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Share to TwitterThe idea of a Final Fantasy 7 Remake has made millions around the world ecstatic with joy. The world is in rough shape by the end of Final Fantasy XIII-2, (spoilers incoming) and Lightning has to pick up the pieces in the next entry. These schema let Lightning instantly swap between a selection of offensive and defense maneuvers. Near the end of the demo Lightning crosses paths with a female antagonist cloaked in a veil of dark magic. Watch us try to make sense of Final Fantasy XIII's ending in an episode of Spoiled, or learn about five big changes to the series here. Thats cool and all but there is something vaguely sexist about having to change outfits for different abilities lol. Only reason I never enjoyed the later FF titles is because I hate the turn based battle system. For many, this was the greatest announcement to come from E3 earlier this year, and it's easy to see why. She only has 13 days before the apocalypse strikes, a time limit represented by a countdown timer that runs as you play. During my hands-on demo, I stalked through a chaotic city on the trail of FF XIII hero Snow, who Lightning is pursuing for mysterious reasons. A magic-based schema lets her damage enemies with frost or fire-based spells, while a melee-focused option lets her choose between heavy and light sword strikes. If your comment doesn't appear right away, please be patient as it may take a few minutes to publish or may require moderation.
Maybe because its easier to make female characters look cool in videogames so being creative with the outfits is easy but still..

It isn't games like Tomb Raider its these crappy excuses for FInal Fantasy games they keep putting out.
I will certainly pick it up as I enjoyed the other 2 entries to the saga, but I am interested to see where Square go from here. But we should also entertain the idea that a game like this won't transfer well to modern systems. I played an early version of the third chapter in the Final Fantasy XIII saga, testing out the more action-oriented combat. Like Final Fantasy X-2, these combat modes are linked to various outfits, but I was too focused on the action to notice Lightning’s skimpy costume changes.
We've seen it happen in the past and we hope Square Enix don't make the same mistake.The industry is fascinated with HD remasters and remakes at the moment, almost every successful franchise out there has had a HD remastering. Lightning Returns moves away from the multi-character, role-swapping battle system of past games, but still provides a good time. Sneaky assaults like these grant you advantages in battle, like enemies starting with 10% fewer hit points.
Each schema I used included a block command, which allows players to mitigate damage from incoming assaults with a quick button press. But the transferral of an old product doesn't always go very well, and it's not always the game's fault. Once engaged, battles play similarly to previous games, but with an added sense of urgency. Swapping between schema and doling out attacks feels like a snappier version of the previous games’ battle systems.
If our hands-on time is any indication, this encounter will be a frenetic trial of Lightning’s new skills.

In past FF XIII games, players had to wait for a meter to fill before casting magic spells or attacking. In Lightning Returns, players can wail away on their foes until their ATB (Active Time Battle) meter drains.
The visuals, the sound effects, the low-budget design, all of this added to its charms and eerie atmosphere. The HD Collection didn't take this into account, but simply tried to clear things up.There's actually an argument that the first game in the collection - Silent Hill 2 - has its unique atmosphere diminished in the transition to high definition. Once an ATB bar is depleted, you can swap to a new schema (this entry’s version of paradigms) for a fresh assault.
This is a game that is defined by its lo-fi visuals, where detail that isn't obscured by the thick, murky darkness is blended away to certain extent by an intentionally aggressive grain filter.
Final Fantasy 7 was an impressive game for its time, but if the game was taken and simply rendered with modern graphics, it wouldn't work. Square Enix need to find a balance between the past and the present.Do You Have Hope for its Release Date?Final Fantasy 7In terms of visuals, Final Fantasy 7 can't follow the likes of Final Fantasy 15.
This was a dark game for its time and we hope that its world isn't simply polished like we see with Silent Hills, thus flattening its atmosphere.
Is there something from Final Fantasy 7 that you want to see faithfully recreated in the Remake?
Is there something you consider important that needs to be transferred to the XBOX One and PS4?

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