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The Sage 200 platform forms the base of the suite, integrating strong financial modules, a market leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and the analytic tools of Business Intelligence. The home workout was a perfect solution for me on days when getting to the gym extra early was not possible. I highly recommend the Les Mills Pump Ultimate Cross Training Hybrid if you want to look good and have fun getting there. Accounts Payable - money owed to vendors, mainly for raw materials (up by $771 million) and packaging.
As with the Days To Pay for customers, the Days to Pay Suppliers has also extended to help the cash flow position.
So far, the assets section analysis identified that P&G needed $1,824m extra cash after using some of its on hand cash.
Accrued Liabilities are taxes, payroll and selling commissions, rent utilities, sales taxes and other debts that remain unpaid. Other Debt Due Within One Year is normally made up of short term bank loans but an element of this will be a repayment (on a schedule) of part of any long term loans. Other (Longer Term) Liabilities are those that are paid after one year - bonds, mortgages on real estate etc.
Explain how pro forma financial statements can be used to project future scenarios for the planning process.
Now that you understand the relationship of time and value, especially looking forward, you can begin to think about how your ideas and plans will look as they happen. We can glimpse Alicea€™s projected cash flow statements and balance sheets for each of her choices, for example, and their possible outcomes. When making financial decisions, it is helpful to be able to think in terms of their consequences on the financial statements, which provide an order to our summary of financial results. Looking more closely at the actual numbers on each statement gives a much clearer look at Alicea€™s situation.
While Vegas yields the largest increase in net income or personal profit if she wins, it creates the largest decrease if she loses; it is clearly the riskiest option.
If Alice has a second job, she will use the extra cash flow, after taxes, to pay down her student loan, leaving her with a bit more free cash flow than she would have had without the second job. If Alice has a second job, her net worth increases, but is still negative, as she has paid down more of her student loan than she otherwise would have, but it is still larger than her asset value.
A summary of the critical a€?bottom linesa€? from each pro forma statement (FigureA 4.18, a€?Alicea€™s Pro Forma Bottom Linesa€?) most clearly shows Alicea€™s complete picture for each alternative.
Going to Vegas creates the best and the worst scenarios for Alice, depending on whether she wins or loses.

The Vegas alternative also has strategic costs: if she loses, her increased debt and its obligationsa€”more interest and principal payments on more debta€”will further delay her goal of building an asset base from which to generate new sources of income. The strategic benefit of the Vegas alternative is that if she wins, she can eliminate debt, begin to build her asset base, and have even more choices (by eliminating debt and freeing cash flow). The next step for Alice would be to try to assess the probabilities of winning or of losing in Vegas. Pro forma financial statements show the consequences of financial choices in the context of the financial statements. It provides the solid dependable foundation that your customers can build upon, choosing the most appropriate software to meet their specific business requirements by adding extra users and modules now and in the future. Surprisingly, the home version is just as exhilarating, fun, and results-oriented as the class I take at the gym. Here it is – this high-energy interval training and cardio exercise is unique and designed to scorch calories like nobody’s business. It was fun and really mixed things up to keep me focused, interested, and best of all, I felt great! Investors consider a company to be in good health if this debt (less the long term repayments) is less than the cash and cash equivalents within the Assets (in this case $9,043). These have increased by $609m which, at 1.4% of their longer term liabilities, is not a big issue. More specifically, you can begin to see how your future will look in the mirror of your financial statements.
Alice can actually project how her financial statements will look after each choice is followed.
Beginning with the income statement, income will increase if she works a second job or goes to Vegas and wins, while expenses will increase (travel expense) if she goes to Vegas at all. The pro forma cash flow statements (FigureA 4.16, a€?Alicea€™s Pro Forma Cash Flow Statementsa€?) reinforce this observation. If she wins in Vegas, she can pay off both her car loan and her student loan and still have an increased free cash flow. That depends on how she proceeds, but the pro forma balance sheets (FigureA 4.17, a€?Alicea€™s Pro Forma Balance Sheetsa€?) can give a glimpse. If she wins in Vegas, her net worth can be positive; with her loan paid off entirely, her asset value will equal her net worth. While the outcomes for continuing or getting a second job are fairly certain, the outcome in Vegas is not; there are two possible outcomes in Vegas. In the near future, or until her new debt is repaid, she will have even fewer financial choices.

Once she has determined the risk involveda€”given the consequences now illuminated on the pro forma financial statementsa€”she would have to decide if she can tolerate that risk, or if she should reject that alternative because of its risk.
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The extra 2 days on supplier payment days generates $452m cash ($226m x 2) to help towards the net cash requirement of $1,824m from the previous section(assets). Projected or pro forma financial statementspro forma financial statements (pro formas)Projected results for financial statements in the future, given assumptions about what will happen in the meantime. Her choices were to continue to pay it down gradually as she does now, to get a second job to pay it off faster, or to go to Vegas, hit it big (or lose big), and eliminate her debt altogether (or wind up with even more).
Assume that her second job would bring in an extra $20,000 income, and that she could win or lose $100,000 in Vegas.
However, if she loses in Vegas, she will have to borrow more, her new debt quadrupling her liabilities and decreasing her net worth by that much more. I loved it so much at the gym but was weary of fighting the crowds to get into the popular class! Any change in gross wages or winnings (losses) would have a tax consequence; if she loses in Vegas, she will still have income taxes on her salary.
Assuming she borrows as much as she loses, she will have a small negative net cash flow and no free cash flow, and her other assets will have to make up for this loss of cash value. To project future financial statements, you need to be able to envision the expected results of all the items on them. FigureA 4.15, a€?Alicea€™s Pro Forma Income Statementsa€? begins with Alicea€™s pro forma income statements. This can be difficult, for there can be many variables that may affect your income and expenses or cash flows (CF), and some of them may be unpredictable.
Predictions always contain uncertainty, so projections are always, at best, educated guesses.

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