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When a business wants to make more money through the Internet, they need to be sure they have thoroughly researched Internet sales. When a business wants to make more money, they need to learn about eCommerce to be sure they are using their online store correctly.
Designing eCommerce websites can be pretty challenging, there are many aspects involved in it.
So, if designing eCommerce websites is what you do for a living, practicing these three designing tips given below, will help you create a successful eCommerce website. An eCommerce website is always about online shoppers and the products, which they are going to purchase from the site. These above mentioned tips are not the only ones which you can use to design your eCommerce website and make it successful. Albert is an Ecommerce Shopping Cart Application developer with PLAVEB and has worked on numerous eCommerce websites.
E-commerce websites have their own set of unique challenges and opportunities that are different from other business websites.
Having an attractive site that has well designed sales funnel is one part of the puzzle; but if you build it, will they come? In order to improve your search engine rankings, expand the user experience, and increase conversion rates; you will need to ensure that your e-commerce website is search engine friendly.
For an E-commerce site, particularly one with many products and categories of products, how you organize your site is very important and should not be underestimated. An equally important secondary effect is that good URL structure and overall information architecture makes the site more user friendly so your customers will have a better user experience and can find what they are looking for. Put time into making a solid and coherent architecture for your e-commerce site and it will help your SEO and your clients. Using the wrong or ineffective keywords can lower your site’s effectiveness drastically, so take the time to research accurate, informative and competitive keywords.
It is important to use a variety of keywords that are relevant to your products or services.
Also try to use long-tail keywords –a keyword phrase consisting of three, and some times as many as five words that people use for specific searches– attracting more quality traffic, and leading to more conversions!
Well planned page titles will help grab the attention of your visitors and improve your search engine visibility.
Include one primary and one secondary keyword that best highlights the content on the webpage. Making sure you regularly add unique and quality content to your e-commerce site will result in a number of important benefits.
The web is a visual medium so use high quality, attractive images and make sure that you put descriptions and alt tags for your images. Since the Google Panda update, Google is always on the lookout for websites with low quality and duplicate content, so it is important not to use the generic manufacturing product or service descriptions. These are just some of the SEO practices you can implement to improve your e-commerce website.
Let’s get some insights into the best locations to set up an African E-Commerce business on the continent.
Nigeria is without a doubt a very exciting market for e-commerce, both as a basis for your start-up and a market you may want to target from elsewhere. With 7.6 Mbps, Kenya is among the best locations for Internet speed in Africa, Internet penetration is high, and according to a MasterCard survey, 56% of respondents had shopped or intended to shop online via their mobile phones – this is as high as in Nigeria.
Ghana has the highest Internet speed in the West African region, and although Internet penetration is a little low at 20% there is certainly a growing local market for E-commerce, although it is less dynamic than in Africa’s three economic power houses. This is a bit of an interesting one and not the most obvious choice, but I decided to include Tanzania, as more news has come out of the country in the last couple of months regarding the fast growing trend in e-commerce.
We need to add this one: If you are based outside of Africa and you cannot see yourself relocating now or in the future, running an Africa e-commerce business from abroad targeting African consumers and companies, will be one of your best bets. Internet connectivity is continuing to improve and grow at a fast rate across the continent, increased number of online businesses are emerging, and African consumers will continue to make more purchases online. Besides just being known for providing user-friendly experience, Windows operating system is also popular among the users because of the interactive apps that come in the pack. QuickTime is a renowned video player that has been widely used by users for watching online clips, HD teasers of upcoming movies and the movies they have already downloaded.
In addition to little annoyances, these guys take concepts that some consider fundamental truths and explain why they believe it is flawed. They are also well known for their successful technology design blog Signal VS Noise and being the creators behind Ruby on Rails (a software development platform in case you didn’t know).
Don’t waste time and resources on a stupid mission statement, just be as good as you can to all of your customers.
I also like that they provided many real world examples and cited many of their stories and claims which help prove the validity of their claims.
When I genuinely enjoy reading a book, they’re never long enough, but this one is especially short.
While not every concept in the book is new and shiny, I do believe I’ve garnered enough knowledge from Rework that it will pay for itself hundreds of times over as my businesses grow (or stay the same size). These sales are going to increase over time if the company takes the right steps, but they need to be sure they are following protocols that work.

These online stores need to be stocked with as many products as possible, and they need to have clear descriptions for all the products. These prices must give the customer a savings, and they must give the customer a way to compare prices with other companies.
Every business can make more money online, but they need to deploy the proper solutions to make sure that their online store is successful. For instance, the web designers who design such sites have to take care of a lot of factors such as; the target users’ preferences, presentation of the products, usability and much more.
After all, these websites are created to sell products; hence, you must focus on the products, particularly the product description above everything else.
For instance, if your site sells women’s perfume, give details about the brand of a perfume and any other information, which will help customers take a decision in the favor of the product (they’ll either buy it or add it to their wish list). This helps users take a quick decision particularly when they are confused about buying a product for someone else. They are on your site to shop, and your site is there to provide them the products, which they are going to purchase. In fact, you can think of many innovative features such as – an easy checkout process, multiple payment options etc. He has an interest in water sports and also likes to research and write on various topics related to Custom Web Application Development.
Companies that have taken the step to sell their products online really need to take advantage of every opportunity to effectively meet those challenges. Search engine optimization (SEO) must not be ignored if you want to get noticed from the top search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo to attract potential buyers into your site. Here are some of the best practices that will help you fully optimize your e-commerce website, delivering the results you want for 2014. When this is done properly, it makes it easy for search engine robots to crawl and understand your website so that your pages & products get indexed properly. This in turn sends further positive signals to the search engines and helps boost your site’s visibility in search results.
It is a great tool that will accurately label product information and prices, as well as provide richer information for search engines, ensuring that your products and services are accurately displayed on the search engine results pages (SERPs).
If you choose keywords that are too general, people won’t be able to find what they are searching for, resulting in a high bounce rate and low conversion rate. In addition to improving your search engine rankings, users will appreciate the added value and relevant information your website and company has to offer. If you do it in a way that it accurately describes your product, its uses, competitive advantages, consumer reviews and feedback then you are not only adding SEO content and keywords, but you are increasing the likelihood that consumers will prefer and trust your site versus your competitors. Again, if the search robots can see and understand your images then you are helping them understand and promote your site. Copying and pasting the manufacturer’s product descriptions into your website may save you time in the short, but it will create some headaches for you in the long run and works against your other SEO efforts.
As e-commerce continues to grow, it is important to keep up-to-date with all the latest trends to ensure you stay relevant in today’s competitive online market. Firstly, it allows you to tap into a growing global trend, secondly, it also allows for a great deal of personal flexibility and freedom. You could still continue to run these businesses from anywhere in the world if you wanted to change your country of residence. The good news is that Internet speed has improved manifold in several African countries over the last two to three years.
Some of Africa’s most successful emerging E-Commerce businesses have started in Nigeria and expanded further from there across the continent. E-commerce is really a growing trend in Kenya and several well-known online businesses have emerged from this East African country already.
A significant segment of the population is ready to buy online (33%) although it is lower than that in Nigeria or Kenya. Ghana is a great strategic HQ location for regional expansion including into Nigeria and Ivory Coast, which is a dynamically upcoming market with a fast growing upper class who has significant spending power. This is a development you can pro-actively integrate in your business sales and marketing strategy. In November 2014, following its recent successful launches in Cameroon and Uganda (another upcoming e-commerce market by the way), Africa’s leading online retailer JUMIA has opened shop in Tanzania.
Just keep in mind that online and mobile payments are still restricted in many parts of Africa, it is therefore important to be very well aware of the niche you are targeting and which payments methods are accessible to your prospects. There are  still several challenges you will face when running an African e-commerce business, but if you choose the right country and the right niche, you can position yourself well before the wave takes off and grow a hugely successful business. HARNET BOKREZION ARE AFRICA BUSINESS CONSULTANTS AND AUTHORS OF THE BOOK ‘101 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY IN AFRICA’. We do this through providing breaking news, education, and company information within the African American space. The book essentially takes everything we’ve ever known about companies and business and obliterates it word by word. Don’t cater to your customers to a point where you are over promising and under-delivering, have the guts to tell a customer they have out-grown your product. For years, companies have had no problem forcing customers into products that didn’t fit them, then let customer service handle the rest.

Many of their points are things that people have thought of for years, but they bring it to a well-organized and thought out book. In addition to being funny and insightful, it lends a lot of excellent experience for small businesses to consider when building their business. A marketing campaign needs to be attached to the store to make sure customers will find the store.
When the customer can easily find their products and prices, they can shop without much trouble. However, designing a successful eCommerce website is not something that is impossible; there are many tips, which help designers create visually appealing, functional and most importantly, successful websites. Therefore, you must use high-resolution images of products taken at different angles, which will give them a better idea about the product. For instance, you will get customer feedback on a particular product and depending upon their feedback, you will be able to categorize the product as ‘bestselling’, ‘most viewed’, ‘top rated’ and so on and so forth. For instance, if a customer is browsing through gift items for a newborn baby, then the ‘Related items’ widget on your site will display products like ‘mobiles’, ‘baby toys’, ‘baby gift sets’ etc. If you'd like to write for OnlineIncomeTeacher, then check out our write for us page for details about how YOU can share your tips with our readers.
Doing so will have a positive effect on both your traffic and conversion rates which will measurably improve your success as you reach out to the world-wide market. At the core of every successful and effectively optimized e-commerce site is a well thought out and designed architecture!
If you sell products that are on many other sites then you need to come up with descriptions and keywords that stand out and that you can reasonably compete for. In the digital age we are all information junkies and appreciate quality descriptions about products we are looking for.
If you do nothing then the robots are blind to the images and you have lost an opportunity to gain rankings.
Using a tool like Screaming Frog – a small desktop program you can easily install – will help you check for broken links.
This is in particular true when you do not sell certain products that need local production or storage, but you sell information, you create market or networking platforms, or you sell the products and services of others. And if a major security threat breaks out, your e-commerce business can continue to prosper across borders. The trend is slightly different as more recently there is an increased interest in online ticket sales and special restaurant, travel, and event deals. During a recent survey in Dare-salaam most respondents who used online services said they had a positive experience and will continue to shop online using mostly mobile devices. Don’t tell your customers they are important, show them they are important by not making them wait on hold. In addition, they speak from experience, and have implemented many of the philosophies they talk about, which is why the book is actually worth reading. Customers who know that they can find anything they want online will keep coming back to the store over and over.
Many stores use web ads, but they may also use digital ads that appear on phones or tablets.
Also, the business can use their advertising to show customers that they have the best prices in the industry.
For instance, if your website sells shoes, you can display the top view, front view, side view of the shoes. Don’t forget the fact that many users buy products based on the ratings and reviews posted by other users.
Fight the battles you can and need to win and use a well-designed and attractive site for getting customers to highly competitive products which you may not be able to rank highly for but still want to sell.
Having descriptive and convincing product descriptions will help you avoid being targeted and penalized.
Some Africans have even become rich with building popular gossip and celebrity blogs, which they now run like a business. According to a MasterCard survey (2014), 56% of respondents had shopped or intended to shop online via their mobile phones.
One of the newly emerging local E-commerce companies that are hugely successful is Yuppiechef, an online company that sells premium kitchenware brand. Kenya is very often the next stop for Nigeria based e-commerce companies planning to expand. Its founders have decided the company will make the effort to wrap products in beautiful packaging accompanied by a hand-written note.
This will give them the perfect idea about the product and they will proceed to add it to their shopping cart. However, with 5.8 Mbps Nigeria has a slower download rate compared to power houses Kenya and South Africa, and the notorious traffic (if products need to be transported locally) and frequent electricity cuts can be your biggest challenge. Some analysts in the industry say that this special attention to detail and care has contributed to the success of Yuppiechef, which is featured across various media channels as a success story.

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