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Guy Adami would buy the TLT (TLT), because he sees it going to $125 and the yield on the treasury heading to 2%.
Cisco (CSCO), which fell 3%, because its margins were weak and it isn’t showing revenue growth. ADP’s jobs report came in strong this morning, 214k new jobs created vs 190k expected from the street.

Iran oil minister announced today their support to stabilizing the excess oil inventory situation, which could mean cutting their oil production. Dan Nathan – Sell Walmart (WMT), resistance at 65, sell it all the way down to 57 or 58 range. I watch the show today 6:14 the Fast Money crew was talking about possible takeover of Twitter.

OPEC rumor) that took the Nasdaq all the way to the positive level, but ultimately we still ended down in yet another bloody trading day.

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