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You can weld aluminum with a MIG welder and a spool gun, but TIG welders make it easy to weld aluminum. You’ll do best with an auto-darkening helmet for TIG welding since you can literally line up the torch with the weld joint and start working without moving your fingers an inch.
There are a variety of TIG gloves, including thicker grains for bigger projects that result in more heat. TIG welders provide some of the best control over the weld puddle thanks to the foot pedal that allows you to regulate your amperage while welding. Lastly, the most important prep you can do for TIG welding is to clean your metal with acetone and a cloth that won’t leave any residue behind.
TIG welding works best on a clean, dry, flat surface, unless you’re working out of position. Weld where you can set up cables to ground your machine and you have access to clamps to hold your work piece together when necessary. When you’re running a TIG welder on aluminum, prepare yourself to give your tacks an extra burst of power so that they’ll be strong enough. However, one challenge you may overlook while TIG welding aluminum is the amount of shielding gas you use.
You can find TIG welding gloves, pedals, torches, electrodes, cups, and more on sale at Baker’s Gas and Welding. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. Disclaimer: While we do our best to provide information that is accurate and free from errors at the time it was published, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the content presented within each blog post and throughout the site. Christmas lawn ornaments are the ideal holiday welding projects since they require a few generally inexpensive materials, while also using very simple welding processes, such as tacking and then making short welds. You can create both small and large Christmas trees for your lawn using a variety of basic materials. If you’re using horseshoes, you can easily add balls or other ornaments to your Christmas trees when you’re done with them. A more traditional Christmas tree welding project for your lawn, such as the one in this Instructable, involves rolled steel bars that you can weld together and bend as needed. Another classic lawn welding project for Christmas is a star, You can build a simple “cross” as a frame in the middle using metal tubing and then build out from there. Whether you need the perfect gift for the welder in your family or you need to stock up on welding supplies before starting your next project, get free shipping on most orders and huge discounts in the Baker’s Gas and Welding Online Store.

Belt Grinders are great for blending smoothly flowing shapes, deburring, and generally improving the look of parts. Only limited details are available and the projects have NOT been engineered by the Lincoln Electric Company. They allow you to control the rate of the filler metal right in the moment rather than setting up a machine to do it for you, and your heat can be easily regulated with a foot pedal. Just strike your arc and the helmet will darken for you, protecting your eyes with the exact shade you need. However, goatskin TIG gloves are among the most popular because they provide excellent grip and have a snug, comfortable fit. Make sure you have a reliable pedal and that you have taken some time to test it out before getting to work. If you don’t have a dedicated welding table, you at least need a thick piece of metal to weld on that is big enough that you won’t make the mistake of attaching it to your work piece.
For instance, when you’re making a butt joint, you can save yourself a lot of headaches by tweaking the tacks by a few degrees so that you have a clean and simple joint for your welding torch to track.
From welding in a weaving pattern to getting your torch angle right as you weld uphill, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. If you see sparks coming off your weld puddle, that may be a sign that you need to increase your flow of argon. Best yet, you currently get (as of this writing) free shipping when you spend $50 or more on your order.
Also, please note that this site contains links to other websites (some affiliated with Baker's Gas & Welding and some that are not affiliated) that point to related information, recommended products and services, and special offers provided by other businesses and organizations (which may include an affiliate link where a commission is earned by Baker's Gas & Welding).
Whether you own a MIG, TIG, or Stick welder, you will have all of the power you need to make these kinds of welds.
No one will look closely at your welds if you need a little time to experiment with your settings.
For instance, if you have access to a lot of horseshoes, you can arrange them as either a 3-D or 2-D Christmas tree.
Once again, these are simple tack welds that you can then join together without requiring a ton of heat. For instance, welders can use scrap metal and thick tubes to create smaller reindeer lawn ornaments. You’ll probably want a plasma cutter or cutting torch in order to get cleaner cuts on this project.

Attaching the lights took up the most time, as he had to use a large number of zip ties in order to hold all of the lights in place. We have tons of Christmas welding projects in our archives that are ideal for new welders and experienced welders and use a variety of welding processes: MIG, TIG, or stick welding. The Wilmont is a nice variation on the KMG and the site includes plans for a home shop model you can build. Therefore, when you use the ideas for projects of your own, you must develop your own details and plans and the safety and performance of your work is your responsibility.
However, creating a solid TIG weld is another matter, especially on a tricky metal like aluminum.
Of course this greater amount of control means that you need to know a lot more in order to weld successfully. It could get tricky if you’re working with a larger weld joint, so make sure you’re able to do two things at once! If you add some lights to your lawn art or paint it, you’ll cover up almost every flaw and imperfection. Horseshoes can be particularly inexpensive and easy to find in certain parts of the country, and once you add some lights and decorations to the frame, passersby may not even notice that you’ve used horseshoes in the first place!
You can fit the sheet metal together in ways that minimize your welding time, but the cuts will certainly take plenty of time to plan and make. He created a series of angled supports from the center cross and then added an outer frame for the star. The star was eventually used for a nativity scene, but you could aim a little smaller if you want to make a star to attach to your home.
By simply angling your torch for an uphill TIG weld, you’ll lose a little bit of argon along the way, and that can make the difference between a clean weld and a weld with a lot of porosity.
I have gotten pretty good with a mig welder, I'm learning the lathe and mill all over again.

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