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Fletching, and check out Fletching on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
Fletching (also known as a flight or feather) is the aerodynamic stabilization of arrows or darts with materials such as feathers, each piece of which is referred to as a fletch. The word is related to the French word flA?che, meaning "arrow", via Old French; the ultimate root is Frankish fliukka. As a noun, fletching refers collectively to the fins or vanes, each of which individually is known as a fletch.

More generally, it can refer to any structures added to a projectile to aerodynamically stabilize its flight, many of which resemble arrows in form and function. Traditionally, the fletching consists of three matched half-feathers attached near the back of the arrow or dart's shaft that are equally spaced around its circumference. For instance, the feathers at the butt end of a dart (of the type cast using an atlatl) are very similar in purpose and construction to those used in arrows. Most of the techniques of fletching were likely adapted from earlier dart-making techniques.

Feather fletches impart a natural spin on an arrow due to the rough and smooth sides of a feather and the natural curve, determined by which wing the feather came from.
Vanes need to be placed at a slight angle to create the same effect, but all are there to impart stability to the projectile to ensure that the projectile does not tumble during flight.

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