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What’s odd is how few people know about them, let alone actually enable them on their WinPCs.
This is the set of Gizmos that Microsoft includes with Windows 7, including a calendar, clock, cpu performance meter, currency converter, weather display and news headline. The user interface for gadgets is a bit weird, so you’ll need to know that there are no controls or options.
My windows 7 was automatically updated by Microsoft without so much as a do you mind a few weeks ago.
On Windows 7, right click on the digital clock at the lower right corner which opens a pop-up. When I open the gadgets window I get a selection of gadgets but not the clock, and any offer from Windows to get more gadgets online is just a sly way of trying to get you to upgrade to windows 10.
OK, so now that gadgets have been discontinued by Microsoft, how do we have a simple, non-dangerous, analog clock on the desktop?
We’ll be updating this list of “Best Free iPhone Apps you must have on your iDevice” regularly. Apple iPhone is one of the revolutionary device that which played the crucial role in the uplift of the Market Range of SmartPhones.
Facebook and Twitter are having their own official apps, but this app is capable of bringing even more Social Networking sites together and helps us to stay connected with all our Online Friends which makes this application one of the must have iPhone apps for Social Networking addicts. The effects with 100% customizing freedom for the users with specially designed custom filters like Earlybird, Rise, Amaro, Hudson, Sutro, Hefe, 1977, Vintage, Brannan and many more. You can carry any files or folders on the go; e-mail attachments can be saved in the Dropbox too. Evernote is one of the best free iPhone Apps that converts your iPhone into your second brain, allowing you to note down everything in your life like ideas, biography, must-do notes, etc. After saving your notes, you can sync your notes in iPhone to your PC and also you can align them based on their priority. It is one of the best free iPhone apps you must have that is capable of providing translations for over 60+ languages using the Google Translate for iOS. You can also list to the translations spoken loudly in over 24 languages and also it allows you to check out your translation history regardless whether you are online or offline.
It is one of the best app that helps you to plan a perfectly optimized trip which provides you the reviews of the real traveler, photos, maps, user views, and also the forums. Not only just reading the opinion and organizing our trip, it also provides us the valuable information about the Cheapest Flights, Hotels, Restaurants and even the most attractive spots that you must visit on your vacation. It is compatible with any of the H264 devices and if you are want to make video calls, Skype app is the must have iPhone apps for you. It is one of the most trusted Dictionary and Thesaurus app used my huge deal of iPhone users and it also doesn’t need any Wi-Fi connectivity for your phone. It also includes other features like voice to text searching, Popular word of the day helps you to know one word a day, Spelling recommendations, phonetic suggestions and many more. It is one of the best iPhone app for lovers who can share over 2000+ amazing thoughtful love quotes.
XE Currency can convert huge deal of world currencies into live currency rate and also it is loaded with over 30,000+ currency charts for historic rates and it also works even when the Internet doesn’t.

In addition to the fun and useful apps that are available there are also lots of businesses starting their own apps for users. All these 15 iPhone apps really good but in this list I like Find My iPhone and Google Translate more.
Apple iPhones are good when used with 3G services but they can only be found in urban cities. All these Apps for our the Iphones works really well as they look Gorgeous and Mind Blowing.
I don’t know if there are third party apps or what, but I just want a clock on the top right of my desktop. These desktop Gadgets are intended to be little widgets or gizmos that serve a single, simple purpose and can be scattered throughout your desktop, showing things like system performance, the weather, or even a ticker with the latest news from your favorite RSS-friendly Web site. Seems like a bit of a failed experiment to me, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not cool and useful!
All surprisingly helpful, particularly if you have a nice big screen with lots of real estate. Yup, click on that and you’ll find that there are a number of third-party developers that have created free gadgets for Windows 7 that are ready to install at the click of a button. Because 1) I have the taskbar autohide 2) I prefer analog 3) I don’t want hackers crawling in through my CLOCK (?!?
In our previous articles, we’ve dealt with Android Apps, iPad Apps and now we jumped into best free iPhone Apps. It is one of the best All-in-One app for Social Networking via your iDevice for sites like Facebooks, Twitter, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Myspace, Jabber, iChat and many more. While some other effects like Linear and Radial Tilt-Shift added extra weight for this app. So, if you are wondering to search something around the web from your iPhone, this app will help you to bookmark, save images, multiple searching methods and many exciting features makes it one of the must have iPhone apps for everybody.
It is a free application and gives a continuous flow of music while you have to fiddle in other applications.
Not only the text, you can make use of Evernote for almost all possible remembrances which helps you in keeping track of notes to ideas to photos to audio notes. You can also record voice as well as audio notes. This app not only translates the text, but also it is capable of translating the speaking text in 17 languages without typing. You can remotely lock your device which makes it one of the top free iphone apps and this makes your device pretty safe. It is one of the most reliable iPhone App for Travellers loaded with more than 50 Million reviews. You can Call, Video Call or even message instantly to anyone on the Skype from your iPhone. Just shake your iPhone to reset or refresh the rates and also you can convert rates without internet access. If you are looking to buy a used car which is in like new condition then have a browse on the new app for free.
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I’ve used a couple of things on this list even today (evernote, dropbox) but I think there are a couple of other options I am going to check out. Most of the village sides and sub urban ones are still using the 2G services and iPhones are not good with that. People always give me crap for using it (Call me a hipster LOL) but I could care less, Instagram should be #1 on your list! The number corresponding to the day appears in the calendar in a blue background slightly covered with ice. Volume Control Mod helps you tune the volume to the right loudness for you to enjoy your music and all you have to do is drag the rocker back and forth. I now cant establish the remote connection to my work network – to do this I would apparently have to downgrade again to Windows 7.
In the current generation, iPhones are becoming a crazy gadget and we can call it as a technological rage. Now in this article we’ll check out the list of 15 Top Free iPhone apps that you must have. It is one of the best Camera App for your iPhone that converts every element into pretty simple by creating fun. This is voted as the Top Best iPhone Apps you must have for productive management. It helps in offline viewing of your files.
Other exciting features like saving, editing, synchronizing and sharing files makes it one of the must have iPhone apps for organizing your day. It is one of the top free iphone apps to have to translate language even without having 3G or Wi-Fi network.
This is rated as one of the Top Free iPhone Apps for organizing your travel options. It even allows you to book tickets, but also helps us to findout the cheapest flights options as well.
This is a must have Top free iPhone apps and I don’t hesitate to list it in my best free iPhone apps list that you must have.
Apple iPhone 4S and higher models are very poor in case of supporting the features and the applications of the broadband in most of the places and they are definitely not as good as Nokia N8 and above models of the Nokia. This gadget also comes with a large variety fo background substrates to suit your wallpaper. With the increase in demand for iPhone, even the number of iPhone apps are increasing day by day. This application is fit to be used during winter seasons and or Christmas seasons to give you the feel of the celebration. There are currently more than 5 million applications available in the market which explains about the importance and the demand of Apple iPhone. You can share your photos with your friends on many popular Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare and Posterous.

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