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To explain to you my love of planners, notebooks, journals and all things paper would be impossible, so suffice it to say that I have at least 20 of those types of things in my home right now. I have thrown off the shackles of my conservative upbringing and now write erotic stories, most of which are about bimbos and bimboization. My current fancy is creating an environment where I deal with nothing but completely obedient, drop-dead gorgeous women. I’d find a woman who seemed suitable - basically, beautiful enough that she earned a place in my personal Eden. My personal airline (staffed exclusively by staggering beautiful girls, obviously - haven’t you been paying attention?) is all set to make our first flight there today.
I used my powers for three things, basically - to gain influence and standing, to make money, and to get laid. When the new year rolls around and it’s time to set goals, make lists, and plan I am a goner.

And for me, the hand written style has been more practical than staying current and compatible with electronic device trends.
When I am not being a mom or a wife I love to bake, I love to sew, I love to read and I don't like to sit still. Welcome to Crazy Little Projects where I show off my latest crazy projects and show you how you can do them too. I’d see a good-looking woman walking down the street, and within minutes she was hanging on my arm, following me like a puppy.
I tried shaking things up - I ran a Fortune 500 company for a while, using my influence to make it among the most profitable on the planet. Nothing big, just some small town tucked in the middle of nowhere in middle America or something. So it’s natural that my first feature post of the year is 15 Planners and Journals that You Can Make Yourself!

So I find a girl I want, assign her a job, and she sets off to learn what she needs to know. The early days, when it was brand new and I was just learning how to best use the gift I suddenly had. Getting them to forget the goals and morals and priorities they used to have, and replacing all of those with the desire to serve me. I had more money than I knew what to do with, and I had small harems of gorgeous women all over the world.
I nearly got myself elected president of a smallish European nation, just to see if I could.

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