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Le Pokedex 3D Pro comprend aussi un mode Challenge, qui propose divers quiz sur les Pokemon.
Il est disponible sur le Nintendo e-Shop Europeen au prix de 14,99€[1] et occupe 3350 blocs sur la carte SD. La principale fonctionnalite du jeu est de pouvoir consulter les fiches Pokedex de tous les Pokemon connus.
Le jeu supporte la Realite Augmentee, qui permet au joueur de voir devant lui (s'il presente devant la console de petits sceaux RA Pokemon) les Pokemon, et toutes les fonctionnalites interactives du Pokedex sont disponibles aussi en mode RA. Il est possible de transferer des fiches de Pokedex via StreetPass, ou d'en recevoir par SpotPass.
Le jeu est dote d'un systeme independant de mise a jour, pour installer des mises a jour mineures pour le logiciel. Le Pokedex propose egalement un mode Dictionnaire des Capacites, qui permet d'etudier la puissance, la precision, les PP de base, la categorie, l'effet, les Pokemon pouvant l'apprendre et autres caracteristiques de toutes les attaques du jeu.
Le Defi Pokemon est un petit quiz interactif qui est propose dans le jeu, qui permet de se perfectionner dans sa connaissance des Pokemon.
A l'instar du Cadeau Mystere dans les jeux Pokemon de la serie principale, Pokedex 3D Pro permet de debloquer des fonctionnalites avec des codes secrets.
Le code europeen pour deverrouiller Meloetta a ete rendu public le 22 Mars 2013, a l'occasion de la distribution en Cadeau-Mystere du meme Pokemon pour Pokemon Noir et Blanc et Pokemon Noir et Blanc 2.
Le contenu est disponible sous licence Paternite-Pas d'Utilisation Commerciale-Partage des Conditions Initiales a l'Identique 3.0 sauf mention contraire.
Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. The 3DS can utilize the convenience of QR codes as 3DS owners can use it to download new Miis, new content and many more.
When someone receives your data via StreetPass, select information will be available to them. We have tested this Nintendo Wii Points Generator Tool for more many days now and its working perfectly for us. In the above video you can see full recommended process of use our Nintendo Wii Points Generator and you don’t have to learn lots of things to use it.
After watching above video you will know the exact method to use this generator tool and their is nothing beyond that. As you can see in above image we have given lots of options to configure this generator hack tool.

In the above image you can clearly notice that before generating and redeem code that I got, I just got 750 Wii Points into my account.
AnnouncementAll of the Cheats, Hacks, Generators and other gaming tools are now updated for 2016. Il peut les prendre en photo les, et de visionner les cliches dans la fiche Pokedex des Pokemon pris.
Les Pokemon peuvent etre enregistres en les recevant via SpotPass ou StreetPass, ou en scannant leur sceau RA. Des questions basees sur ce qu'il est possible de trouver dans le Pokedex sont demandees et il faut y repondre en un temps limite. En voici une liste non exhaustive, qui sera mise a jour des que de nouveaux codes seront devoiles par le site officiel.
Pour l'utiliser, il faut editer le code des quiz 37, 38 ou 39 dans le defi Pokemon et y entrer le code.
These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. As receiving lots of requests from our visitors and users for different type of generators, our developing team is now concentrating on all the most requested generators by our visitors. We can guarantee you that this generator is 100% Undetected as we have tested it and all of our account points are still ready to use and you will always have option to generate and redeem your codes again. Now lets have a look on additional settings of this Nintendo Wii Points Generator that will help you to configure the hack options.
Now lets see some of the proof images that I took personally when I have tested this Nintendo Wii Points Generator for the first time.
I know that greed never ends and if you want to add more points you will need to spend lots of real money. My funds are still showing 750 Wii Points as I still didn’t redeemed it successfully. Now my new balance is 2750 Wii Points and I didn’t even paid a single dollar for any of this points. Il est possible de comparer les Pokemon sur certains criteres (statistiques, taille et poids), et d'etablir un classement. Si le quiz s'avere trop facile, il est possible de debloquer le Mode Difficile avec le code indique plus bas dans cet article.
Il faut ensuite terminer le quiz pour pouvoir acceder a la fiche de la star du prochain film Pokemon.

Now this is Nintendo Wii Points Generator that can give you Wii Points Card, DSI Points Card and 3DS Points Card without paying any real money. Although some of the bug reports that we were getting are now updated and their should be no issues for now. A full written tutorial will also come with the download if you can’t see above video that will help you to use it. But its totally opposite in case of Nintendo Wii Points Generator as it will do it for you without spending any money. Finally let me show you the balance of my account after I redeemed this code and you will like it for sure! You can still generate more the codes and redeem them anytime without any troubles as we always try to keep this tool updated.
Il est egalement possible d'appliquer un arriere-plan au mode RA, pour pouvoir incruster un Pokemon a une photo, par exemple.
Yes, you can generate unlimited amount of each of these points for free and redeem them at Nintendo Shops. These Wii Points Card, DSI Points and 3DS Points Code are very easily redeemable at all of the places. It contains all the procedure step by step explaining you perfect way from starting of generating code and redeeming it. If you want to download this Nintendo Wii Points Generator, you just have to use button give below. You can easily download this generator tool by using download button at the bottom of this page.
And since you have unlimited generation source of codes for these points you can now imagine that what you can do with the help of this. You can purchase all the stuff, unlock latest items, buy new games and many more stuff for your character while multiplayer gaming.

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