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Why is there a controversy over the Fantastic Four now?   Back in the 1990s, Marvel faced severe financial problems and, and to make money, licensed the movie rights to many of their better-known characters to Sony Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox. Fantastic Four Movie Cast-Original Version (and yes, that is Chris Evans on fire, who later went on to greater fame as Captain America in the Avengers! So what is the problem?  News about the production, along with interviews with the principal actors and the director has raised alarms among Fantastic Four fans that this new movie will veer far away from the canon and characters they know and love. The casting and changes to the characters has also been a sore point for many fans who want to see their heroes  look like they do in the comics.  In this new film, Susan Storm and her brother Johnny Storm are not siblings by blood, and Johnny is played by African-American actor Michael B.
Also, Diamond Select Toys, which is licensed to produce Marvel figurines and such, announced they were not producing more FF stuff. As we go into the final months of this Fantastic Four drama, Bam Smack Pow will continue to review the final issues of the Fantastic Four comic book, provide updates on Fantastic Four news, and count down toward the release of Director Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four movie in August.

Vivid Entertainment’s latest movie Brand New Faces 36 – Natural Newbies Edition hits the shelves nationwide tomorrow, but we were able to get our hands on an advanced copy. Brand New Faces 36 features first timer 21-year old Riley Reid, (shown above) plus Izzi Ryder, Parker Page, Joslin Jay and Talia Palmer. Natural Newbies Edition means just that – These girls are all-natural, and their assets are on the smaller side.
Joslin Jay is a Middle Eastern cutie who stands out from the rest of the girls in this film.
I thought Talia was the cutest girl on this disc, with great natural looks and an amazing body.
Thankfully, she makes up for the bad taste in tattoos with a sizzling scene, going from missionairy to a BJ, then to cowgirl, followed by doggy, and finishing things off with a nice cumshot.

We strive to bring you the best in adult entertainment, and hope that you'll make us your first stop each morning. Kate Mara, who plays Susan Storm in the movie, stated that the story is not taken from existing comic book material.  That got fans upset. Some reports from Marvel suggested that the cancellation was due more to poor sales of the comic book, but sales figures from August, 2014, show that Fantastic Four #8 (which was part of the Marvel-wide Original Sin storyline), actually outsold such titles as Wolverine & The X-Men, Punisher, Nightcrawler, and Storm. Skow has helmed all 36 of the Brand New Faces movies, which are the only adult movies to offer an absolute guarantee – That it is the first time on film for the actresses or you get your money back!

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