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Richard is the Director of Strategy at Saatchi & Saatchi, which means that he swans round Soho drinking cappuccino and showing off. Have you ever noticed that as you progress through different lifestages and different sized paycheques the places that you shop for your furniture changes? Abraham Maslow may have done many things in his life – been a dedicated Scout leader, won prizes for his victoria sponge cakes or been a particularly generous and experimental lover but if he did he’s not famous for any of these things.
Fully expressed in his 1954 book Motivation and Personality, he suggested that there are five levels of development described by the human needs at each stage and is usually represented as a pyramid. Fully expressed in this 2011 blog post, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Furniture suggests that there are four levels of development described by the furniture retailers at each stage.
Heals has proper pedigree with 200 years of making and selling design classics under its belt. But just as every dog has its day so too Heals will cease to satisfy you and you will find yourself shopping there less and less for furniture and more and for hand soaps and presents for Aunt Edith who smells of peppermint and wee. As we have said you will still pop into Heals but Habitat will be as distant a memory as your first E or Shabba Ranks. And then, just as you feel that you have reached furniture self actualisation heaven, you screw it all up and have kids.
So you will start again at Ikea and yearn for the days of the bespoke furniture maker’s visits, the Molton Brown hand soaps from Heals and dare I say it even the bathroom knickknacks from Habitat. Could only dream of Ikea when I bought my first place – it was only in London at the time… It was Argos all the way! I had to submit a special request to gain access to insideology through our corporate firewall.
Great post, though I feel plagiarized, as its contents is one of my dinner party pieces, not that I actually go to any dinner parties having descended to the Ikea level. I’ve also pointed out that his theory is flawed, as with Maslow, one doesn’t move through the layers, one builds on the previous one, which means we must keep our Ikea sofa and accessorise it with something less crucial, such as a cushion from Liberty or a Diptyque candle. I clearly have not plagarised my brother, though I may have been at one of his oh so rare dinner parties and absorbed some of his bon mots about furniture. I think if you read the post propoerly Annie you will see that I am not saying that you no get rid of the things you bought at previous stages merely that you move on in terms of where you like to shop.

As some of you know we virtually invented paint finishes in the garden with our early 1990’s Chelsea Flower Show gardens and we are still enjoying out two tone blue garden shed masquirading as a beach hut.
Annie, I am enjoying the exposure to your take on corners of our Capital – great fun. I will be posting soon about terraces, including advice scribble on the back on an envelope by the famous Lucy Huntington so I will send it to you both! Everything needed for the activity was at a separate table or area and I placed instructions for each game on a card so the families would know how to play the game. Buried Treasure Learning – Hide anything educational that your children can find, like flash cards, numbers, letters, or money! Cups and Card – This activity helps children practice concentration, memory, and anything else you want them to learn! Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! At the bottom are the basic physiological needs of all human beings – breathing, food, water, sex, sleeping, excretion etc.
This is the first level of development and accompanies one’s first poorly paid job in advertising.
For my money, and I have spent a hell of a lot of it in Habitat over the years, Habitat is the daddy when it comes to style on a budget. As the cash starts rolling in you upgrade to a retailer like Heals that is not hard if you live in central London as it’s over the corridor from Habitat. When you shop here you are buying into that tradition and into furniture that arrives with two burly handymen and not an Allen key. You have just gone bespoke, troubling your favourite craftsman or woman to knock up a little something in the bedside table or chaise longue department whenever you need to pad out the pad.
While Ikea will only come up in dinner party anecdotes about your first kitchen buying experience and why you have so many goddamn Allen keys in your possession. And guess what, you tumble right back down to the beginning again without passing Go and without collecting ?200. So that, like geological layers exposed on an eroded cliff you can see the different stages in all of our homes.

Once, and only once, these needs are met do you go to the next level, safety needs – security of body, resources, morality, health, shelter etc. Ikea offers the promise of reasonably stylish, reasonably well built furniture that’s as cheap as chips.
Sure it has had its ups and downs over the years, after all it was only a decade ago we used to call it Shabitat but right now its enjoying a purple patch and god bless it.
Indeed just as upon entering the church for a wedding (whose list will inevitably be at habitat) you turn left or right depending on your affiliation with the bride or groom, so it is on Tottenham Court Road that you turn left or right depending on how far up the hierarchy you have climbed.
Not to mention that it tends not to collapse when you look at it because it is made from proper materials like wood and steel and wool rather than beer mats, pipecleaners and double sided sticky tape like the cheaper brands you have just left behind.
Or perhaps you’ll be bidding for mid century design classics on eBay hoping to snap up an Eames for a song.
Partly because you are permanently skint given the buggies and ballet lessons you now have to shell out for and partly because the little bastards will set about destroying anything of value or style that you possess. I write mostly about London, the English countryside, interior design and anything else that catches my eye. You know the title "Inception" refers to the origin of an idea, not the thing inside of a thing concept? Then once met we progress to the third level of love and belonging – friendship, family and sexual intimacy.
Infact I have definitely eaten chips that cost more than much of Ikea’s umlaut festooned products.
And once all these needs have been met human beings enter a stage of self actualisation where we seek to express who we are and become everything that we are capable of.

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