huge number. No other software in this list supports so many currencies. While running it for the first time, it will prompt you to update the currency list, so that it will show the correct results. Apart from this, it also provides feature to select input currency, enter amount, and set output currency to check the exchange rate.
Many a times you need to convert currencies and track current exchange rates of many countries. This Android Exchange Rates app is one of the popular app in Google Play Store to track exchange rates on Android.
If you don’t find any one country in the app list, then add the country by pressing the options menu button on your Android, and then tapping on “Add Country” option. This Android Currency Exchange Rates app is nice and helpful app that provides the list of currency rates and a smart converter. You just have to select the native country in the left side and other country in the right side of the converter. You just have to select the native country and other country in which you want to convert the currency. This currency converter is a widget app which provides customizable exchange rate widget on Android. This Android exchange rate widget app a simple app to put an exchange rate widget on Android home screen.
Calculators can also be used for other purposes including making international purchases or for other international financial transactions, or when planning travel to a foreign country. Other calculators that use online connections are downloaded and installed on your computer and use your internet connection to remotely update currency rates.
Many serious Forex investors use dedicated communication links that provide more real-time results, but this option is more expensive. Basically though, calculators allow you to enter an amount in one currency for conversion into another currency. Fortunately, many smart phones and other mobile devices come equipped with built-in currency calculators.
We do not have to force yourself to achieve good results too, because no matter how small our contribution, it could still be measured from the benefits provided to others.
The site refreshes after ?xed time intervals in order to change the updated conversion values. If you do no ?nd the amount in this list then click “More currencies available” at the bottom of the list.

The conventional look of a calculator is maintained and unit and currency conversions are also designed user friendly. Apart from their main task, these software provides different interesting features as well.
Using its unit converter feature, you can select any available parameter (Angle, Area, Density, Force, Frequency, etc.) and convert it into desired output format. Google Play Store has many exchange rate and currency converter apps which has made possible to track exchange rates on Android. Now, enter the amount which you want to convert in the left side below the native country icon. Now enter the amount for which you want the exchange rate and you will see the converted currency on your Android.
With this currency converter widget app, you can easily select your native country and other country against which you want to check the exchange rate. The widget displays the currency rates of two countries which includes a base country and other country. If you have MS Excel, you can even create your own calculator and there are online tutorials that will show you how step by step. In the “To this currency” dropdown list, select the currency to which you want to convert the original amount.
You just have to select your native country, enter the amount for which you want to see the exchange rate, and then tap on “ok”.
You just have to tap on the country currency against which you want to know the currency rate of some other country in the list.
As soon as you enter the amount, the converter will convert the amount in the currency of other country selected. You can easily access and check the list of all currencies and their exchange rate as per the value you enter. Qonverter is a cool application worth more than a try for students, business men and other office staff. Many of the software support a lot of currencies, provide calculator, let you export results to PC, etc.
The app will display a calculator like window on Android screen which really has a basic calculator to calculate the final amount. Select the country, enter the amount for which you want to track exchange rate, and then tap on “ok” to get the exchange rate.
If you have selected US dollar as the base currency and selected the amount or number as “2”, then the app will display the exchange rate bases on the amount or number of all the currencies versus US dollar. For example, if you have set base as Indian currency, then the app shows the currency rates of different countries versus Indian currency.
Downloaded programs are often in the form of widgets that can appear continuously on your display screen keeping you updated on the latest currency rates. All the currencies which you see are the converted numbers of the amount you entered according to your native country. You will see the list of converted currencies of different countries on your Android phone.
You can also check the value of the amount by reversing the countries in the converter app by one touch reverse button.
If you don’t find the two countries in the country list of the app, then tap on options menu button and then add currencies of the countries you want to track.
Along with US dollar, the app also display converted exchange rates of other countries too.

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