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It’s expensive to live nowadays and if you are like us, chances are you spending anywhere from one to three thousand dollars per month on your children’s tuition, grocery bills, gas and insurance, rent, utilities and other miscellaneous expenses.
What if you could take that everyday spending and turn it into free hotels and vacations and extra cash?
And by now, if you follow our blog and social media accounts, you are probably aware of all this.
A brief synopsis for newcomers: Credit card churning is the ‘art’ of applying for and receiving multiple credit card approvals for their hefty sign-up bonuses for the purpose of earning miles and points towards upcoming personal, business or family vacations and trips. Recently however, both American Express and Chase have restricted how many credit cards you can sign up for at any given period which has reduced the opportunity to earn free miles and points and subsequently reduced the value of both of their rewards programs. But there is good news for consumers as CitiBank has recently entered the rewards game partnering with a number of airlines and hotel chains so that Citi Thank You Points are now transferable into eleven airlines and hotel programs including the Hilton, Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic. For a full list of credit card offers and additional information about how you can use your turn everyday spending into extra cash, free airfare, hotels and vacations please visit. Citi Extra Cash rewards program offers online savings on so many items including travel, entertainment, merchandise and many more. Citi cards maintain a separate website to manage the extra cash program and you have to register first at the website to claim and use your extra cash. On confirmation of the transaction, give your eligible Citi credit card to cover the remaining unpaid balance after using your Extra Cash. For example, a $100 Macy’s gift card is available for $90 in real dollars + $10 in Extra Cash. In the mall, most of the items are overpriced but there are over 70 gift card merchants, in conjunction with over 8000 hotel locations that are eligible for Extra Cash discounts.
For the extra cash program, to redeem reward points is different way from a regular reward program.
Extra Cash reward program is separate from Citi and only eligible presently for the Citi MasterCard. You can earn 10 dollars in extra cash from Citi for a limited time if you received invitation for a Citi Platinum Select Card. As the items offered on the site includes both a real price (the price you pay) and the extra cash price, many people feel it is a scam. Citi Extra Cash Gift Cards We verify your information with a consumer credit reporting agency or other verification methods for your security and protection. For instance you can get gift cards with extra cash, but the extra cash only gives you a discount on the gift cards, meaning you will have to spend the rest.
You can also use your extra cash for discounts on car rentals, local stores, airline tickets, etc but don’t expect to save more than a few dollars and the selection of outlets is kind of limited. They have a deal of the day every day at 1pm EST, where they offer a higher discount on certain items and sometimes the item is rather good, but the quantity is very low. So basically the extra cash you have will keep building up and up and you probably won’t be able to use it all.
Don’t be fooled, even if you have had this credit card for awhile, you need to shop around again to get better deals. So that is Citi Cash vs real Cash, Heid vs Seal, and it happens ooften enought to keep it going, so Citi Does. I wish I never knew it existed cuz now I’m going to obsess over the uselessness of it. Will say they originally shipped me toiletry products and it took me 2 phone calls to get the real items I ordered shipped. I just went through the hassel of registering to find out how much my total Extra Cash was.
After doing my product research, which i do when ever i purchase items online, I found the extra cash program had the best price for the polo shirt i wanted. I would like to hear from other poeple who have gotten stuff at a good price and did product research to back it.
I may do the movies; I did think I was getting something avtually useable when I got the card. I also go this program, but I never saw any headlines about Cash back, its just an extra currency that can help you save. I signed up for the card a week ago and was pleasantly surprised to learn that I was rewarded with 100$ in cash.
Just off the top of my head I’d recommend the Amazon credit card or the Sony Rewards credit card instead.
I found extra cash totally useless and then WOW the card was offering 5-8-10 dollar coupons toward fast food, pizza, etc. In effect the program is spend your citi dollars and print out a coupon to get 5 or 10% off of some minimum purchase or get a 2 for 1 on a taco or a pretzel.

If your lucky you might find a worthwhile offer in the program but I think I could do as well or better with coupons from my local newspaper or other sales flyers. I got a Capital One card with 0% interest for 12 months, I will be paying it off just before the promotion expires; I accumulated over 20000 points (drop 2 zeros and that is your cash value) and was able to redeem them for a $200 HD gift card. I recently applied for a Delta Skymiles AMX card when I purchased two Delta airline tickets. As for the JUNK they offer, even though most of it is pure trash, I searched just to compare and again, you can beat their DISCOUNTED price by barely lifting a finger. As for the AUCTIONS…holly crap…who wants to wait 10 days and compete against the entire nation for a SINGLE auction item that ends up going for HUGE amounts of EXTRA CASH just so people can DUMP their points! I was so mad I called up Citi and told them they should CLOSE IT DOWN…its a complete RIP OFF!!! I’ve already got another card and I am closing this looser program down next month…they can keep my points, the Mexican Peso is worth more! And although CitiBank restricts how many credit cards consumers can apply for over a specific time period (You can only apply for one Citi personal card every 8 days, you can apply for no more than two Citi personal cards every 65 days and you can apply for one Citi business card every 95 days) Citi does not have a limit on the amount of credit cards you can hold with them. Citi Extra Cash Rewards program is an incentive program by which individuals can earn 10 percent of every qualified purchase they make.
To register at the site, you need to enter your personal information and also account number on your Citi card.
While selecting the product, you will be shown the current retail price and also the amount of Extra Cash that you may use for purchase of products such as airline tickets, hotel accommodations, gift cards and DVDs.
Extra Cash from Citi features a shopping cart where you place the items that you want until you're ready to check out.
The amount of Extra Cash that you have used is automatically subtracted from your account balance. Most reward programs for travel either permit you to exchange points for miles, use points for travel or you book your own travel.
You can earn 10% rebates or 10 extra cash points for every dollar that you spend on your card only after enrolling the program. This verification process does not affect your credit report, your credit rating or your credit worthiness. For instance they give you $5 off $50 gift cards, $10 off $100 gift cards and $50 off $500 dollar gift cards. The extra cash program also has deals on selected merchandise (clothes, electronics, etc) that you can get discounts on. But this is on purpose, they really don’t want you to use it, they want you to feel as though you need to keep your credit card with them, because you have earned so much. And sure most reward cards out there really don’t give you much money back or decent items for whatever points you earn. I can go to Amazon or Overstock and find same product or very similar and get a much better deal on what they are trying to offer me.
I got a Amazon card and they gave me $40 credit for signing up and have real reward points you can earn for real cash back. The gift cards they offer are basically worthless, especially during the holidays when legit stores like Outback and Chill’s were offering a twenty percent discounts were huge compared to the measley 10% that citi was offering. This is the email I sent them; Please cancel this account immediately and any record of it.
I found it interesting that there was many brands featured that are not discounted anywhere, like Oakley for example. Then I went to spend the cash and realized that it was basically a scam and not worth my time. My City card also is 0% interest and I paid this off before the promotion expired, but based on what I read here, they can keep their points as I do not intend on buying coupons.
Too good to be true you say, well, there are literally tens of thousands of people doing just that, and they are doing so by taking advantage of the numerous credit card bonus offers available when you sign up for new credit cards (otherwise known as credit card churning) and then turn those extra bonus rewards into cash or free vacations. Unlike American Express and Chase, you can have as many Citi credit cards as they’ll approve you for, thus making Citi ThankYou Points and other CitiBank airline rewards cards the new IT cards for vacation seekers or those who want to earn some extra pocket cash. Citi shopping rewards program offers a 10% rebate on all of your credit card purchases anywhere. Citicards send out promotional invitation from time to time for application of their credit card. Now this is good if you know you are going to go on a shopping spree, but the stores they offer the gift cards for are ones you probably won’t use very often. Probably the most popular offer they do every month or so is a $50 Wal-Mart gift card for $25, assuming you have another $25 in extra cash, but its very limited, so expect it to be gone in 10 minutes or less. But there are some out there will at least give you something more usable, without having to spend more money on top of what you have already spent.

It takes awhile to build up enough points for things, but its better than nothing and with all the years I had a Citi Card, I could of gotten probably a few hundred dollars from Amazon with cash back. I also like the idea of getting gift cards at 10% off, I counted over 100 different stores and I can get as many as I want, and shipping was 59 cents, not quite the amount a poster here stated. To make matters even more ironically perfect, CITI will from time to time email you pointing out that you need to make use of your extra money! Additionally, you will get $100 Extra Cash bonus when you sign up first for the program with your eligible Citibank credit card. Once you have everything you want in your shopping cart, enter the shipping location and a credit card number to bill the amount that not covered by extra cash. And they could argue they do offer good deals, but they are so limited they are making their customers fight over that small quantity. Useless program, I am up to $300+ and there is nothing worth buying because I can use only so much, i.e. While Im not doing back flips over the program, it is very decent and it doesnt take me 3 years to save up for a free gift card like other programs. Some let you apply that real cash to your statement, so you can save money without having to spend any more money. I was receiving harassing computerized calls from Citi saying that my payments were not being received. Certainly the firm has marketing geniuses at work to keep the money flowing (check out their program for getting money from the FED!); this end of their effort seems markedly crude and not likely to succeed. With 5 minutes spent researching online, you can get better deals than most that are posted on extracash site.
With your cash, only a certain percentage ranging from 5 to 50 percent of the price of an item can be covered and you must pay the other amount.
Use your points to get a discount (some great, some not so good) not to get a reward for free.
So, it felt like the extra cash was given to inveigle you to get shop for things and then have to pay with real dollars versus a full redemption. I called my bank which did a conference call with Citi to try to figure out what these chimps are up to. SchoolsForbes BY ROBERT AMSTERDAM -- Working in collaboration, Gulenists successfully remove funds from U.S. If the sender uses your Eligible Transaction Account information, the money will be deposited directly into your Eligible Transaction Account. In that case, you will only receive a notification if the sender enters an optional message when submitting the payment.
You will receive a confirmation email when the credit is sent to your bank account with the date the funds will be in your account. Simply log onto your online banking site to start sending money to friends, family or anyone at all.* Popmoney allows you to send money straight from your existing Eligible Transaction Account to another Eligible Transaction Account. Its like a never ending story between the points, the 10% bonus if used for travel, and cash towards the rest of the statement. Direct deposit can be easily set up through an employer, and is always a convenient way to receive your regular paychecks. Online bill payment through Citibank is free, and can be set up to automatically pay recurring bills such as rent, cell phone, etc.
I had miles posted on my AA account that later were deducted since I returned a product I had purchased with a credit card. Thus, they posted the miles related to that purchase but later took the miles back since that purchase was returned.
BTW, is it written in the contract that you have to keep the card for a certain period of time?
Most cards charge fees when you get the card so it would not make sense to cancel it before it is up for renewal in one year. Entering the correct verification codes ensures that you have access to the email address and phone number provided. You may also be asked to verify your phone number in the future in order to send and receive payments. Citi will deduct from your Account balance the amount of ThankYou Points you elect to use toward your eligible purchase. Your Account balance may not reflect redemptions for pending purchase transactions until the purchase has been shipped.

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