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What better way to teach your kids about money management than by giving them a piggy bank? Planning the food for your 4th of July party is the least of your worries — how are you going to keep all those kiddos entertained?!
Draw a star (feel free to print out a template) onto each of the newly glued-together pieces and cut the stars out.
Now take the side flaps you cut off earlier and glue them all into a long strip — it should be 4 pieces long. Continue to glue the strip around the stars, but leave a little space at the end to fill the pinata with candy. Starting at the bottom of your star, use your white school glue to glue the tissue paper strips across the bottom.

Repeat the pattern on both sides of the star and along the sides until you have a completed pinata! About KatieKatie is a stay at home mom of 5, married to her best friend and enjoys attending the theater, being creative, spending time with her family, and eating Mexican food. These are some really cool ideas but the heading is misleading because they are not all healthy. This post features a lego printable memory game great for a lego themed party or just as an afternoon activity. Layer the tissue paper strips going up the star, alternating between red and white stripes, then switch to blue about halfway up the star.
Here’s a great go to Simple, Delicious, Fruit Dip that will for sure help your kids get their daily fruit in!

Just add your filets to a medium-hot pan skin side up, cover, and cook for 3 to 4 minutes until the bottoms are brown. As a bonus, your littles can help out with this project, which means you’re getting extra kid entertainment time.
Don’t worry about using a ton of glue because it’s going to get smashed to bits soon, anyway!

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